The Coast Is Clear

by The Zoe Report

It’s all in the details—glamour, that is. In terms of interior design, the slightest addition to a room can set the tone, so it is crucial to pay attention to a space like you would an outfit. I recently brightened up my home with Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s shocking neon Acrylic Coasters and they are the life of the party.

One of my biggest pet peeves is condensation—seriously—so I have always collected cool coasters, but these modern sleek stackables may be my all-time faves. Available in eight brilliant colors (or a multi pack that contains one of each), AVF designed every one with her initials laser etched on in a graffiti print for a totally funky vibe…loves it. Give today’s coasters a permanent home on your coffee table or save them for special occasions to keep the water rings at bay when the cocktails come out to play. xoRZ

Availability: Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Coasters ($138, set of 8). For additional retailer information, visit Alexandravonfurstenberg.com.

Style It With: Ice Bucket, Wine Cooler and Wine Glasses