45 Genius Home Hacks That'll Make Your Place Seem So Much Nicer

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Home maintenance is a process that never ends. No matter how immaculate your interiors, at any given moment, there’s bound to be something around your home that requires repairing or sprucing up. That’s why it’s important to have some clever tips and tricks at your disposal, so you can make subtle enhancements that have a huge impact with minimal effort — like these 45 genius home hacks that’ll make your place seem so much nicer.

Though just as decorative as they are functional, the hacks below aren’t necessarily the items you’d expect to transform your interiors — or even, perhaps, your life (A mini plug-in that lets you talk to your appliances? A fabric shaver that’ll make your curtains and couches look brand new?) — but nevertheless carry enough weight among Amazon shoppers and our editors to demonstrate their worth. Plus, with ultra-quick, two-day Prime shipping for Prime members, you can instantly put their virtues to the test and see for yourself.

Without relying on cleverness and ingenuity, our homes will never be as nice as they could be. These products — a fascinating roundup of novelties can instantly take your home from lovely to worthy of a spread in Architectural Digest — make that clear. Happy shopping.


These Stainless Steel Hooks That Add Fashion & Function

Create more room for your bathroom essentials in the most aesthetically pleasing way with these stainless steel hooks. Available in four modern colors to suit your bathroom decor (including the brushed gold pictured), the rust-proof hooks are perfect for holding your loofahs, hand towels, and hanging shower brushes. They come with concealed mounts and hanging hardware, and Amazon reviewers report that they’re super easy to install. Combined with an under-$20 price tag, and it’s no wonder they boast a hard-to-top 4.8-star score.

  • Available colors: 4


A Rustic-Chic Key & Mail Holder That Mounts Seamlessly To Your Wall

Free up space in your entryway with this clever key and mail rack. Made of 100% natural wood and available in four neutral colors — black, brown, gray, and white — the rustic-chic mail holder comes with a built-in self for your mail, outdoor accessories, and small decorative items, as well as five retro-inspired hooks for your coats, jackets, pet leashes, and handbags. Eco-friendly and easy to mount, the mail holder keeps you organized as you’re coming and going, and makes a cozy first impression upon walking into your home.

  • Available colors: 4


This Battery-Powered Light Strip That Illuminates Your Cabinets & Shelves

A little strategic lighting can make all the difference when it comes to your home decor, and you’ll love the way these battery-powered under-cabinet lights liven up your darkest nooks and corners. The lights don’t just look great, though; they’re super practical, too. They evenly distribute light on your darker cabinet and shelving areas, require limited battery power, and operate with a single power switch. Simply peel and stick them to any plastic, wood, or metal surface that could use some illumination. Couldn’t be easier.


A Best-Selling Fabric Shaver For Your Curtains, Couches, & Clothes

With this handy fabric shaver from Conair, it’s never been easier to remove pesky fuzz, lint, and pet hair off of well, practically anything, from your carpet to your clothes. With customizable settings that adjust to your fabrics and six eye-popping colors to choose from, the battery-operated tool features a detachable shaving head, easy-to-grip handle, and a compact design that makes it easy to travel with. Ringing up at less than $15 on Amazon, it’s an absolute steal, too — especially for a product that boasts over 70,000 positive ratings.


This Pretty Velvet Ottoman You Can Use So Many Different Ways

This is one of those rare home finds that looks incredible and serves so many purposes. Sure, you could use this velvet upholstered ottoman as a footrest, but with its soft padding and sturdy metal legs, it can also serve as a vanity seat or an extra place to sit when you have people over. Open the lid, and there’s room for hidden storage inside; flip the lid over, and it becomes a table. With a 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon and a surprisingly reasonable price tag, considering how beautiful and versatile this piece is, it’s a must-have for any space.

