5 Easy Ways to Personalize Holiday Gifts

Making sure you don’t skip anyone on your holiday gift list is challenging enough, but thinking of something creative and thoughtful for each person is even harder. After all, everyone prefers receiving presents with a little thought behind them. Here, our best tips for personalized presents certain to impress everyone on your list.


#1 Monogram It

Go the extra mile to make a gift extra special by monogramming it. It's a chic personal touch that won't go unnoticed.


#2 Add a Photo

Print a photo of a favorite memory with the gift receiver. Punch a hole for ribbon or tape onto the box to make that person feel extra special. For more wrapping tips check out our easy how-to guide.


#3 Use Presents as Place Cards

Spice up traditional place cards by wrapping a small present for each guest and placing them at each setting. Choose something different for each person but wrap all of the gifts the same way. Whether you're hosting a small holiday dinner for your best girlfriends or a soirée for the entire family, this trick is sure to win over everyone at the table.


#4 Customize Your Gift Baskets

If you plan to send gift baskets, make sure to include at least one customized item with the specific person or family in mind. Maybe your aunt loves fancy preserves and nuts but your bestie is more of a dark chocolate kind of girl; pack the baskets accordingly.


#5 Write a Note

In the same way that a hand-written thank you card goes a long way, writing a personal note on each present is both sweet and thoughtful