2 New Wedding Collabs That Make Life Easier (And Prettier)

If you’re planning to walk down the aisle soon, you’re well aware of how hard it is to find the perfect items to fit your wedding style. From bridesmaids dresses to reception decor, there’s so much to think about, sometimes you feel like your head’s going to explode.

Thankfully, two new lines of just-released stationery aim to take away at least some of the stress. Vera Wang, in her first collaboration with Paperless Post, has created 20 totally customizable suites, while J.Crew has introduced a second season of matrimonial goodies with cult correspondence favorite Sugar Paper. Though each collaboration caters to slightly different aesthetics (J.Crew’s is whimsical; Wang’s more classic), they’re both so gorgeous even the pickiest bride is bound to find something to love.

Vera Wang for Paperless Post, Online Sending (starting at $.60 ea), Printed Stationery (starting at $1.08 ea), paperlesspost.com

Sugar Paper for J.Crew, ($5-$62), JCrew.com.

But what if, like us, you’re not planning on tying the knot any time soon? No worries. Each collection offers general greeting notes, thank you cards, and gift tags that are just as covet worthy as their wedding-themed counterparts; Collect an assortment of each to create your own personalized stationery set. That is, if you can get to them before we buy them all ourselves.

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