40 Common Mistakes You Don't Realize Make Your Home Look Cheap

And the solutions are much easier than you’d think.

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Logic would dictate that achieving an expensive-looking home requires an investment to match. But logic doesn’t necessarily prevail on this one. In truth, creating a home you’re proud of can be a matter of making a few simple swaps. Start by amending these common mistakes you don’t realize make your home look cheap — and relish in the instant results.

From cleaning grimy tile grout to solving the pet-hair-everywhere dilemma, let this list of common household mistakes inspire you to make a few thoughtful decisions about how to organize and decorate your home.


Mistake: Living With Dingy Details

Solution: Use This Caulk Strip Tape To Finish Edges In The Kitchen & Bath

You might think you have to live with the dingy — and possibly leaking — grout between the bath and the tile or the sink and the counter until you’re ready to remodel. But you can use this caulk strip tape to quickly create a bright, sealing, finish right now — and it’s as simple as using masking tape. “It's super easy to put on and looks amazing,” raved one reviewer.


Mistake: Leaving Cords & Stray Chargers On The Floor

Solution: Tuck Everything In This Minimalist Cable Box

This cable management box has a minimalist design that will blend in with your furniture or home decor. It’s large enough to fit an entire power strip, but still slim enough to tuck behind your TV. It also has small ventilation holes on the lid to keep all of your chargers cool.


Mistake: Only Using The Overhead Kitchen Light

Solution: Line Kitchen Cabinets With These Customizable Warm White Lights

These low-profile lights create a warm white glow under your kitchen cabinets that will look like built-in lighting. They have adhesive or included hardware to quickly create that custom lighting look. You can also set timers or dim this chic kitchen lighting with the included remote.


Mistake: Keeping A Worn Shower Curtain Around

Solution: Style This Softly Textured & Easy-To-Clean Curtain

This minimalist shower curtain will make your bathroom look perfectly styled and extra-clean with its water-repellent design. The machine-washable fabric has a small waffle-knit design to add a soft and delicate texture accent to your shower. This chic curtain also comes with rust-free hardware to keep it looking polished.


Mistake: Letting Hair Clog Your Shower Or Bath

Solution: Put These Hair Catchers Over The Drain

Standing in a shower with water that’s 2 inches deep is not the most refreshing way to start your day. Calling the plumber is no fun, either. Prevent that all by suctioning these hair drain catchers over your drain — they’ll let water through, but trap everything else that can cause clogs. They work well to catch food scraps in a kitchen sink, too.

  • Available colors: 7


Mistake: Not Giving Your Bathroom A Deep Clean

Solution: Buy This Best-Selling Power Scrubber

If you’ve neglected to give your bathroom a deep clean in a while and it’s showing, you need to buy this best-selling power scrubber stat. It makes quick work of heavy-duty cleaning, and, in addition to being super handy for tiles and grout, can be used for countless other purposes, like restoring your grill, tires, and almost any other appliance.


Mistake: Keeping Your Toilet Brush On Display

Solution: Hide It In This Discreet Holder

Yes, you need a toilet brush in your bathroom, but you don’t necessarily need to display it — and with its minimal footprint, this toilet brush holder is a discreet way to store it. The silicone brush, too, is more effective, stays clean, and dries fast, so you don’t even have to think about what might be hiding there. It comes with tweezers built into the handle, so you can easily remove anything that gets caught in the bristles.

  • Available colors: 9


Mistake: Never Cleaning Your Tile Grout

Solution: Paint Over It With This Clever Grout Pen

Cleaning up grout may not be the most exciting job in the world, but sparkling-clean tiles and grout make a huge difference in how put-together your home looks. Luckily, this grout pen makes that job a hundred times easier, since you don’t even need to scrub — you can just paint right over the grout and it’ll look brand-new. Thousands of Amazon reviewers recommend it “for any easy and quick touchup,” and another raved, “This took me under an hour and I’m amazed at how fresh & new it looks!!”


Mistake: Sleeping On Flimsy Pillows

Solution: Upgrade To These Hotel-Quality Ones

Ever wondered how to make your bed look cozier and more expensive, similar to how beds are in a hotel? Most importantly, you’re going to want to swap out any thin, flimsy pillow cases with fluffier ones. This two-pack fits the bill perfectly: They’re literally hotel-quality, and they’re filled with super-soft, yet supportive microfiber, which will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


Mistake: Ignoring The Dust On The Ceiling Fan

Solution: Use This Long-Handled Duster To Deal With Dirt Easily

It’s easy to ignore the dust that collects on ceiling fans — and once you look up and realize how dirty they are, you might think you need a ladder to deal with it. Not so. Just extend the handle of this microfiber duster, which can extend from 30 to 100 inches, and you can reach the blades from the floor. This trick works for dusting all sorts of hard-to-reach places in the house, even beyond your ceiling fans.


