This Diptyque Candle Changed My Feelings About Floral Scents For Good

I stand corrected.

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Diptyque Mimosa Candle Review

No one loves a scented candle like I do. Now, I realize that that’s a bit of a bold statement as this home essential category is seemingly hotter than ever ... pun intended. However, my true devotion for the fragrant burning wonders runs deep, hitting an almost emotional note with me. I truly feel calmer and more at ease when a sweet-smelling candle is burning in any corner of my little Los Angeles apartment. And while I typically gravitate towards fresh, uplifting scents with citrus and spicy notes, I’ve been meaning to shake up my regular lineup for the summer. In an effort to start the season with some newness, I decided to test out a cult favorite from one of my favorite brands: Diptyque’s Mimosa candle.

Now, to be clear, this scented item is not meant to emulate the famous (or infamous) champagne-infused cocktails enjoyed over a boozy brunch. No, the fragrance is actually part of the floral family, and channels the scent of the mimosa flower in full bloom. Full disclosure, I’m normally not a huge fan of overtly floral scents, and during the spring and summer months, I often opt for fruity scents (in fact, Diptyque’s Citronelle is constantly burning on my nightstand May through August). However, I’d heard some great things about the light and airy Mimosa candle, and how, according to the Diptyque site, it’s meant to transport you to the French Riviera, where the honey-scented flowers famously thrive in late winter and early spring. That was enough to get me on board.

What I love about Diptyque candles is how potent they are, even when they’re unlit. Even before I unwrapped my Mimosa treasure from the cellophane wrap, a soft honey-floral scent hit me. And I was not hating it. Once lit and sitting for about five minutes, however, the fragrance really took flight. A fresh fragrance filled my living room that I could only describe as a mix of honey, hay, and that fresh sea air you breathe in at an uninhabited secluded beach that hasn’t been contaminated with the smells of sunscreens and tanning oils. Now, I’ve never had the honor of visiting the French Riviera, but I imagine this what I would smell from my imaginary yacht as I leisurely coasted through Côte d'Azur.

What’s nice about the Mimosa scent is that it’s not heavy like other floral scents (which is why these notes are often known to cause headaches). After about an hour or so of burning in the middle of my living room, the scent did not overpower. It wafted lightly through my little one-bedroom abode and I swear I could catch hints of it in other rooms. But, again, it wasn’t too much for me to handle.

If you, like me, rejoice over a new candle scent or find, I give Diptyque’s Mimosa candle two very enthusiastic thumbs up. It’s truly a nice refreshing alternative to traditional citrus scents that are more common in the summer. Now, if you are staunchly against floral scents of any kind, proceed with caution. Yes, it’s on the lighter end of the floral spectrum, but the notes still come through. However, this is also a great options for those who want to dip their toes into the floral candle pool without going for an overtly rich scent like Roses or Geranium (also in the Diptyque fragrance family).

Another thing I love about Diptyque candles in particular is that they don’t burn through quickly. As I mentioned before, I am known to have candles lit all day, every day, so I go through them fairly quickly (in a matter of days in some cases). However, my Mimosa pick burned for all of three to four hours or so and barely budged in wax depth. This means I can truly get my money’s worth — and at $68 a pop, these items are a bit on the pricier side.

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