Designers Are Always Recommending These 35 Chic & Super-Affordable Home Products To Their Clients

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by Sabrina Crews
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Most of us would love to have an interior decorator at our beck and call to run interference on every design concern, large or small, that comes up at home. And yet, most of us don’t. That’s why you need to check out this list of 35 super-affordable home products that designers are always recommending to their clients.

These aren’t just any designers, either. Some of the brightest stars in the industry shared their tips and tricks for achieving an effective home upgrade without spending a fortune. From “Light quality is everything” (Joe Cangelosi of Joe Cangelosi Design) to “Mirrors are essential” (Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer) to “It’s ALL about the wallpaper” (Alexis Peters, interior design advisor), the wisdom — and recommended products — assembled here provide a go-to cheatsheet that’ll keep your home chic, fun, and functional for the foreseeable future. Plus, not only are these items shockingly affordable, but they can be yours in just about two-day’s time thanks to Prime shipping.

So, you can’t have an on-call interior decorator — but with this list, you get exclusive access to the minds of top designers. Ready to take your home from “drab to fab” (as interior designer James Stanley says)? Then simply start scrolling.


A Set Of Stunning Iron Candle Holders That Will Fit In With Any Decor

“In addition to making your home feel welcoming and smell wonderful,” says interior designer Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective, “a candle in a beautiful vessel looks great even when it hasn’t been lit.” This two-piece metal candle holder in particular, which was handcrafted from iron and boasts a classic, matte black finish, exudes modern polish and brings a touch of elegance to any space — whether your candles are lit or not.


This Pretty Wicker Bowl For Your Keys & Other Essentials

Always losing your keys? Keep them by the door in this honey-brown, rattan and wicker bowl so you always know where they are. The petite organizer is, after all, simply too chic to overlook. “I always love to have a table in the entryway with a bowl on it and a mirror above it,” Joe Cangelosi of Joe Cangelosi Design tells The Zoe Report. “This is for beauty and function. The mirror is to check yourself out on your way out the door. The bowl is for your keys, so they are never lost — toss them in when you get home and pick them up when you leave.”


A Reversible, Cashmere-Blend Throw Blanket That Looks & Feels Ultra-Luxe

“Beautiful cashmere throws come in every shade and can enhance a space by adding warmth — both literally and visually,” says interior designer Esther Dormer. Made of an ultra-soft cotton and cashmere blend, this reversible accent blanket is a particularly stunning find. Plaid on one side and heathered on the other, this cozy-but-breathable blanket comes in two versatile colors (navy or this chic, stone taupe pictured) and, at just $35, is nowhere near what you’d expect to pay for a cashmere-blend throw of this quality.


These Genius, Peel & Stick Tiles To Freshen Up Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Ever tried peel-and-stick tiles for your bathroom or kitchen? Start with 10 sheets of these affordable backsplashes, and and be amazed at the transformation that takes place. “The possibilities are endless with this kind of product,” explains Stacy Lewis, interior designer at Eternity Modern. “With a wide range of designs and colors, you can give your bathroom, kitchen, or any room in your home a brand new look.” They’re a lot easier to install then you’d think, too.


A Pair Of Dimmable LED Bulbs To Put Your Home In The Best Light

“If you want you and your home to look the best, light quality is everything,” Cangelosi explains. “I only use dimmable LED bulbs, and there's an important number called the ‘color temperature’ which relates to how warm or cool the light is. I find warmer temperatures like 2,700 — 3,000 are the best and most flattering to everyone's skin tone. Cooler temperatures from 4,000 — 6,000 will wash out your skin coloring... so I avoid them like the plague. And don't forget the dimmer!” Noted.


This Tassel-Accented Throw Pillow Cover To Liven Up Your Sofa

According to Cangelosi, “If you have a neutral-colored sofa like gray or cream, it's super fun to get a few bold colored throw-pillows (or pillow covers) that you can rotate seasonally!” This two-pack of velvet throw pillow covers — going for less than $15 and available in over 25 brilliant colors — is a no-brainer addition to every home. “A pop of purple, pomegranate, or teal? Why not,” exclaims Cangelosi. “This allows you to change the feel of a room in seconds, and not break the budget! [An] 18 — 20 inch square is a good size. Have some fun mixing and matching. Maybe coordinate with a new comfy blanket?”


This All-Natural Furniture Polish To Keep Your Woodwork Lustrous

“Want to make old wood look new again? Use wood polish to restore and renew natural wood finishes and also add shine to furniture bringing back its luster,” says Lewis. Amazon shoppers swear by this highly-rated, all-natural beeswax polish from the earth-friendly, women-owned furniture care brand, Daddy Van’s.


