Amazon Prime Will Deliver Booze To You In Just One Hour

Unless you prefer working to, you know, participating in activities of your choosing that are fun and relaxing, there’s little that’s good about a Monday morning; however, on this particular day we’ve unearthed a gem worth celebrating. No, it’s not Pink’s incredible speech about her badass daughter from last night’s VMAs, though we are still crying, or T-Swift’s controversial rebuttal to haters. Instead, it concerns a simpler matter that will have far greater impact on your daily life: Amazon Prime will now deliver alcohol to your house in just one hour. The service has been slowly rolling out in major markets—with Portland the most recent beneficiary—and the $7.99, 60-minute turnaround is not the only option, either. If you aren’t in as big of a hurry to keep a party from dying (or to drown out the sad and bad news of the day), you can opt for free two-hour delivery instead. That’s right, folks, you can order booze lazily from your couch and have it delivered to your doorstep at no charge—if you live in Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus (Ohio), Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area or Seattle. You’re welcome.