Could On-Demand Hypnotherapy Help You Through Menopause? Evia Thinks So

Demystifying menopause and its effects.

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Those of us with ovaries know there are quite a few hormonal and bodily shifts that come with the territory. Some of these shifts I felt prepared for — puberty, for instance. Even pregnancy. Others though, feel woefully underserved... I’m looking at you, menopause. Considering that a full one billion people will be experiencing it by 2025, it’s high time some light is shed on the process.

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This is where Evia enters the scene. Knowledge is power, and understanding the bodily changes that accompany menopause is so valuable when it comes to feeling prepared. Evia’s app provides a natural, drug-free, anytime method to calmly meet changes like hot flashes and night sweats. It’s unique and it’s proven. Drumroll, please... it is simple, on-demand, digital hypnotherapy.

Body-Soothing Therapy From The Comfort Of Home

Effects like hot flashes and night sweats present in about 75% of people experiencing menopause — but this doesn’t have to be the case. Tapping into the power of the mind can reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes by around 70-80%, along with providing additional benefits like improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety.

Evia is the first digital therapeutic app designed to harness mind-power for menopause. Their program helps women manage symptoms without medication, supplements, diet changes, or hormone-replacement therapy. Evia utilizes gentle hypnotherapy sessions (appropriate for total newbies) that guide users to a deep level of relaxation, a place where the mind is open to suggestions. From this place, you can teach your mind to mitigate physical symptoms.

For hot flashes, Evia users are directed toward this relaxed state and then are delivered cooling visualizations along with prompts that help bolster your burgeoning mind-power.

Providing Tools To Self-Manage Symptoms Anytime

Evia’s innovative app offers five weeks of daily 15-minute hypnotherapy sessions — to do when and where you want — that help you learn to calm the body's stress response through the influence of the mind. The brain is behind many symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and anxiety, triggered by the reduced amount of estrogen the body produces during menopause.

Evia helps users train the mind to regulate temperature changes through sessions that give the body time to relax and feel cooler. Throughout a five-week program, users practice tapping the brain to calm the body’s reactions. Listen to favorite sessions as often as needed to help maintain long-term benefits. Knowledge gleaned from sessions can be a powerful tool for managing stress responses when not in session, too.

Beyond hypnotherapy, Evia offers “bite-sized” readings that shed light on the changes afoot, along with helpful symptom-tracking and real-person support — all to help you feel more confident and relaxed through the process.

Developed By A World-Leading Neuroscientist & Menopause Researcher

When it comes to understanding the power of the body-mind connection, Dr. Gary Elkins is a bona fide expert. He developed Evia’s program and is a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University, director of the university’s Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory, and is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Pairing his expertise with clinical evidence, Dr. Elkins designed Evia’s therapy sessions to deliver real-world results that work.

See If Evia & Hypnotherapy Are A Good Fit For You

Evia is offering TZR readers a free 7-day trial that provides full access to their clinically-based hypnotherapy program, along with a soothing sleep session and ongoing in-app support.

Their online assessment determines where you are on your menopausal journey while providing loads of very illuminating info (written in a way that’s easy to understand) about why your body is feeling the things it is. Again, knowledge is power! And once you’ve completed the assessment, Evia delivers a personalized program designed to help you feel your best while navigating the shift. The mind is a powerful partner. Training it to be in control — when the body feels like it isn’t — is mighty empowering indeed.

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