This Refreshing Summer Mocktail Will Be The Star Of Your Next Party

No booze needed.

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Celebrity chef and nutritionist Serena Poon’s (CN, CHC, CHN) Lavender Blueberry Mocktail is refreshing as it is delicious. Simply muddle together honey, blueberries, mint leaves, and lime juice, and top off with ice and sparkling water.Courtesy of Serena Poon
“The blueberry basil kombucha and cinnamon syrup really complement a classic London-style gin,” Chris Boyd, co-founder and CEO of Drink Monday, tells TZR of the TGIM mocktail. “The TGIM is bold, refreshing, and juniper forward. It’s a treat and perfect for special occasions!” Courtesy of Drink Monday
“[A Night at the Spritz] is great for warm-weather nights and celebrating the best that summer has to offer,” says founder of Ghia, Melanie Masarin. “It's vibrant, fresh, and satisfyingly bitter. Unlike most mocktails, it's not overly sweet and will prime your appetite for summer's finest foods.”Photo by Nacho Alegre / Courtesy of Ghia
“The Pamos Paloma is our twist on a classic Paloma, and it's the perfect refreshing and citrusy cannabis cocktail to sip on all summer long,” says David Mukpo, Pamos CEO and co-founder. Plus, it only requires a few ingredients — so you can throw it together and enjoy.Courtesy of Pamos
Thanks to Master Class Mixologist and James Beard Honoree Lynnette Marrero, the Mellow Margarita for Aplós provides a fun twist on the classic drink. “Aplós shines in this non-alcoholic cocktail with depth that the traditional agave spirit would provide,” she says.Aplós
Create the La Vie En Rose Mocktail by combining Cilk Beauty Rose Extract with rhubarb shrub and lime sherbet — per Stefanie Bournazos and Olivia Koennecke of Cilk Beauty, it’s both refreshing and hydrating, and has the “skin-loving, complexion-boosting benefits of roses” to keep you looking fresh.Courtesy of Cilk Beauty
Need a boost? The Hydration Mocktail may be your answer: It features “bio-fermented coconut and cucumber water, finger lime and trace minerals, plus magnesium for electrolyte balance,” says Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef. (Plus, it’s tasty to boot.)Courtesy of The Beauty Chef

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