  • Available colors: 5


This 3-Piece Set Of Decorative Books For Your Coffee Table

If its top-notch 4.8-star rating on Amazon is any indication, this three-piece coffee table book set adds panache and an air of cultural heft to any interior space. The gorgeous, color-coordinated set of hardcovers pays tribute to three global fashion capitals — Paris, London, and New York — and though each one is filled with blank pages, they make for a lovely decorative piece when stacked together on your accent tables or shelves. “I like the fact that they have actual pages [and aren’t] just empty storage boxes,” one thrilled shopper wrote, and also shared this clever design hack: “If you’re a creative person these would be perfect for doing whatever your little heart desires. like writing poetry in them for example, and still use them for decor.”


8 Stackable Storage Containers To Quell The Chaos In Your Fridge

Every once in a while — or, perhaps, a lot — the situation in your fridge gets a little out of control. Let this eight-pack of storage containers save the day. Acrylic, shatter-proof, and conveniently transparent, the food-safe shelves are perfectly suited to fit your fridge, freezer, kitchen cabinets, and pantry, with built-in, grippable handles that make them easy to shuffle around and move. Boasting a 4.8-star score on Amazon, these handy organizers couldn’t provide a better way to store, organize, and access your food.


This Best-Selling Shower Head For Maximum Water Pressure & A Modern Finish

Does the water pressure in your shower leave a little something to be desired? Try this high-pressure rain shower head. Available in six sharp finishes like antique brass, matte black, and the striking gold pictured, the rust-proof shower head is equipped with 90 rubber jets to give you the intense and invigorating shower experience you’ve been missing out on. Specifically designed to save energy (and therefore money on your water bills), the shower head connects to any standard shower nozzle within minutes and includes an extra tape and water filter to make installation a cinch. No wonder it’s a best-seller on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 6


A Mini Smart Plug That Lets You Control Your Appliances With Your Voice

If the idea of having a smart home sounds appealing, but also like a huge undertaking, give this mini smart plug a try. It syncs up with Alexa or your Google Assistant so you can control your electrical appliances by the sound of your voice. Just plug it in, activate it with an app, and behold: a smarter, more efficient home is now yours.


A Neat & Stylish Way To Keep Your Most-Used Kitchen Essentials At Hand

“Just what I needed,” one of 2,000-plus fans raved about this eco-friendly, bamboo turntable on Amazon. “Visually appealing, strong, sturdy and works perfectly.” And what more could you want — especially for less than $20? Perfectly suited for your cabinets and pantry shelves, this lazy Susan keeps all of your spices and other kitchen essentials together and within easy reach. Or, keep it on your counter to hold a plant, a candle, and your fanciest sea salts for a more aesthetic-forward approach. Rust-proof and easy-to-clean, this 360-degree turntable is bound to make navigating the kitchen a little easier, and a lot more fun.


These Solar-Powered Lights For Some Outdoor Mood Lighting

If you want your patio to feel a little more like a chic, French cafe (who doesn’t), this string of solar-powered lights is the way to go. Both waterproof and shatterproof — and thus hearty enough to weather the outdoors — this 27-foot string of lights features dainty but durable bulbs that cast a romantic, yellow glow. It’s a sure way to add instant charm and ambiance to your outside setup.


An Adjustable Bamboo Caddy That Makes Every Bath Feel Luxurious

This bamboo bath caddy is one quick and genius way to enhance your bath time experience. Water-resistant and adjustable, the caddy is designed to fit perfectly over your tub and comes with built-in slots for your wine glass, book or tablet, bath salts, and soap, so you scarcely need to move to grab what you need — everything’s right within easy reach. It’ll give your bathroom a hotel-like touch, too.


This Popular Plant-Based Cleaner For Your Stainless Steel Surfaces

Over 12,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this plant-based cleaner, and it’s easy to see why. Relying on the ultra-effective cleaning properties of everyone’s favorite natural ingredient, coconut oil, the solvent-free formula gets right to work on your stainless steel surfaces and appliances, not only leaving them sparkling but with an ingenious protective layer that ensures they’ll remain spotless for as long as possible. Now who wouldn’t agree to pay less than $20 to achieve that?


