The Genius Trick Every Prosecco Lover Should Know

Turning water into wine may have thus far required a miracle, but one invention aims to challenge that. A new kit called MySecco touts itself as the very first make-your-own sparkling wine, and it’s almost as easy as running to the corner store and picking up a vino yourself. All it takes is swirling warm water with the yeast and syrup sachets, then 14 days later you’ll have a bottle’s worth of crisp bubbly with delicate citrus notes. That’s right—no juicing grapes or measuring ingredients necessary, and the whole thing costs just $28. If it sounds too good to be true, there is a catch: Not only is the UK product out of stock (it’s set to be back next week), but it’s currently unavailable for order in the United States—though we’re convinced retailers will soon hear our plea from this side of the world.