Thanksgiving Activities That Don’t Involve Turkey

We love a food-centric holiday as much as the next girl, but how to pass the time not spent cooking (or desperately singing Adele to avoid a family feud)? Here, 6 fun activities everyone will enjoy.

David X Pruttin/BFA.com
Chef's Table

Binge-Watch Netflix

The term "Netflix binge" takes on a whole new meaning with Chef's Life, a fascinating docu-series that spotlights some of the world's best chefs.

Wii Tennis

Get Active

Since outdoor activities may be limited by inclement weather, set up a friendly tennis match inside with one of Wii's many fitness games.

Raise The Stakes

Board games are fun but gambling is better. Up the ante by bartering chores like doing dishes or laundry.


Turn On A Podcast

This American Life's Poultry Slam podcast is an annual tradition and great conversation fodder.

Sing Through It

Whether you own a system or use an online version, challenging your family and friends to some karaoke is a surefire way to make memories.


Institute A Bake-Off

Instead of adding another course to the host's to-do list, why not get everyone involved in an evening baking party?