8 Butter Board Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

... or just your own fancy snacking.

Courtesy of Justine Doiron

There was the green goddess salad, baked feta pasta, and who could forget the salmon rice bowl? This fall the butter board has emerged as the newest viral food trend (thanks to Joshua McFadden and Justine Doiron). Ahead of your next dinner party, here are eight unique versions to try for yourself.

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"Fall flavors for me are apples, figs, dates, hazelnuts, and sprouted greens balanced with honey and salted cultured butter,” says Joshua McFadden. “This combination changes every few days as the season develops." Courtesy of Joshua McFadden
"Our current [bread and compound butter pairing] is olive and caper focaccia with lemon peel and pink pepper butter,” Luke Owens, executive chef and owner of Julep, tells TZR. “We finish the butter with really nice sea salt and an abundance of fresh herbs and florals.” Courtesy of Julep
Executive Chef Danny Chavez of Art and Soul took crab season into consideration with his latest butter board experiment. This version includes crabmeat, corn salsa, and cotija cheese served with house made focaccia.Courtesy of Art and Soul
Justine Doiron (AKA @justinesnacks) helped McFadden’s butter board idea go viral with her take. which she topped with toasted coriander honey, fresh mint, and edible flowers. Her pro tip? Only take your butter out 15 to 20 minutes before you’re ready to start spreading. Courtesy of Justine Doiron
"Take your butter board up a notch and make it into a nice design with swirls, piping tips or palette knives like I did with this butter flower board for a harvest party,” says chef Liz Marek of Sugar Geek Show. Courtesy of @sugargeekshow
Craving a sweeter take on the trend? Aubrey from Aubrey’s Kitchen suggests sprinkling brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and walnuts atop your spread and serving it with candied oranges and slices of brioche.Courtesy of Aubrey's Kitchen
“With the holiday season approaching I just had to make a butter board with Christmas colors and flavors,” Christine Pittman of COOKtheSTORY explains. “This version has some fresh herbs, orange zest, and pomegranate seeds with a little drizzle of honey to finish it all off.” Courtesy of COOKtheSTORY
At Eszett, chef Spencer Bezaire’s latest butter board creation makes use of the restaurant’s Salsa Macha — which is also the sauce used to douse its wings — plus anchovies and honey. “We make this Veracruz-style hot sauce in-house with fried garlic, shallots, and smokey morita chilies,” he says. Courtesy of Eszett

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