Mistake: Letting Loose Rugs Slip & Curl

Solution: Pin Them Down With Rug Adhesives

Not only do curling or slipping rugs look untidy, but they’re so annoying (not to mention a tripping hazard). These genius rug grippers keep them firmly in place, and the triangle shape is designed to adhere to the corners, so they’ll remain completely invisible. They’re also easy to remove with soap and water, if need be, and importantly, they won’t damage either your rugs or your floors.


Mistake: Not Cleaning Dust, Odors, & Allergens From The Air

Solution: Use This Sleek HEPA Air Purifier

Stale air can put a damper on how fresh your space feels, but this purifier can trap up to 97% of dander, dust, and pollen and help neutralize odors. The compact design is made for spaces up to 178 square feet, and its super quiet operation makes it great for offices and nurseries, too. Even better, there’s an aromatherapy pad that will diffuse your favorite scent throughout the room.


Mistake: Living With A Boring Fridge Interior

Solution: These Colorful Shelf Liners That Add A Pop Of Color

If you open your fridge and are met with drab, even messy shelves, that moment can be much more enjoyable. Simply lay these refrigerator mats down and create a colorful interior that’s also easier to clean and never jolts you with the sound of glass on glass. “[These] mats liven up the inside of my fridge so much!” wrote one reviewer. “I never really thought about how I wanted the inside of my refrigerator to look, but with these pretty colored mats inside, I’m so happy with the aesthetic.”


Mistake: Using A Grocery Bag To Line Your Bathroom Trash Can

Solution: Use These Discreet Bin Liners Instead

Yes, even your trash can benefit from an upgrade. Rather than using whatever spare grocery bag you have on hand to line your bathroom bin, opt for these discreet bin liners, which are made specifically to fit smaller trash cans. More to love? They’re biodegradable, rip- and leak-resistant, tie up nicely, and cost less than $15 for a pack of 120.


Mistake: Letting Pet Hair Build Up

Solution: Clean It Frequently With This Best-Selling Tool

You can own the nicest furniture possible, but if it’s covered in pet hair, it’s likely going to look cheap. That’s why every pet parent should own the ChomChom: a game-changing, reusable pet hair remover. A number-one best-seller on Amazon, it’s so popular that it’s garnered over 95,000 five-star ratings to date.


Mistake: Using A Dirty Broom & Dustpan

Solution: Upgrade To This Self-Cleaning Version

This broom and dustpan set makes a crumby task a little more enjoyable. It features a thin lip that makes it easier to collect fine dirt and crumbs, a brush scraper to clean the broom of debris, and an extendable handle that creates the perfect length so you don’t have to bend. Plus, when you’re finished, the broom clips to the dustpan handle and sits upright for easy storage.

  • Available colors: 7


Mistake: Neglecting To Organize Your Pantries

Solution: Store Dry Goods In These Sleek Food Storage Bins

Even in the most pristine-looking kitchen, a messy, disorganized pantry can give off the wrong impression. These food storage containers are such an easy way to clean up those boxes and bags of dry goods. Available in multipacks in varying sizes, they’re made of BPA-free plastic with airtight silicone lids that keep food fresh, and their slim designs neatly stack up and nestle beside each other. They also come with a sheet of reusable labels and chalk, so you know exactly what’s in each container.


Mistake: Using An Old Paper Towel Holder

Solution: Elevate Your Countertop Styling With This Minimalist Paper Towel Holder

This chrome-finish paper towel holder is minimalist enough to blend in with your countertop styling. The simple metal design is sturdy, so it will stay exactly where you styled it whenever you reach for a paper towel. It also sits off of your counter to keep this elegant holder clean.


Mistake: Relying On Fake Flowers For Decoration

Solution: Order A Real Plant In A Chic Planter

Though you can certainly find realistic-looking fake plants these days, they can still look a little cheap, especially in comparison with the real thing. Luckily, Amazon has an amazing selection of live plants that’ll make any space feel so much more “done.” This gorgeous bird of paradise from Costa Farms even comes ready to display in a chic, neutral planter that’ll blend in well with any decor; and since it’ll get delivered right to your door, there’s no need to lug everything from your garden center.


Mistake: Using Mismatched Clothes Hangers

Solution: Swap Them Out For These Luxe Velvet Hangers

Mismatched, bulky hangers can ruin your dream closet aesthetic, but these velvet hangers are so sleek and have a grippy texture that helps keep clothes in place. They also have swivel hooks so you can hang your clothes in whichever direction you prefer and come in eight colors to match your decor.

