This One-Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe Will Blow Your Mind

Some of us can’t really cook. Or rather, we don’t have the attention span or interest level it requires, as following a recipe is something technically anyone who can read is able to do. If you’re among those who don’t often utilize the words “I made this” when talking about whatever it is you’re putting into your mouth, we are about to make your life at least 1% better. This popular-on-Pinterest ice cream recipe is made from—wait for it—bananas. That’s it. Frozen bananas are the sole ingredient, which means it’s not only easy to make but also far healthier than the sugar-filled dairy variety. Here’s how to impress your friends by serving them homemade ice cream they’ll feel good about bingeing on in their bikinis this weekend.

Recipe author: One Ingredient Chef

Directions: Peel and freeze 4 or 5 ripe bananas overnight in a plastic freezer bag. Cut them into ½-inch chunks and blend them in a food processor. Voila! (For flavor varieties, click here.)