This 10-Minute Tablescape Will Get You All The Instagram Love

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re probably hard-core stressing over the sheer amount of cooking you’ll be asked to do in one day, not to mention the idea of refereeing potential tensions between your stepmom and mom, or whatever specific variety of family drama might ensue.

In the midst of all of this planning (read: worrying), you may have forgotten to consider the presentation element of your dinner. If so, worry not, as we’ve enlisted the expertise of San Francisco–based Farmgirl Flowers founder Christina Stembel. She’s given us the recipe, if you will, for an unforgettable centerpiece which will take you just ten minutes to make. (Bonus: Some of its ingredients can be repurposed after the meal.) Below, her tips on creating this Instagram-worthy accessory to your Thanksgiving feast.

How-To: Easy Fall Bounty Tablescape by Farmgirl Flowers

Photo: Farmgirl Flowers

What you’ll need: 3 or 4 varieties of flowers 12 pieces of fall fruit Candles and vases that you already own Sharp kitchen shears

Directions: Use all of those vases taking up space in the cabinet above your fridge and pick up everything else you need from the supermarket. When you’re at the market, select three or four types of flowers in vibrant fall colors. We chose a rich burnt orange and golden yellows reminiscent of fall foliage. Any type of flower will work, but here’s a cheat sheet on what to select.

1 branchy variety. We used ilex, but acorns, rose hip, privet or even foliage work great! 1 big head variety. We went with the fall staple, chrysanthemums. 1 linear-shaped flower. Calla lilies look perfect and come in all the fabulous fall colors. 1 lil’ bit. We used gomphrena, but scabiosa, coneflower, millet or wheat also work. A mix of 12 persimmons, pomegranates and kumquats. If you can find them!

Photo: Farmgirl Flowers

Now, scour your house for a bunch of mismatched vases in varying heights and fill them with cool, clean water. Line them up down the center of your dinner table. Take each flower variety, one at a time, and simply stagger the heights of the flowers in your hand, cut the ends at a 40-degree angle and put in the vases. Then take a pedestal vase, a pretty bowl or even a cake stand and fill it with the fall fruit. Put a few pieces of the fruit and foliage as well as a few candles around the base of the vases. Now you’re ready to impress your guests with your centerpiece skills.