  • Available colors: 8


Mistake: Messily Stacking Food Container Lids In A Cabinet

Solution: Keep Your Lid Collection Tidy With This Customizable Tray

Everyone hides a messy pile of food container lids in a cabinet at some point, but this organizer is a quick way to take care of it. It has a simple design that’s easy to add to a kitchen cabinet or drawer next to your food containers. Simply adjust the customizable dividers to neatly tuck away each and every lid in your collection.


Mistake: Forgetting To Style Your Shower

Solution: Create Timeless Shower Storage With These Floating Shelves

After you choose a chic shower curtain and bathroom decor, don’t forget to style your actual shower with these matte black floating shelves. They have a completely transparent adhesive design, so they’ll look like custom built-ins on your shower tiles. They also have moveable hooks for extra storage spots that feels intentional instead of overwhelming.


Mistake: Not Using A Stainless Steel Cleaner On Your Appliances

Solution: This Lavender-Scented Stainless Steel Cleaner

If you’re not using a cleaner specifically designed for stainless steel, chances are, your appliances don’t look as clean and shiny as they could. This plant-based stainless steel cleaner effectively removes water marks, smudges, and fingerprints while adding a ton of shine so your kitchen and household appliances can look like new.


Mistake: Leaving Your Yard Tools All Over The Garage

Solution: Organize Them In This Utility Rack

A messy garage can feel like it’s weighing the whole house down, but you can keep it nice and organized with this garden tool storage rack. It fits up to five rakes, brooms, and shovels, and has six hooks to hang various gloves, dusters, and brushes. Spring-loaded clamps keep the tools from falling, and there are four colors to match your aesthetic.

  • Available colors: 4


Mistake: Displaying Mismatched Soap Bottles

Solution: Decant Soaps Into Classic Glass Apothecary Bottles

Rather than keep a hodgepodge of plastic bottles on display in your kitchen, decant your hand and dish soaps into these classic apothecary-style glass bottles. Go the extra mile and pour your body soap, shampoo, and conditioner into them, too — it’ll make your bathroom feel like an upscale hotel. Choose from three colors: amber, clear, and cobalt, all made of lightweight yet durable glass that’ll always look clean and considered.


Mistake: Creating Clutter With Gadgets & Chargers

Solution: This Wall Outlet Extender With A Shelf

If your speaker, Echo Dot, or even your phone or tablet are cluttering up your bedside table, the bathroom vanity, or the kitchen counters, plug this wall outlet extender in, secure it with one screw, and get all of that plugged in and off your surfaces. It has four standard plugs and three USB plugs, so it’s ready to charge anything. It’s also equipped with a nightlight that turns on when the room gets dark.


Mistake: Cluttering Up Your Drawers With Plastic Bags

Solution: Store Them In This Sleek Bag Dispenser

Another case study in achieving an expensive-looking home through organizational solutions, this plastic bag dispenser is a genius fix for the problem of those jammed-up drawers in your kitchen. It’s capable of holding up to 30 plastic bags, and its sleek, simple design will all but disappear when hung on your wall — especially if you mount it inside a closet or cabinet. An unexpected hit on Amazon, it comes with over 24,000 five-star ratings to back it up. As one reviewer raved, “It didn't even occur to me that the storage of grocery bags could be neat, tidy, and even a bit attractive. Not to mention that it's so much easier to retrieve a bag without dragging extras out.”


Mistake: Keeping Your Under-Bed Storage Visible

Solution: Hide It Underneath A Classic Bed Skirt

Under-bed storage is a brilliant organizational solution, but it’s not necessarily ideal to keep it on display. Instead, keep those boxes and bins under wraps with the help of this classic bed skirt. With its clean, simple lines and array of neutral colors, it’ll complement most interiors, and make your bedroom look as crisp as a hotel room.

  • Available colors: 12


Mistake: Hiding Cluttered Pots & Pans In Cabinets

Solution: Create Perfectly Stacked Pan Storage With This Customizable Organizer

Instead of attempting to neatly stack your pots and pans in your cabinets, this simple five-tier organizer will keep them perfectly in place. It will look like a custom built-in organizer because you can lay it flat in a drawer or stand it up in a cabinet. Simply adjust each shelf to the perfect height to fit every pan and your Dutch oven.


Mistake: Cluttering A Closet With Throw Blankets

Solution: Style Blankets In This Neutral Basket

Instead of hiding away your chic throw blankets when you tidy the living room, neatly stack them in this neutral storage basket with carrying handles. The cotton woven fabric will add a soft texture accent to any space. It’s also easy to stack, drape, and style multiple blankets in this wide basket.


