Update Your Space With This Easy DIY Terrarium

While floral arrangements and houseplants will always hold a special place in our hearts, keeping them around for any extended period of time is challenging. In a quest for a low-maintenance alternative, we tapped Birch and Bone co-founder Amelia Rose Posada to show us how to build a beautiful terrarium from scratch. (She knows a thing or two about putting together a gorgeous arrangement, as evidenced by her floral pop-up at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles and her own DIY terrarium kits launching this summer.) Watch her tutorial here and get inspired to create your own!

Step 1: Start with a one- to two-inch base of sand or fine rocks, ideally uneven and organic. Step 2: Add a layer of cactus dirt—by this point your vessel should be around three-quarters full. Step 3: Plant your little cacti in the dirt, using a wooden spoon to clear space and mini tongs to place it. Step 4: Use a paintbrush to sweep off any dirt that may have stuck to the cactus needles. Step 5: Add chunky sea glass to cover dirt and keep cacti in place. Step 6: Create additional flair by adding crystals, sponge mushrooms or air plants.