A Sleek, Silver Caddy That Keeps Your Kitchen Sink Area Tidy & Dry

Use this convenient kitchen sink caddy just once, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Designed to keep your sponges, soaps, detergents, and brushes organized and accessible, the rust-proof caddy is made of durable, stainless steel and boasts a smart, built-in drainage system that’ll keep both your items and countertop tidy and dry. With an ultra-high 4.8-star rating on Amazon and ringing up at less than $25, this sponge holder is practically guaranteed to make your kitchen so much nicer.


This Handsome Charging Rack That Lets You Power Up Multiple Devices At Once

This clever charging rack provides an efficient and compact way to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and somehow make them look amazing while they do. Available in black, dark brown, or bamboo (pictured), the charging rack conveniently fits most surfaces and features removable dividers that can hold up to five devices at once. Plus, it keeps all chords and batteries down below and out of sight for optimal convenience and a sleeker look. A must-have for any kitchen or home office.


A Comfy Mattress Topper That Over 20,000 Amazon Shoppers Love

It’s tough to argue with over 20,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. Durable, soft, and easy to clean, this cotton mattress pad is a downright hit. Featuring innovative cooling technology that regulates your temperature while you sleep, the mattress pad contains imitation down that feels so much like the real thing, you won’t be able to notice the difference — unless it’s the absence of those pesky down feathers poking through the cover. The comfy topper also swaps traditional, quilted diamond seams in favor of a softer, more supportive shape to create an allegedly cloud-like surface. Sweet dreams.


These Popular Bamboo Dividers For Your Kitchen & Bathroom Drawers

Amazon shoppers love these handy, bamboo drawer dividers. They’re just so clever and convenient, how could you not? “This product speaks for itself,” one if its thousands of fans on Amazon raved. “And it just saved my sanity.” Designed to fit inside all standard-size drawers, the adjustable, water-resistant dividers keep the drawers in your bathroom and kitchen from becoming a chaotic catchall, and make all of your small, assorted items a little easier to store and find.


A Set Of 3 Potted Plants You’d Never Guess Weren’t Real

Calling all neglectful plant parents: These faux, mini potted plants are just what you need to make your space a little greener and leafier — only they actually prohibit water rather than require it. The fake plants feature plastic eucalyptus leaves with a gray-green hue that makes them look more realistic. They’re perfect for your desk, shelves, vanity, or accent tables and work just as well outdoors and they do inside. Plus, you get three for $30.


This Versatile Gold Vanity Tray With A Striking, Mirrored Base

How pretty is this gold mirrored tray? Astonishingly versatile (it’s perfect as an organizer for your vanity, dresser, or counter, and can even be used to serve drinks), the tray adds a sophisticated, vintage-inspired vibe to your home decor that’s guaranteed to charm you and your guests alike. The popular tray — it’s an Amazon-shopper favorite that boasts an incredible 4.8-star overall rating — also features a non-slip base that ensures it’s every bit as functional as it is decorative.


An Expandable Tiered Shelf That’ll Calm The Chaos Beneath Your Sink

You’re likely no stranger to the chaos that lurks beneath many a bathroom and kitchen sink. Yours, in particular, however, doesn’t have to be that way — not when an affordable solution exists in this convenient, two-tier expendable shelf. Made of sturdy alloy silver, the organizer — which you can extend from 15 to 25 inches wide, and adjust to four different height levels — keeps all of your cleaning supplies organized and within reach (there’s even space in the middle to accommodate your sink pipes), so you won’t have to engage in that dreaded chore of rummaging under the sink ever again.


A Pair Of Airtight Jars That Keep Your Food Looking & Tasting Good

The great thing about this pair of storage jars is that they not only keep your bulk foods fresh, but they also display them to full effect with a uniform design that adds a little more polish to your kitchen. The cylindrical glass jars feature sleek, silver-tone airtight lids, making them perfect for your favorite snacks. Plus, you have the option of displaying them upright or on their side.


