The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Throwing A Great Party

Labor Day: the ushering in of fall and the weekend during which we are supposed to bid summer goodbye. If, like us, you’re not quite ready to give up the ‘salty hair, don’t care’ attitude we suggest hosting your friends for one last summer hang. Here, some fashion-girl approved Labor Day entertaining ideas that go beyond the BBQ and will make those first steps into fall a little more palatable.

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Popcorn And Prosecco Movie Night

Throw your friends a movie night – under the stars if you can! If not, clear some space in your living room, string some lights across the ceiling and lay out some big comfy pillows. Go classic with Grease, nostalgic with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet or comical with Wet Hot American Summer.

What To Serve:

Take everyone’s taste buds up a notch by offering flavored popcorns – Coastal Maine Popcorn has every flavor under the sun or Quinn offers organic, unique flavors that are impossible not to love. If you’re throwing more of an impromptu bash, grab your classic salt and butter or kettle corn microwavables and offer a toppings bar that includes M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, mini marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles. Serve in popcorn boxes (classic or cute or chic), pop open the prosecco or champagne and hit play!


Sip And Sundae Social

Ice cream and summer have always been the best of friends, so why not throw your friends a Sip and Sundae party – think of it as an ice cream social with a twist for the over 21 set.

What to serve:

Of course you can have your classic sundae offerings with various flavors and toppings, but when you’re offering a Gin & Tonic Float and an Ice Cream Sundae Martini – you might win yourself the elusive summer hosting gold medal. If you really want to get your feet wet, Amazon Prime yourself an ice cream maker and make your own concoctions or find some tried and true recipes like these – you won’t regret having to take any of these for a test drive pre-party. Serve in some cute (and disposable!) party ware, throw on a summer soundtrack and you’re ready to sip and get social!


Wake Up Waffle Party

And by 'wake up', we mean this party can totally happen at noon. But what better way to spend the last lazy weekend of summer than inviting your buds over for a waffle party? Everyone should come dressed in his or her best…pajamas. Comfort is key. (So are elastic waistbands.)

What to serve:

It doesn’t hurt to have fun shaped waffles and include lots of topping options – fresh strawberries, blueberries and bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, hot fudge and of course different flavored syrups for taste tasting and experimenting – Dean and Deluca offers both vanilla and cinnamon infused syrups in eye pleasing bottles that will look great on your table. Set your table with a graphic tablecloth to make the toppings pop and throw some bright summer blooms in a few scattered vases. Let the coffee, OJ and conversation flow freely by having everyone sit around the table family style with the waffles and toppings in the middle.


Rosé Tasting

For the sophisticate, nothing really says summer more than a chilled glass of rose. Give yourself a Google doctorate in the history of rosé that you can share with your guests while they taste from a range you’ve selected – three to five options should suffice.

What to serve:

The best part is that rosé pairs well with Mexican, so order up a fiesta for post-tasting and maybe send everyone home with their own mini!