6 Marble Ceramic Bowls For Your Succulents — For Less Than $35

Bad plant parents, rejoice. With this gorgeous set of marble succulent planters, you can still harness the power of greenery to give your home a more vibrant and inviting feel. “These will add life to your space,” Lewis promises, “without your having to worry about kiling [the succulents], as they thrive even with less attention.” With this purchase, you get six marble ceramic bowls for less than $35 to hold your succulents of choice. Order these now, head to your nearest garden centre, then dot the tiny little plants all around your house.


Chic, Gold Knobs To Elevate Your Cabinets

One of the easiest, and most affordable, ways to improve the look of your kitchen? According to Lewis, it’s giving your cabinet hardware a makeover. “This includes pulls, knobs, handles, and hinges,” Lewis explains. Simply replacing your current cabinet handles with these pretty gold knobs, for instance, could yield major results — and since it’s only a $13 expense, why not go for it? After all, says Lewis, “They may seem really simple but when they get an upgrade, simple cabinets can have an elevated look.”


This Wooden, Bamboo Bench That Channels Scandinavian Minimalism

Limited space in your bathroom? Try adding a small stool, like this wooden, bamboo bench. “Place it near the tub or shower,” advises Andra DelMonic, Lead Interior Designer at Trendey. “This gives you an extra place to set items down or a place to sit while getting in or out of the tub. The simple lines of a small teak stool in a Scandinavian design give your bathroom a chic feel without being over the top.”


A Delightful Set Of Metal Pots For Your Herbs — With A Matching Tray

“Plants are visually appealing, add ambience, and improve indoor home quality,” Dormer tells The Zoe Report, adding this pro tip: “A trick I love is to add herbs to planters for a nice aroma. You can even use them for kitchen and medicinal [purposes].” These three metal herb pots come highly recommended from Amazon shoppers, thanks to their functionality and farmhouse-chic feel. You can buy herbs or small plants at any local garden center, and these pretty little planters will motivate you to do so. With nine pretty colors to choose from, thousands of positive ratings on Amazon, and an enviable 4.6-star score overall, the set even includes a matching tray — and costs just $20.


This Handmade Ceramic Diffuser To Give Your Home A Spa-Like Feel

Want to bring a serene, spa-like feel to your interiors (who doesn’t)? “They now have fabulous essential oil diffusers that look beautiful and organic,” explains Dormer. Case in point: this handmade, ultrasonic diffuser and humidifier with an adjustable timer and nightlight. “The fine mist keeps your house from being too dry and adds a lovely, uplifting scent,” Dormer said, adding, “I love mixing them with soy candles that have a natural, clean scent.” To use with your diffuser, you can buy a set of 10 organic essential oils for just $20, here.


This Versatile, Handmade Serving Tray That Costs Just $30

“A decorative tray in a style that you love is always a good interior design staple,” observes Chelsea Johnson of MakingManzanita.com, and this handmade, organic seagrass serving tray with rope handles costs just $30 on Amazon. “Trays are so versatile that you can you use them in virtually every room,” continues Johnson. “Use one on your bathroom countertop as a vanity tray to round up bathroom items. Add one to your kitchen counter next to your oven to corral cooking essentials so they are easy to grab. A decorative tray can also instantly bring style to your coffee table and help pull together the decor to feel intentional.” This one is so beautiful for the price, and well worth buying in multiples.


A Set Of 2 Crystal Highball Glasses With Vintage-Inspired Patterns

Interior designer Esther Dormer loves vintage glass — and that includes retro-inspired barware, like this set of two crystal tumblers (aren’t those intricate crystal patterns pretty?). “[Glasses like these] can be displayed anywhere or can act as mini vases,” she explains. “I love ones with initials for a fun, personalized touch or heavy gold rims for a more whimsical look. They’re also practical because they can be used as unique drinking glasses in a bathroom.”


A Floor-Length Mirror You Can Hang On Your Wall Or Over Your Door

“Mirrors are essential for a few different reasons,” explains certified interior designer Marco Bizzley. “One of which is that they can give the illusion of a larger room and make it look like you have more natural lighting, especially if you have a limited amount. When looking for a mirror, you want to ensure it's high quality and shatter-resistant.” This hanging, full-length mirror is the perfect choice.


This Set Of 3 Geometric Plant Terrariums With Exquisite Gold Accents

Glass plant terrariums with copper or gold holders can instantly improve your interiors — just ask Stefan Bucur of Rhythm of the Home. Recommended: This popular set of three, gold-finished geometric terrariums for less than $30. “These are very easy to add throughout the home and they work especially well with air plants or flowers that grow in water,” Bucur explains. “All it takes is filling up a terrarium with either soil or water [to] start growing beautiful plants in your home.” Easy.