This Ceramic Diffuser That Gives Your Home A Spa-Like Touch

It’s amazing how the simplest aroma can set the tone at home — and you can create a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere with this attractive ceramic diffuser. Just add some drops of your favorite essential oil to the water tank and be soothed by the aromatic transformation that takes place. Featuring a built-in night light with nine colors to choose from and an optional timer function, the diffuser operates silently for up to five hours. You’ll love the serene and calming presence it adds to your interiors, and so will your guests.


A Clever Organizer For Your Cutting Boards That Hangs Over Your Cabinets

If you frequently struggle to find a convenient and permanent place to store your cutting boards, try this clever door organizer. Available in either brown or silver, the organizer features svelte hooks with protective EVA foam padding that slide conveniently over your kitchen cabinets and hold up to five regular-sized boards (though some people use it to hold their aluminum foil and parchment paper, too). For less than $20, this over-cabinet organizer is a total life-saver.


These Solar-Powered Lights That’ll Make Your Garden Shine At Night

Show off your garden and landscaping long after the sun has set with this six-pack of solar-powered garden lights. Designed to both flatter the look of your yard and make it safer, the diamond-shaped garden lights automatically illuminate after dark and wane at dawn. Plus, they’re designed for all seasons and are made of durable stainless steel. Best of all, they require zero hassle to set up.


A Set Of Floor-Length Linen Curtains That Exude A Light & Airy Feel

What’s amazing about these floor-length linen curtains is that even though they’re designed to filter out light and enhance your privacy, they add a remarkably light and airy feel to your living quarters. It’s also amazing that they cost less than $35 for a set — practically unheard of for curtains. Available in a range of sizes and soft colors to complement your decor, these energy-efficient linen panels are sure to have a transformative effect on your interiors. Your guests will never believe you scored them on Amazon — that is, if you can believe it yourself.

  • Available colors: 7


These Amber Soap Dispensers With A Vintage-Inspired Look

It’s amazing how much you can improve the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen by putting your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and liquid soaps in vintage-looking dispensers. Case in point: This retro-inspired duo of amber glass soap dispensers. Your purchase comes with four sticky labels to appropriately identify the glass bottles — each of which comes with a matte black, stainless steel pump — and lend them an irresistible old-timey country store aesthetic. Plus, you snag them both for less than $20.


A Stack Of Clear, Plastic Shelves For Your Water Bottles

You can keep this stackable water bottle holder in your pantry, fridge, or freezer — it’s that versatile. The dual, compact shelves can hold up to six water bottles (three on top, three on bottom), but if you’re tight on kitchen space, can also serve as a wine rack. Boasting a tough-to-top 4.8-star score on Amazon, the shelves are a hit among shoppers for how study and convenient they are. “Perfect for my cabinet,” one of the holder’s thousands of fans on Amazon raved. “Water bottles no longer roll and fall out every time I open the door!”


This 3-Tier, Bamboo Bench That Holds *So* Many Pairs Of Shoes

You’d never guess just by looking at it, but this solid, three-tier shoe rack can hold up to 300 pounds! Made of water-resistant bamboo, the bench can also accommodate up to four pairs of shoes on each of its three shelves and gives a super organized and streamlined appearance to even the most cramped entryway. Easy to assemble and boasting a 4.7-star score on Amazon, this bench will work wonders on your shoe collection — and it won’t even cost you $50.


3 Airtight Canisters With A Charming, Vintage Aesthetic

Not only does this elegant canister set allow you to store your bulk goods — coffee, tea, and sugar — in a chic, uniform way, but its airtight design ensures the longevity and freshness of the contents within. The charming, vintage-inspired appearance of the canisters (with your choice of a black and white color scheme or the rustic-chic white and gold pictured) keep your kitchen looking cute, too. You’ll be delighted by how much personality and tidiness the set lends to your kitchen — and that you paid less than $30 to achieve it.


These Acrylic Bathroom Jars With Attractive, Bamboo Lids

This two-pack of plastic jars makes for a chic and affordable way to store your cotton swabs and Q-tips. Made of acrylic with attractive, bamboo lids, the jars give your ordinary bathroom essentials — you can also use them to store hair ties, bath salts, and makeup wipes — a chic and vintage-inspired look that’ll have your bathroom looking a little less run-of-the-mill and a little more like an apothecary. Who wouldn’t want that?


