7 Instagram-Perfect Picnic Recipes

Now that the sun is shining, we officially want to spend every moment we’re not in the office outdoors. Luckily, spring and summer are ripe with opportunities to do so, with longer days, outdoor concerts aplenty, and parks with flowers blooming everywhere. We love making picnics the main event of our weekends this time of year because they allow us to enjoy fresh air and tend to save us money in the process. Here, seven basket-worthy recipes that will also make you look good on Instagram.


What's In Your Picnic Basket?

Spoon Fork Bacon

Deviled Hearts

These look healthier than they are, given that the whip is made from cream cheese, sour cream and sugar, among other things. Still, they're pretty, easy to eat with your hands, and quick to whip up—what more could you want for your next outdoor gathering?

Author: Spoon Fork Bacon

My New Roots

Poke-Inspired Beet Bowl

While actual raw fish might not be the best idea for a picnic, this poke-inspired bowl of veggies is easy to assemble, light enough for warm temps and yet also filling. The bright coloring of the beets also make for an eye-catching insta, if you're into that sort of thing.

Recipe author: My New Roots

Minimalist Baker

Watermelon Sashimi

Watermelon and onions are a surprisingly delicious combo, and since we're firm believers in adding avocado to everything, this recipe scores an A+ in our book. The best part is that these sophisticated snacks take just minutes to throw together.

Recipe author: Minimalist Baker

I Am A Food Blog

Mac & Cheese Scotch Eggs

We don't even know if we need to caption these, except to say you're welcome for making you the most popular person at the party.

Author recipe: I Am A Food Blog

Half-Baked Harvest

Pineapple Lime Beer Margaritas

A pitcher of this concoction sounds like heaven, especially if you mix in a little sunshine.

Recipe author: Half Baked Harvest

I Am A Food Blog

Surf & Turf Sandwiches

So, we don't know if you casually make lobster and steak for your picnics, but if not, we think now is as good a time as ever to start, given that North Korea is threatening to nuke us any minute. Just kidding on the last part (we hope), but we do think life is short, and these sandwiches look like the best things ever invented.

Recipe author: I Am A Food Blog

How Sweet Eats

Savory S'mores

Don't be intimidated—these are just fancy cheese and crackers, topped with a pistachio marshmallow for those feeling ambitious.

Recipe author: How Sweet Eats