Celebrate #NationalBrunchDay With These Hilarious Memes

Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

A round of applause (and mimosas) is in order for Reese Witherspoon who, in conjunction with the release of her Draper James tableware collection, declared June 18 as National Brunch Day. We are baffled the new holiday evaded our calendars for this long, and can only believe it is due to the fact that we technically already observe the in-between-breakfast-and-lunch meal religiously every weekend. That being said, if you missed out on celebrating brunch today, hold the FOMO and plot to get your grub on with your girlfriends tomorrow instead. Ahead, our favorite brunch memes sure to enhance your group text game.

For The Cat Lover

For The Seinfeld Buff

For The Funny-Slash-Creepy Friend

For The News Junkie

For The Birthday Girl

For The Party Maven

For The Sassy Friend

For The Game Of Thrones Guru