Things To Know By 30: How To Roast A Chicken

Some of us avoid adult-like behaviors for as long as possible, until one day we realize there’s a reason people learn certain skills as they age. When it comes to cooking, we all know it’s healthier and more affordable to make our own meals than it is to order delivery or nuke a Lean Cuisine, so it behooves us to learn how to do so now, before life becomes so adult that we no longer have the time. To get us started on the basics, we tapped jewelry designer and home cook Cora Thomas to show us how easy it is to make the perfect roast chicken. Watch the video below to see how its done and take the first of many necessary steps into the sophisticated adulthood to which we all aspire… eventually.

Recipe Instructions: Preheat oven to 425°

Peel & rough chop veggies: 1 Sweet onion 2 Parsnips 4 Heirloom carrots 1 Bulb Fennel

Place in roasting pan. Add olive oil until coated. Generously salt & pepper. Add some sprigs of time & mix everything together.

For inside chicken: 1 lemon (cut into fours) 1 head of garlic (cut in half) 1 bunch of thyme Put all ingredients in a bowl and set aside

Prep the chicken: Remove the giblet bag inside. Rinse chicken for a few seconds & pat dry. Salt and pepper the inside cavity. Stuff with lemon, garlic, and thyme. Brush outside liberally with melted butter. Salt & pepper the top. Use twine to tie legs together. Tuck the wings under the bird.

Roast for 1 1/2 hours: You’ll know it’s done when you slice it and juices run clear!