This Is Officially The Year Of The “Coolcation”

Everyone’s chilling out.

by Lindsay Stein
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The hottest travel destinations for 2024, you ask? Cooler ones, actually. There’s no denying the rise in record-breaking warm temperatures, which is likely why travelers are fleeing in the opposite direction: booking trips to more temperate destinations with fewer crowds. According to the luxury travel network Virtuoso, 82% of its travelers are considering destinations with cooler, more moderate weather this year. Hence, Condé Nast Traveler recently pegged “coolcations” as one of the biggest travel trends for 2024.

The buzzy term essentially entails traveling to chiller climates averaging 65°F or lower for activities like hiking, wildlife viewing, and, of course, escaping the heat. While traditional vacations revolve around tourist attractions and basking in the sun, this trend completely changes how people travel, focusing on seeking nature-based experiences to embrace the raw beauty around us in refreshing and comfortable temperatures. Think: swapping a European beach getaway for chasing the Northern Lights in the polar regions. Adventurers are gravitating towards locales such as Norway, Finland, Greenland, and Alaska, and even going as far as the remote continent of Antarctica.

Ahead, see where you can experience the chilliest coolcation destinations in 2024, from sailing the Norwegian fjords to skiing in the Canadian Rockies.


Courtesy of Havila Voyages

Torunn Tronsvang, founder of sustainable luxury travel curator Up Norway, said that “due to the growing popularity of travel in Norway, especially during the delightful summer days that are perfect for outdoor adventures, Up Norway has witnessed a surge in demand for summer booking.” Tronsvang adds that there is no doubt of explicit interest from those who want to escape the heat in Southern Europe. The country is filled with various outdoor activities such as fjord cruising, hiking, kayaking, biking, and more. The region's rich indigenous Sami culture adds a layer of charm, with insights into centuries-old traditions and way of life.

Where to Stay: The best way to navigate the fjords is by sailing with Norwegian cruise company Havila Voyages for an eco-friendly adventure along the coastal region. The latest addition of two new ships, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, expands the line’s options of fresh dining and cultural experiences. Travelers can select locally-invested initiatives to explore the region with more than 70 shore-side excursions including a guided husky tour, hike of Torghatten mountain, and an aquacultural excursion with a local salmon fish farm.

Lapland, Finland


Nestled within the Arctic Circle, Finnish Lapland offers moderate temperatures year-round and is significantly cooler than other European hot spots. According to a ForwardKeys Destination Gateway report, international flight bookings to Finland during the summer have increased by 14% since last year. The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon in Lapland that occurs from mid-May to mid-August when the sun doesn't set for 24 hours. Visitors can make the most of the arctic summer with activities like river cruises, swimming, golfing across the Arctic Circle, horseback riding, floating, hiking, and visiting husky and reindeer farms — pretty much anything you can do during the day, you can do in the night. Travelers can also venture out to berry pick as the Finns do, or check out the summer solstice festivals. For a winter wonderland year-round, Santa Claus Village is open every day of the year and Santa is there to welcome visitors in the summer.

Where to Stay: The Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Finland is a bucket-list hotel experience in the wilderness. Its distinctive accommodations integrate well with the environment, allowing visitors to enjoy nature alongside modern amenities. There’s an on-site restaurant, Rakas Restaurant & Bar, where the menus change according to season, and a cozy fireplace to enjoy a nightcap.



Despite Antarctica's extreme conditions, this icy continent has become an increasingly sought-after destination, with its key draw being its untouched natural beauty. It’s the ultimate coolcation spot, some may say. While travelers are unable to visit during the US summer months because of extreme temperatures, the best time to visit is during Antartica’s summer season, from October to February. Visitors can observe wildlife in their natural habitat, from penguins to seals and whales. In a world where travel often revolves around comfort and convenience, the allure of Antarctica lies in its ruggedness and remoteness, offering a glimpse into a truly untamed wilderness.

Where to Stay: Arrive by a private jet and stay at White Desert’s unique camps, for a carbon-neutral experience that is both luxurious and adventurous. Arguably the world’s most exclusive hotel with only 12 guests per itinerary, White Desert provides the rare opportunity to sleep on land in Antarctica for a true bucket-list topper. The collection includes three camps called Whichaway, Echo, and Wolf’s Gang.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Southern Ocean Lodge

During the summer rush, while many flock to Australia's sun-drenched coasts, Kangaroo Island emerges as an alternative winter escape. As the US heats up for summer, Australia gears up for its winter season, offering ample daylight for exploring the island. The mild temperatures, averaging between 55°F to 68°F, provide ideal conditions for bushwalking and wildlife spotting including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and echidnas. The cooler weather is also perfect for exploring the island's trails and must-see sights such as the Remarkable Rocks and coastal grotto of Admirals Arch.

Where to Stay: Southern Ocean Lodge is a luxury cliff-top lodge overlooking the ocean. The property offers guests a chance to experience Kangaroo Island's active wildlife at its most active during the cooler months. From witnessing newborn joeys to marveling at the drama of a winter storm over white-sanded beaches, a stay on Kangaroo Island allows travelers to slow down, savor nature, and embrace the beauty of Australia's winter peak season.

Alberta, Canada


Alberta is home to some of Canada’s best gems like Banff National Park, Edmonton, and Calgary. The cool season is remarkably longer there than in the US making it the ideal coolcation spot with temperatures averaging at 65°F depending on region. While most of the ice is gone in the summer months, there are a few areas that can go below freezing at any time of year, such as Mount Fairview, so there is always the possibility of glacier hiking at spots like Columbia Icefield Skywalk.

Where to Stay: Staying at the 5-star Fairmont Château Lake Louise brings you to a prime location amidst Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The iconic turquoise waters of Lake Louise provide a backdrop for this property. Here, you can easily access all outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding and end the day cozying up at the hotel’s spa and heated outdoor pool.