One-Hour Champagne Delivery Is Now A Thing, And We’re Poppin’ Bottles

Take heart, those who feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket—we have good news! One of our favorite brands, which makes one of our favorite beverages, is now offering on-demand delivery. Dom Pérignon will now be available to those who live in New York and Miami whenever they want (need?) it through a simple ordering process on this website, which makes sales through third-party retailers and then delivers to your doorstep within 60 minutes via a partnership with Thirstie.com. “A continuation of the Moët Hennessy USA ambition of innovation in the market, the launch of a one-hour luxury delivery service for Dom Pérignon presents a new avenue in which to delight the Dom Pérignon consumer, in the on-demand and immediate world they live in,” Jorge Cosano, vice president of Dom Pérignon, explained in a statement. We basically read that to mean that he wants us to live lives that involve indulging the urge to douse ourselves in champagne at a moment’s notice. Isn’t that how you read it? In any case, we can’t wait until this comes to the West Coast, where TZR is headquartered, so we can find out what it’s like to casually order expensive champagne to go with our (oft solo) Thai-takeout-and-Netflix-binge nights. We assume it will be like this, but TBD.