Fall Books You Won’t Want To Put Down

Arguably the most timeless accessory, books go well with every outfit. To ensure your nightstand is up-to-date with the hottest titles for fall, we scoured the market, separating run-of-the-mill reads from promising page-turners. From a fast-moving suspense thriller to a fever dream dystopian debut and a can’t-miss memoir, our findings are certain to keep you wildly entertained all season long. Click through to discover our It-books in full, then pick out a pretty handbag to stow your selection.

1. Most Likely To Make You Unplug

This surreal debut from Alexandra Kleeman follows woman A as she navigates a Twilight Zone-society shaped by soulless marketing.

2. Most Likely To Keep You Up At Night

Eileen finds its 74-year-old eponymous hero recounting the dark circumstances she encountered as a young woman at an all-boys prison in the winter of 1964.

3. Most Likely To Make You Call Your Mom

Set in present-day Chicago, author Adrienne Celt explores a multi-generational curse affecting the mothers of an opera-singing family in this breakout book.

4. Most Likely To Inspire A Prenup

Scoping twenty-four years, Fates and Furies places a modern marriage under the microscope to reveal big love and dark secrets.

5. Most Likely To Squelch Old Traditions

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will love this bachelorette party-turned-murder mystery, which plays out in a cabin deep in the English countryside.

6. Most Likely To Expand Your Vocabulary

The fifth novel from acclaimed author Jonathan Frazen, this gripping narrative centers on post-collegiate Purity Tyler who is determined to find her biological father.

7. Most Likely To Empower You

With the turn of the 20th century as a backdrop, Sweet Caress follows photographer Amory Clay as she defies life's circumstances in favor of her heart's ambition: adventure.

8. Most Likely To Make You Buy A One-Way Ticket

Described by Patti Smith as a "roadmap to her life", M Train takes readers on a journey through the artist's travels, dreams and defining creative moments.