The Best Wooden Bath Mats

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by Rachel Dunkel

To bring a touch of the spa into your home, wooden bath mats are an elegant design element to incorporate into your bathroom. The best wooden bath mats will be the right size for your space and are made of durable materials like teak or bamboo. Not only do they look chic, but they dry quickly without the risk of growing mildew.

If you’re unsure about which option to go with, here’s what you need to know. Teak is a heavier wood that’s coveted for its naturally water-resistant oils, making it a long-lasting option that also has a rich color. While technically a grass, bamboo is a popular wood-like material that’s typically lighter than teak in color and in weight, and it often will come with a water-resistant finish to keep it looking great. Regardless of the type of wood you choose, your bath mat will need drainage — vertical, horizontal, or patterned slats will allow water to pass through and give the mat some extra visual interest. And if you’re looking for an option you can store out of sight when it’s not in use, consider a bath mat that can roll or fold up.

Equipped with nonslip feet, most of these stylish bath mats are also suitable to use as a shower mat, especially the teak ones that will naturally stand up better to water. And if you have an outdoor shower, all the better, as all of these mats will be equally useful (and elegant) outside. Scroll on for the best wooden bath mats to instantly take your bathroom’s style to the next level.

1. A High-Quality Teak Bath Mat With Vertical Slats

This teak mat brings classic beauty and warmth to any bathroom with a traditional bath mat shape, vertical framed slats, and a rich, oiled finish. Equipped with rubber feet, the caramel-colored mat should stay put where you need it to, looking great all the while.

Wood type: Teak | Available size: 23.6 x 17.7 inches | Available colors: 1

2. A Lattice Bath Mat That Rolls & Folds Up

If you’d prefer a wooden bath mat that’s easy to store, consider this bamboo option with a lattice construction that allows water to drain through and for it to be rolled or folded. The bamboo mat is coated with three layers of a clear finish to keep it protected from water, and has rubber pads on the bottom to keep it in place. It’s available in three sizes as well as a gray finish.

Wood type: Bamboo | Available sizes: Standard (16 x 24 inches), Medium (16 x 27 inches), Large (18 x 34 inches) | Available colors: 2

3. A Compact, Square Wooden Bath Mat

This teak mat has horizontal slats and is unframed, giving it a striking, minimalist look. The mat comes in three sizes — one of which is square, offering a simple yet effective aesthetic and functional deviation from the bath mat norm (that’s also great in a shower). It’s finished with oil, which enhances its amber color, and has rubber feet.

Wood type: Teak | Available sizes: Small (20 x 13 inches), Medium (20 x 20 inches), Large (26 x 17 inches) | Available colors: 1

4. A Classic Bamboo Bath Mat With Wide Slats

It doesn’t get more classic than this light, unframed bamboo bath mat with five wide slats. It’s sealed with three layers of a clear, water-resistant finish to lend some added durability, and the bamboo mat also has nonslip feet to keep it in place.

Wood type: Bamboo | Available sizes: 19.7 x 13 inches, 26 x 15.4 inches | Available colors: 1

5. A Non-Slip Bamboo Bath Mat That Folds Up For Easy Storage

For an easy-to-store mat with a traditional wooden look, consider this framed and slatted bamboo mat that has hinges in the middle for easy storage and transport. It has a light wood color and is finished with a clear lacquer, and has rubber nonslip feet.

Wood type: Bamboo | Available size: 18 x 24 inches | Available colors: 1

6. A Pretty Teak Bath Mat With A Decorative Diamond Pattern

For a more ornate style, this teak bath mat adds a dash of lodge-like opulence. The slats form a beautiful diamond pattern that elevates the overall aesthetic, and it has an oiled finish and rubber feet to keep it firmly in place.

Wood type: Teak | Available size: 31.5 x 19.5 inches | Available colors: 1

7. A Large Wooden Bath Mat For Bigger Spaces

Many wooden bath mats are fairly small, but this teak mat is the longest on this list to add impact beside a tub. The layout gives it plenty of visual interest, and it has an oil finish to keep the dark brown wood looking fresh, as well as anti-slip feet underneath.

Wood type: Teak | Available size: 36 x 20 inches | Available colors: 1