15 Kitchen Tools You Should Own By 30

You may still use your kitchen for storage, and we’re not judging you for it; however, if you happen to enjoy cooking or are wanting to start, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 essential tools you should stock ASAP. Some of these are truly life-changing, and won’t even require that you remove the sweaters you’ve stashed in your oven for the summer.


15 Kitchen Tools You Should Own By 30

A Wood Or Bamboo Cutting Board

Wood won't dull knives and, if cared for, this board will last you for years. To clean, use food-grade mineral oil.

A Grater

The all-in-one tool can grate everything from citrus to cheese, as it has four different types of blades.

A Food Processor

Many recipes call for the use of a food processor; if you're on a budget, try for one with a smaller cup size.

Mixing Bowls

You probably want three—small, medium and large.

A Pressure Cooker

This is the cooking tool for people who either can't cook or don't have any time to cook. It will change your life.

Measuring Spoons

These fit into spice jars, which is a must. You'll also want both dry and liquid measuring cups.

A Chef's Knife

These can cost up to $300, but we love this bargain version.

A Peeler

This is 100% the best peeler out there, and the quality of this tool actually makes a huge difference in the quality of your cooking experience.

A Bamboo Steamer

We use these mainly for vegetables, but they can be utilized for steaming just about anything you desire.

A Spatula

You'll use this for absolutely everything, which is why we suggest you invest in the best.

A Wooden Spoon

This is another item you'll use daily. To care for your wooden spoon, hand wash and towel dry it, and use food-grade mineral oil every month or so for a little extra love.

A Colander

No kitchen is complete without a colander. You may want more than one to vary the size of the holes, depending on use.

A Garlic Press

Garlic has so many health benefits that we are fanatical about it—if you use garlic half as much as we do, owning a capable press will be life-changing.

An Oven-To-Table Dish

Ownership of an oven-to-table dish is a sure sign of successful adulting. This one's a beauty, but we're also obsessing over vintage 70s Pyrex from Etsy, like this adorable dish.

An All-Purpose Skillet

This pan will last you forever. If the price tag gives you sticker shock, however, we suggest you check out Cookware 'N More. There, you can find heavily discounted versions that are "irregular," meaning they have small, barely noticeable irregularities that make them unfit for sale at full price. You'll eventually want a set in different sizes. You should also own a series of saucepans pots in different sizes—small, medium and large.