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Content Creator Kellie Brown Has An Eye For “Absurd” Accent Chairs

Vintage modern done so right.

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content creator Kellie Brown
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These days, the living space is yet another extension of one’s personal style. TZR’s series Home In 5 digs into the key elements, items, and inspiration behind the chic homes of top influencers. Here, we sit down with content creator, speaker, and author Kellie Brown and chat about her vintage-filled LA home.

Home design can be tricky, in that one often feels like, to achieve an elevated look, you must sacrifice comfort. Kellie Brown gets it, but is living proof that you can easily strike the perfect balance of high-design and approachability — you just have to put in the work.

“You want the cool place with the dope furniture, but everything feels uncomfortable or you can't sit down, and that kind of sucks to feel like you're in a space and you can't ever quite be comfortable in the chairs,” says Brown to TZR. “So I made sure that when I was incorporating pieces, I was always making sure that everything was comfortable for everybody [...] Because having pretty furniture that you feel like you can't sit on is no fun.”

With this approachability and style in mind, Brown’s LA home, which she moved into in the midst of the pandemic, is an ever-evolving project, with one key through line present: vintage.

“I'm deeply committed to incorporating vintage into everything that I do,” she says. “I just think one, from the sustainability aspect, it's important to not let beautiful things end up in a landfill. And then from the point of view of just old things being created better, they're timeless and archival pieces. And a lot of what we look to now, in terms of the contemporary stuff we like, are just replicas of what has already been created. So I love exploring and learning about design through the lens of what people have done.”

This genuine passion for the treasures of yesteryear has helped Brown develop a pristine eye for one-of-a-kind pieces. Her aforementioned home base, not to mention her rental property in Palm Springs, are carefully curated vintage modern creations that are filled with colorful collectible items and accent pieces that generate quite a buzz on the content creator’s decor-focused Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Ahead, Brown breaks down her home style and how her living space has served as her creative outlet.

What is your favorite lounge spot in your home?

So I'm just such a bedroom gal. I love my room. I just figured it out after two years. It is kind of an abnormally large bedroom. I had vision of different types of seating, and [for] this dead space on the side of the room between a window and a balcony door. [I thought] What do I do with this? And before I moved into this place, I got my dream bedroom set, which is the Roland Carter For Lane headboard, which I love and felt really connected to. And it was great in the space.

But then I got this [Roger] Rougier bed for my guest room that was a queen-sized bed. And I got that from Badlands Vintage. And I loved my guest room more than I loved my room. I just kind of resigned to, ‘Well, this bed is cooler, but I guess it is what it is.’ And then I finally was just like, ‘This bed is in two pieces. I can literally adjust it to fit a king bed. And so I put that [guest] bed and carpet in my bedroom and I've shared some videos on TikTok and things in terms of the transitioning. And now I'm obsessed with my room. So, my room is definitely my number one place that I love to chill, relax, and watch TV.

What is your most recent home purchase?

I was at a flea market two weeks ago and ended up getting a ton of stuff for my bedroom. And it's kind of how it came together. It started with this piece of art and a really cool wicker basket and a lot of accessories. Before that, [it was] the larger piece I got — this amazing wood console table with brass inlay and a bench from Kaiyo, which sells vintage furniture online. They do white glove delivery.

What is your favorite home purchase?

My shelves from POPUPHOME. They’re a unicorn. They're so rare. And it's so funny, even if they’re in the very back of a photo or video [on social media], someone is like, ‘Where are those white shelves from?’ And I'm like, ‘Sadly, you usually find two or four, but you never find 18.’ So I have a whole set and I put some in my place in Los Angeles and there's some in Palm Springs as well.

What item do you use the most in your home?

Right now, my desk. I changed my dining room into an office because my living room was large enough to put my dining table in it. So I was like, ‘I love sitting here. I love this space, I love the light, I love just sitting in this room and it looks out into my living room.’ So I got this desk and an EAMS super ergonomical chair — it's red and it's amazing. So now I feel like I sit at my desk a lot and it's kind of my favorite place to sit.

What's the biggest conversation starter in your home?

A lot of people enjoy the art that was above my sofa. I moved it into a corner now. Oh, I also have Terje Ekstrøm’s Ekstrem chair. People [on TikTok]are always asking, ‘Can you even sit on that thing? How do you sit on it?’

And then another fun chair — cause I love just absurd chairs — is the Disney Cappellini Tron chair. It was created for the movie Tron. And I feel like there's only a few of them. I've only ever seen one other person have one. And it's this giant green throne type of chair. It looks like a puzzle piece or a Lego almost. And it's really cool. And no one believes that it's comfortable, but it truly is.

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