This Cheerful, Indoor Plant That Comes In A Recyclable Planter

“Indoor plants are one of the most affordable additions to a room,” says Swati Goorha of Swati Goorha Interior Design, and at less than $25, this indoor shrub in a two-tone, recyclable planter is an absolute steal. “Besides being beneficial for their air-purifying quality,” continues Goorha, “plants are a great way to add color, life, and a natural element to your home." Who knew you could get real, live plants on Amazon — and at such a fair price, too?


A Best-Selling Set Of 5 Elegant Picture Frames For Just $30

“Get those vacation pictures framed and display them as a gallery wall,” suggests Goorha. “[It’s] a great way to personalize any home.” For cohesion and subtle elegance, try these best-selling 11-by-14 frames that come nine chic colors, including white, gold, silver, and black. You can hang them horizontally or vertically, and get five for just $30.


This Set Of 3 Floating Wall Shelves To Showcase Your Favorite Things

“Open shelving has been the rage for a while,” says Sarit Marcus, interior designer and founder of Minted Space. Get in on the craze with this set of three floating wall shelves for less than $20. Never tried them before? It’s easy. “You don’t have to be an interior designer to nail a ‘shelfie.’ The key is less is more,” explains Marcus. “Don’t over-decorate a shelf or try to have too many items on it. Keep it simple and accentuate your favorite pieces.”


A Cozy, Cable Knit Throw Blanket With 2 Matching Pillow Covers

If your bedding needs a refresh, “accent pillows are an easy way to elevate a bed,” explains Marcus. “Euro pillows are a great way to create a sophisticated bed style and pair well with a long lumbar pillow placed in front of them. Finish the look with a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.” You’ll be well on your way to achieving this cinch of a makeover with this knitted throw blanket and two matching throw pillow covers. All three items cost less than $40, and feature a classic cable knit design that’ll fit in well with any style of home decor.


This Popular Set of Pantry Labels With A Minimalist-Chic Look

“Keep your pantry, spice drawer, or closets ultra-organized with beautiful pre-printed labels,” Franklin suggests. This popular set includes 144 pre-printed, self-adhesive labels for your containers, canisters, and jars — all for just $15. “In addition to making finding what you need easier,” explains Franklin, “the labels will add a uniformity to each space that will make it feel extra luxe.”


A Plant-Based Hand Wash That Looks, Feels, & Smells Incredible

“I often find that clients overlook the daily necessities when it comes to design, such as hand wash or a room spray,” says interior designer Anna Franklin. “In a bathroom or a kitchen, I prefer to thoughtfully select an aesthetically pleasing option instead.” With its sleek, minimalist aluminum container and invigorating notes of citrus and ginger, this plant-based, non-toxic foaming hand soap from PiperWai is exactly what Franklin has in mind. “By swapping in design-forward touches in the places you least expect,” she explains, “[Your] space feels even more pulled together.” In keeping with the brand’s earth-first M.O., the container is made entirely of recycled materials, and the order comes with four refill pods.


An Easy Way To Make Your Dinner Table Look More Impressive

“I love upgrading cutlery,” Alexis Peters, strategic interior design advisor at Real Estate Bees, tells The Zoe Report. “It's an amazing way to have a chic upgrade and really feel the difference.” Refresh yours with this elegant (but functional — it’s dishwasher safe), stainless steel flatware set in Peters’ style of choice: matte gold. That said, the set also comes in black or silver, if you’re not a fan of gold.


This Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Comes In Distinctive, Vintage-Inspired Patterns

“Add a patterned paper to your focal wall and experience how elevated the room looks and feels,” suggests Peters. “It’s all about the wallpaper accent wall!” You’ll find that out soon enough after trying this peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper. Available in four mid-century-modern-inspired patterns, like the eye-popping silver smoke and metallic gold pictured, the wallpaper makes for a quick and easy DIY home project that yields professional-grade results.


A 6-Pack Of Glass Water Bottles To Keep Your Guests Happy & Hydrated

“I tell my clients [and I personally do it as well] to buy glass bottles of water and store them in the fridge,” says Peters. “When guests come over and you hand them a glass bottle, it’s next-level hospitality.” Give her pro tip a try with this six-pack of capped, glass water bottles. Durable, airtight, and suitable for a range of liquids including water, tea, coffee, and juice — even salad dressing and sauces — this attractive collection of bottles boasts over 8,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon and rings up at less than $30. “Plus,” adds Peters, “[they’re] better for the environment!”


A Completely Invisible Way To Upgrade Your Home

“We can’t really see this like a new sofa,” Peters acknowledges, “but adding a scent to your home is another way to create a welcoming, cozy experience for you and your guests.” This popular Glade starter kit makes it easy to do just that. Featuring smart light technology, automatic on-and-off, and an eight-hour rest cycle, the kit allows you to get the most out of each invigorating fragrance, and includes one essential oil-infused warmer and three refills in a classic ‘Clean Linen’ scent.


