7 Miraculous Cellulite-Busting Recipes

We’re all about accepting our bodies as they are—natural, sometimes a little lumpier in one area than another and, ultimately, miraculous machines that allow us to get out of bed each day and do amazing things. Still, cellulite is not the easiest thing to love, no matter how well-adjusted we are about our looks. It’s just … well, you know. And as we get older, cellulite becomes more and more of an issue, as lowered estrogen is linked to an increase in this blight. Most of you probably know that genetics play a large role in whether or not we are plagued by cellulite and to what to degree, but no matter your situation, you should take heart in knowing that regular exercise and proper diet can help reduce its appearance. Here, seven anti-cellulite recipes, so you can maximize the health and aesthetic benefits of every meal.


Chickpea Curry With Spinach And Eggs

Recipe author: PocketMags

Ingredients that matter: Eggs, tomatoes, spinach, cayenne, turmeric, lemon

Why it works: Eggs are full of detoxifying vitamins and high in cell-repairing protein. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which aids in collagen production, as well lycopene, which stimulates circulation. Spinach is high in vitamin A, which also aids in the production of collagen. Cayenne peppers are rich in vitamin B6, which restores and fortifies connective tissues. Their capsaicin has also been shown to boost metabolism for three hours after consumption and aid in blow flow, both of which are beneficial to reducing cellulite. Turmeric stimulates circulation and reduces swelling. Finally, lemons support a healthy pH, which in turn helps the body to detoxify.

Spoon Fork Bacon

Smoked Salmon Crostini With An Apple-Fennel Slaw

Recipe author: Spoon Fork Bacon

Ingredients that matter: Olive oil, apple, fennel, salmon, lemon, egg

Why it works: The monounsaturated fats and polyphenols in olive oil help the thyroid to function properly, which then boosts metabolism, burns fat and helps build new cells. Apples provide antioxidants to detoxify the body. Fennel aids in digestion, reduces swelling and flushes out toxins. (Bonus: It's good for your skin and hair.) Salmon has omega-3s that reduce inflammation, strengthen skin tissue and fibers, and improve circulation. Eggs, as mentioned, detoxify and aid in repairing cells. Finally, lemons keep your pH balanced, which helps to detoxify the body.


Blueberry Banana Cinnamon ACV Smoothie

Recipe author: PopSugar

Ingredients that matter: Apple cider vinegar, blueberries, banana, spinach

Why it works: Apple cider vinegar helps to rebalance estrogen, which reduces cellulite. Blueberries (and berries in general) help collagen production—as does spinach—and keep fat from surfacing (à la cellulite). Finally, bananas boost blood flow, which helps reduce lumpy fat deposits.

Minimalist Baker

Roasted Broccoli Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad

Recipe author: Minimalist Baker

Ingredients that matter: Cayenne pepper, hummus, broccoli

Why it works: As mentioned above, cayenne peppers help build and strengthen connective tissues. Hummus, meanwhile, is a low-glycemic food, which means it works to prevent fat cells from expanding (causing cellulite). Broccoli contains alpha lipoic acid, which stops collagen from hardening into the unsightly substance.


Garlic And Saffron Roasted Salmon

Recipe author: Food52

Ingredients that matter: Saffron, salmon, olive oil

Why it works: Salmon's omega-3s improve circulation and strengthen skin tissue. Olive oil improves thyroid function, which reduces fat cell expansion. Likewise, saffron reduces fat cell expansion while also increasing muscle tone under the skin to reduce the appearance of dimples.


Jasmine Chicken Soup With Green Tea Soba

Recipe author: MyRecipes

Ingredients that matter: Green tea, fennel, turmeric, bean sprouts

Why it works: We already know that fennel helps digestion, reduces swelling and flushes out toxins. Green tea, meanwhile, contains an ingredient called epigallocatechin gallate, which optimizes metabolism and fat burn and, of course, contains caffeine which dehydrates fat cells. This recipe would also mix well with turmeric, which is an antioxidant that reduces swelling and improves circulation, and bean sprouts, which is packed with vitamins and minerals that stimulate circulation and improve the overall appearance of skin.

Salt & Wind

Persian Kuku With Saffron Potatoes And Herbs

Recipe author: Salt & Wind

Ingredients that matter: Saffron, garlic, turmeric, egg, lemon

Why it works: This one includes a host of ingredients elaborated on in previous slides that reduce fat cell expansion, detoxify the body and repair cells. Garlic, new to this recipe, improves blood circulation and rids the body of cellulite-causing toxins.