An Ingenious Organizer For Your Tupperware Lids

Always losing the lids to your containers? Then this two-pack of lid organizers could very well change your life. Each plastic organizer features five adjustable dividers that help you arrange, and keep track of, your lids, while the convenient handles at the bottom allow you to situate and move them around the kitchen with ease. Plus, you get two for $22 — steal.


This Freestanding Rack That Holds Up To 4 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

This freestanding rack saves space and guarantees you a steady supply of toilet paper. Featuring a flat, weighted base, four raised feet, and a bronze finish, the stand includes one toilet paper dispenser and holds up to three additional rolls. There’s even a shelf at the top for baby wipes, tissues, and other small bathroom essentials. Rust-proof, easy to clean, and boasting over 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this under-$25 find is sure to make life a little easier.

  • Available colors: 2


2 Easy-To-Mount Wall Shelves For Any Room In The House

There’s just something about floating wall shelves. The chic, minimalist aesthetic they lend to your walls — not to mention the amount of space they save you — can be a total game-changer, and this two-pack of shelves from Willow & Grace is no exception. Available in a range of laid-back colors, the wooden shelves are ideal for your plants, art, and other trinkets, and are sure to elevate any room in the house. Bonus: They were specifically designed for you to install with as little effort as possible.

  • Available colors: 5


This Popular, Clear Storage Case For Your Makeup & Jewelry

Boasting a nearly untouchable 4.8-star score on Amazon, this expertly designed cosmetic case is an absolute hit among shoppers for how sturdy it is, how sleek it looks, and how much it holds. Featuring three large drawers, two small ones, and an array of tiny slots and compartments on top — though there are two different configurations to choose from — the clear, plastic holder frees up space on your vanity and dresser and serves as a sleek, chic catch-all for your makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. You won’t believe how nice it is, being able to keep all of your prized beauty items within view and reach.


A $5 Lantern That Exudes A Rustic-Chic Charm In Any Space

On its own, this vintage-inspired lantern adds a subtle charm and glow to wherever you happen to set or hang it, but it’s also just so cute and affordable, you might have to nab it in multiples. And if you do, the decorating possibilities are practically endless — use them to line the aisles of your next major event, hang them from the top of your patio or porch, or create a beguiling table centerpiece your guests will adore. Painted in a charming distressed white, each lantern holds one tea light and comes with a removable frame, lid, and gorgeous glass paneling. You’ll see why it’s a best-seller as soon as it arrives.


This Decorative Coffee Table Tray With Convenient Gold-Brushed Handles

Impress your guests by serving them on this decorative coffee table tray. Available in eight pretty colors like the striking pink pictured, each easy-to-clean tray comes with gold-brushed handles that make it cinch to grip and amp its luxe factor. Plus, there’s so much you can use it for besides serving drinks — like as a vanity tray, plant holder, or organizer. Pretty lucky that you can score it for less than $40 on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 8


A Natural Bamboo Tray That Elevates The Look Of Your Bathroom

This natural bamboo tray promises to bring a spa-like vibe to your bathroom, and judging by its practically unimpeachable 4.7-star score on Amazon, it does that and more. Shoppers especially love that it’s soft, sturdy, and easy to clean; it’s also water-resistant and comes with convenient, anti-slip pads. No matter which bathroom accoutrements you use it for — tissue, candles, soap, towels, or some of each — and no matter where you place it — over the toilet, for instance, or on your countertop — this handsome wooden tray not only saves you space, but lends a polished look to the room.


These Stick-On Motion Lights That’ll Illuminate Your Darkest Spaces

How clever are these LED motion censor lights? Designed to illuminate those tricky nooks and crannies around the house when it’s dark — your closet and pantry shelves for instance, or your staircase — the battery-operated lights turn on automatically when activated by motion, and then off again after 30 seconds of zero activity. They’re easy to install (your purchase includes screws and adhesive tape), and can detect activity from up to 10 feet away, so from now on you can just forget about having to rummage around in the dark.


