The Stylish Way To Drink Starbucks This Summer

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With warmer weather comes a few changes in the way we go about our daily routines—trading our tights for skirts, dining alfresco instead of indoors, etc. And let's not forget our morning joe: Swapping out a hot latte for a grande iced coffee becomes almost natural when temperatures rise—and Starbucks has a stylish alternative to your regular old cup.

Courtesy of ban.do

In a collaboration with Los Angeles lifestyle brand ban.do, the coffee giant will release a limited-edition ten-piece collection of drinkware and accessories next week. It'll feature cups, travel mugs, notebooks, coasters and a tote in prints that give us all the summer vibes.

Courtesy of ban.do

But, US residents, there's a catch: "All the designs were based off the idea that we'd bring a little slice of LA sunshine and fun to the other side of the world," says ban.do founder Jen Gotch. "We wanted to give our international fans—both old and new—something really special that they couldn't get anywhere else." Unless you live in Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or Thailand, you're going to have to enter a giveaway to snag your own merch. We're looking up flights, stat.