How To Spend A Post-Party Morning In Style

A coffee cup, half-filled with coffee and a metal coffee pot on a white table cloth with dark blue s...

Real talk: Post-party mornings can be brutal. Whether you’ve over served yourself at the office Christmas party or indulged in one too many martinis with the girls, it’s amazing what a strong cup of coffee can do to remedy the aftereffects. Here, we’ve rounded up everything you need to make the perfect brew, not to mention, all the little extras to make the experience a truly lovely one.

Pour Me

Magic Beans

Marley Coffee, $12

It all boils down to the beans. These are organically farmed under the watchful eye of Rohan Marley (yes, that Marley).

Do The Brew

Chemex 5-Cup Handblown Coffeemaker, $84

Though undoubtedly more time-consuming, the pour-over method of brewing coffee is worth the wait.

Drink Up

En Soie Mug, $79

En Soie has been in the business of beautiful prints for over a century. This pretty mug is a prime example that you can admire daily.

Hey, Sugar!

Raw Sugar Roses And Cinnamon Hearts, $28

Loose sugar is for rookies. Dress up your morning beverage with a sweet sugar rosette or cinnamon heart.

Color Crush

Bottega Louie 24-Piece Macaron Box, $60

There's nothing that goes with a cup of Joe better than a rainbow's worth of dainty macarons.