A Compact, Wooden Wine Rack For Your Favorite Blends & More

This gorgeous, wooden wine rack is unique in that it’s designed to hold your wine bottles and your glasses — and other accessories like your bottle stopper and wine opener. Featuring a powder-coated steel frame that holds up to six bottles, as well as a handsome wooden base with tiny, built-in trays at the top and bottom — there’s a hook design at the top that can hold up to two wine glasses, too — the compact wine rack doesn’t just save you countertop space, but it also displays your drinking set-up with sophisticated flare.


These Ingenious Little Grippers That Keep Your Rugs From Slipping & Curling

OK, when it comes to home decorating, this hook and loop corner gripper might not be the first product you’d think to purchase, but that’s what makes it so brilliant: It addresses a pesky problem that’s all too familiar — slippery rugs on your hard floors — and that you might not have even realized can be easily fixed. The clever gripper securely attaches the corner of your rug to the floor via an innovative hook-and-loop method that prevents the rug from slipping or curling. It also uses a renewable sticky gel that won’t leave residue or marks on your floor, and rings up at a mere $12. Judging by the effusive five-star reviews on Amazon, this is definitely one of those clever home hacks you’ll end up swearing by after purchasing.


3 Flameless Glass Candles That’ll Make Your Space More Warm & Inviting

If fire-burning candles prove to be too much of a fire hazard for your living space, no worries: you can still enjoy the cozy atmosphere they provide with this set of three flameless candles. Dimmable, three-dimensional, and still made of wax, the art-deco inspired candles come in five ethereal colors and are staggered in size to create a slightly dramatic aesthetic. Each candle requires two AA batteries, but you can control the set with a remote control and timer feature, too. For less than $30, this a long-lasting candle set that’s hard to top.

  • Available colors: 5


This Best-Selling, Stackable Organizer For Your Canned Goods

This stackable can rack is a best-seller for a reason — tons of reasons. Amazon shoppers — over 15,000 and counting — love that it’s so durable, holds so much (up to 36 cans), and proves so versatile (it comes with six adjustable plastic dividers to effortlessly accommodate cans and jars of different sizes). Available in four sleek colors, the can rack is specifically designed to be purchased in multiples, and with its less-than-$30 price point, what’s stopping you from doing just that? After all, “my pantry is much more organized and looks amazing,” one happy reviewer raved on Amazon. “Looking forward to buying more!”


A Fast-Boiling Electric Kettle That Gives Your Kitchen A Stylish Touch

Pour-over coffee lover? Then you need this electric water kettle. Available in two modern finishes — silver and matte black (pictured) — the ergonomically designed kettle is made of an attractive combination of stainless steel and sustainable cork, and holds up to 27 ounces of water. Plus, its distinctive gooseneck spout will give you as precise a pour as possible, and it adds a vintage-chic touch to your kitchen counter, too.


This Dreamy Satin Pillowcase That Looks & Feels Like Silk

This luxe-feeling pillowcase might not be made of silk, but with its ultra-soft satin fabric constructed from 100% woven polyester, it might as well be. Honestly, the fact that it’s going for less than $10 on Amazon is the only indication that it’s not. Temperature regulated and available in over 25 shimmery colors like the light blue pictured, the pillowcase is designed to protect your skin and hair while you sleep and features a cleverly concealed zipper for a streamlined look and feel.

  • Available colors: 26


These Best-Selling Corner Shelves That Look Like They’re Floating

You’d be hard-pressed to find a space-saver that looks better than these five-tier floating shelves. Available in eight pretty colors to optimally suit your decor, the wooden shelves are perfect for smaller spaces in that they can hold an assortment of items and still present them in an attractive and streamlined way. Plus, the floating effect lends a unique air of sophistication your guests are sure to notice and compliment. Easy to assemble and boasting 40,000 fans on Amazon, these best-selling shelves won’t fail to win you over, too.

  • Available colors: 8

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