These 9 Interior Decor Trends Will Be Huge In 2018

by Erin B

Believe it or not, 2017—the year that brought us nearly every catastrophe known to mankind—is finally edging toward its end. As we are so full of hope for 2018, we figured we’d skip over the rest of this year and instead peek into what’s in store for the next. To aid us in this endeavor, some of the brightest bulbs in the interior design world shared their thoughts on what will be trending come January in decor. Here, nine things to look forward to come January 1.


Monochromatic Textures & Patterns

"Monochromatic textures and patterns are more and more finding a place in interiors. Pattern play between elements of a room adds drama and dimension to a space. A juxtaposition of graphic forms can come together to tell one beautiful story."

Kelly Wearstler


Single-Cushion Sofas

"We can see single-cushion sofas trending in 2018 due to their sleek and easy feel. The unfussy look totally encapsulates modern comfort."

—Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone of Consort

Consort Emile Collection, $5,020


Using Outdoor Fabrics Indoor

"There have been huge improvements in the types of outdoor fabrics available—previously the choices were limited to solids and some stripes, and the feel was similar to a canvas or duck cloth. Now fabrics beautifully simulate a wide range of textures from velvet and mohair to linen and chenille, to the extent that it can be difficult to tell the difference. This opens up so many options for exterior upholstery to have a more nuanced and chic vibe, and due to great durability and ease of cleaning, I see us using these outdoor fabrics more and more indoors especially in high-use areas to beautiful effect."

—Kelly Behun, Kelly Behun Studio


More Is More

"We will forever be inspired by Tony Duquette's mantra that more is more—prints, patterns, tassels, bold colors, obscure art. These are the things that give the wow factor! It's always good to throw in a sculpted chair or side table to keep a clean feel. When you buy pieces that speak to you and fill your home with things you love, your home will never go out of style."

Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce, Pierce & Ward

Massucco Warner Miller


"This doesn't feel like a trend because we’ve always worked tradition into our designs. We're big believers in using pieces you love. We have many clients who are young and come to us with inherited pieces from family that we work into the mix. Reupholster a pair of antique chairs or a delicate French bench in a fun fabric, say a bright orange and white block print. Take it from serious antique to something that looks right at home with a clean-lined sofa, or in a spare modern entry.

A room that has a few beautiful old things can feel very layered and collected and very comfortable. We love online sites such as 1stdibs, because we can easily scour other parts of the country or world to find a special piece, and it definitely makes for a one-of-a-kind home."

Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum, Massucco Warner Miller


Upgraded Kids' Spaces

"It's amazing how a whimsical built-in bunk bed or a chic mix of patterns in a playroom can unlock the creative minds of children and parents alike. Our little ones need beautiful, thoughtful and stimulating design too!"

Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, Studio.Life.Style

SFA Design

The Comeback Of Color

"Color gives you an opportunity to create vibrant and unexpected moments. Try playing with two bold shades together to create a fresh combination. A quick way to do that is to paint walls a bold hue, swap out pillows or change up a drape fabric."

—Kara Smith, SFA Design

Chzon Hotels

Parisian Art Deco

"Croissants, the Mona Lisa, Brigitte Bardot—the French really do timeless well, and yet are always setting the trends both in fashion and home. And while we don't want to box up all French design into one single post or style, there seems to be a large Parisian Art Deco movement that we are loving, that has bled into the design world an ocean away."

Emily Henderson

Nickey Kehoe

Hybrid Spaces: The Dining Room–Library

"More and more, our clients are looking to maximize space with dual-functioning rooms, and we think 2018 will see hybrid spaces becoming the new norm. The dining room, for instance, goes unused in most homes, as we find most people taking their meals in the kitchen. As the formal dining room falls into disuse, we've been encouraging transforming it into a dining room–library. A quiet sanctuary free from the distractions you might find in your media or family room. An unused dining table can be a perfect place to stack books you're currently reading, and a sturdy étagère functions beautifully as a bookshelf/buffet. It's a fantastic trade-off—after all, a good book is truly food for the soul."

—Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe, Nickey Kehoe