What To Dinnerware

by The Zoe Report

Let’s forget about what we’re wearing to dinner for just a minute, and place our focus on what the table should dinnerware. (See what we did there?) That’s right, we’ve somehow reached the age where lusting over fancy plates, serving trays and the like is suddenly just as cool as shopping for new clothes. Exhibit A: Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s Acrylic Lotus Bowls!

Available in a rainbow of hues—we like the red, pink and green best—these limited edition vessels will make a strong statement amongst any banquet setting. A stunning tribute of AVF’s attention to detail, the multi-faceted assortment is hand crafted in solid acrylic, making them all true collector’s gems. Planning a fancy dinner party? Fill one of these prized bowls—or let’s get real, an chic imitation—with fruit, finger foods or flowers and you are destined for a fabulous evening!

Availability: Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Lotus Bowls ($958 each). For additional information, visit Alexandravonfurstenberg.com.

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