Mistake: Keeping Oversized Kitchen Utensils In A Drawer

Solution: Style Your Most Reached-For In This Easy-To-Clean Holder

This utensil holder has a stainless steel design that will look nice with wooden, silicone, and even metal utensils styled in it. It has hidden drainage holes in case you hand wash a wooden utensil and put it away when it’s not quite dry. You can also remove the bottom to deep clean it now and then.


Mistake: Hanging Onto Old, Thin, Mismatched Bath Towels

Solution: Treat Yourself To This Plush, Super-Soft Set

One of the most common ways people are people are low-key making their homes look (and feel) cheap is by holding onto flimsy, old mismatched bath towels rather than biting the bullet and investing in a new, fluffier set. If you fall into that category, it’s time to pick up this four-pack of super-soft, 100% cotton bath towels that, surprisingly, cost just $40 (that’s just $10 a towel, which is a steal when you consider the quality). Over 17,000 Amazon reviewers have given this set a perfect five-star rating.

  • Available colors: 14


Mistake: Not Cleaning Scuffs & Marks On Your Walls

Solution: These Melamine Sponges That Can Be Used For Everything

Grime, scuffs, and stains literally anywhere are going to make your home look messy and cheap. Luckily, there’s a simple cleaning solution you may not be aware of: melamine sponges. You can use these babies anywhere — on your walls or tiles, on stainless steel appliances, on dishes — to bring them back to life, sans chemicals or other cleaning products (they work with just water). And for $15, you can get a pack of 50, so you’ll be stocked for ages.


Mistake: Letting Water Splashes Mar Your Counters

Solution: Protect Them With This Sink Splash Guard

There’s no need to spend time wiping water and soap spills off the counter around your kitchen faucet. Instead, install this silicone faucet mat and let it direct the water back into the sink. It also gives you the perfect place to set a wet sponge or soap bottle, and, importantly, it’s so easy to remove and clean.

  • Available colors: 9


Mistake: Allowing Your Wood Furniture To Collect Stains & Scuffs

Solution: Buy These Incredible Wood Touch-Up Markers

If your wood furniture has become ruined by scuffs and scratches, have no fear: All you need is this handy wood repair kit. Included in each order are 13 markers and wax sticks in assorted wood finishes that are designed fill in scratches and other types of damage. Skeptical? Over 6,500 Amazon reviewers swear by them (as do our very own editors).


Mistake: Using Traditional Glass Cleaner That Leaves Streaks On Your Windows

Solution: Clean Windows With This Glass Cleaning Cloth That Only Uses Water

Streaky windows can look dirty and put a damper on your curb appeal. Swap out your traditional window cleaner for this glass cleaning cloth that uses water to remove smudges, dust, and dirt without leaving any streaks behind. The chemical-free microfiber cloth can be used over 1,000 times before replacing and it delivers sparkling clean mirrors, windows, stainless steel, and electronic screens.


Mistake: Not Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan

Solution: Wipe Away Dust With This Extendable Fan Cleaner

You might not give your ceiling fans much thought, but dust and dirt can accumulate on the blades and become visible from below. To give them a quick cleaning, use this long-handled duster that slides easily over fan blades, cleaning all sides at once. The pole extends up to 47 inches long, and it may also come in handy for other hard-to-reach spots throughout your home.


Mistake: Not Organizing Your Kitchen Tools

Solution: Use These Drawer Organizers To Create Designated Compartments

Often, the drawer that holds your kitchen tools can become a jumbled mess and make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Creating compartments within the drawer can help you organize your cooking tools and utensils and make the drawer look so much neater. These bamboo dividers extend to fit the length of your drawer, and can even be used to organize makeup, sock, or tool drawers as well.

  • Available colors: 3


Mistake: Overstuffing Your Closets

Solution: Utilize Under-Bed Space For Storage

Closets can easily become overwhelmed with clothes, shoes, and accessories — making it difficult to achieve that magazine-ready look. But you can regain some space with these under-bed storage bags that’ll keep off-season styles under your bed. Each one has a clear top so you know exactly what’s in it, and handles make the bags easy to pull out when you need them.


Mistake: Not Having A Designated Space For Your Laundry Detergent

Solution: Keep Your Detergent Bottle On This Storage Rack

If you use large jugs of laundry detergent, getting the liquid soap out of it without making a mess can be a bit of a struggle. This laundry detergent rack keeps the jug at the perfect angle for dispensing and has a little spot for the cup to catch any extra drips. It’ll keep your washer lid clean from detergent spills and make the whole process a lot easier.

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