This Smart, Dimmable Table Lamp That Sets Just The Right Mood

“Lighting is a fundamental component of your home interior design, and one so often overlooked,” James Stanley, principal and founder of James StanleyNY, points out. “The right lighting sets the tone and mood in a room and adds [an] element of intimacy... Think of a smart table lamp on top of your coffee table books. [It produces] that chic, moody feeling while highlighting your favorites pieces, [taking your] room from drab to fab.” This smart lamp can be controlled by either your voice or the touch of your finger, and it lights up in a rainbow of colors, so you can set the right mood for any occasion.


A Stunning Coffee Table Book That’s Just As Fun To Look As It Is To Read

Short on decorating ideas? “Place beautiful books around the house,” advises Goorha. “Books are also the perfect accessory for your coffee, end, or bedside table.” If you’re a fashion diehard, this stunning coffee table book featuring photography, sketches, and fabric samples of Valentino’s haute-couture designs is the perfect book to entertain you and your guests. You can also use it on an ottoman to hold a candle, decorative bowl, or small plant.


This Comfy, Jute Pouf That Brings An Earthy Vibe To Your Space

“Natural materials help create an organic, earthy style in a home — plus, they’re eco-friendly,” says Marcus. “Look for natural materials to [complement] your existing home decor such as bamboo, rattan, jute, and reclaimed woods.” This comfy jute pouf, for instance, is an ideal natural accent piece. Use it as an ottoman, mini table, or extra seating — it delivers, and looks fantastic (particularly in smaller spaces), in every case.


A Cheaper & More DIY-Friendly Version Of A Stair Runner

Ahh, the magic of low-cost stair runners. “It’s a practical way of upgrading the look of your house,” says Lewis. “There are so many designs, patterns, and colors to choose from that will definitely show your personal style.” These slip-resistant stair mats, which come seven unique, expensive-looking patterns, are a great place to start.


A Stylish Side Table That Will Suit Any Room In Your Home

“Stylish storage that has a dual function is always something everyone needs more of,” says Johnson, and that includes this durable side table that boasts thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. As chic as it is functional, the side table includes a single-but-roomy top drawer, top shelf, and open bottom shelf; it’s also a hit among shoppers for its sturdiness and value (less than $60 — a very reasonable price for such a high-quality piece). “A side table with storage is a great idea for a living room or office — or even in the bedroom as a nightstand alternative,” Johnson points out. “Store blankets, books, toys, and more.”


This Luxe, Velvet Storage Ottoman You Can Use For *So* Many Purposes

“Ottomans are always an excellent accessory for living rooms,” Bizzley tells the The Zoe Report. “There are many shapes and sizes, so you can get one as small as a footrest to one as large as your couch.” If its top-notch 4.7-star rating on Amazon is any indication, this four-legged, velvet storage ottoman is the perfect size, a cinch to assemble, and rings up at less than $60. “One of the biggest benefits of an ottoman is that you can use it to store items,” says Bizzley. “If you have a lot of guests, ottomans are sturdy enough to double as a chair. Most ottomans require no setup, so as soon as you get home, you can start using them.”


A More Affordable Alternative To Installing Real Wall Sconces In Your Home

The secret to elevating the look and feel of your bedroom? According to Lewis, it’s plug-in wall sconces. And you can score this gorgeous metal set in a black, brass, or brushed nickel finish for just $65. “These are a great choice if you’re looking to upgrade your lighting game,” Lewis explains. “Even without extensive electrical skills, these plug-in sconces can be installed easily without requiring a major remodeling overhaul.” Though it requires a small cost upfront, it’s much cheaper than buying real wall sconces and hiring an electrician.


This Beautiful Natural-Fiber Area Rug That Was Handmade By Artisans

“Rugs instantly make a room feel more inviting,” notes Marcus. “If you have bare floors, find an inexpensive rug to add texture and cohesiveness to a room. Natural fibers are very popular right now, and there are a plethora of jute, seagrass, and hemp rugs available.” That includes this eco-friendly, jute area rug. Each one was handmade by artisans, so no two are alike. You’ll love the distinctive vibe it brings to your space — and that this large, high-quality rug rings up at just $100 on Amazon (competing versions tend to go for upwards of $300).


This Clean Burning Fire Bowl That Delivers Instant Ambiance

“Add some fire to the room,” enthuses Peters. “If you don’t have a fireplace, or are like me and like a flame in as many rooms as possible, try the clean burning fire bowls by Terra Flame. Literally a room and ambiance changer.” Suitable to use both indoors and out, the fire bowl never gets too hot, comes with three 13-ounce cans of fuel that burn for up to three hours each, and boasts a sustainable, concrete finish with just a bit of sparkle. Considering how expensive it would be to install an indoor or outdoor fireplace, this is a much more affordable way to achieve ambience and warmth.

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