The Best Peloton Alternatives

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by Lauren Moison

When you think of a stationary bike, chances are, the Peloton comes to mind. But if you’re in the market for something different, the best Peloton alternatives boast equally impressive features like immersive HD screens (or a place to secure your own), access to live and/or on-demand classes, and leaning technology that’ll make you feel like you’re riding outside. Also great? Many of them cost less than the Peloton, so you can spend that extra cash on fun workout gear.

Each of the Peloton alternatives below has optional membership programs that are a little different — some focus on delivering epic global tours with breathtaking scenery, while others offer music and entertainment options from streaming providers like Netflix. And while some of the bikes on this list don’t offer their own subscriptions, they do allow you to use your own device and the fitness app of your choice — including the Peloton app.

Additionally, all of the best Peloton alternatives include workout metrics such as heart rate, speed, and distance. Some of these even have extra features the Peloton doesn’t have. For example, there’s a bike that tilts to the left or right when going around turns to simulate a real riding experience while engaging your core. Some also feature automatic incline and resistance adjustments based on the course you’re on. And while Peloton bikes come with clipless pedals made for cycling shoes, many alternatives come with pedals and toe cages that let you wear whatever footwear you like.

So if you’re ready for a workout experience that’ll take your fitness routine to the next level, check out the best Peloton alternatives listed ahead. Since they’re all on Amazon, delivery to your door will be a breeze, too.

1. A Stationary Bike With Automatic Incline Adjustments


  • Offers scenic outdoor trails
  • 360-degree rotating HD touchscreen
  • Automatic incline and decline adjustments
  • Features a hybrid pedal with a clip for cycling shoes and a toe cage for any athletic shoe
  • Comes with two 3-pound dumbbells


  • Some reviewers cite concerns about the quality of the screen and sturdiness of the handlebars

If you love the idea of realistic riding adventures through stunning scenery, the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is the one for you. Its iFIT membership is similar to Peloton in that it offers a collection of both studio sessions and global workouts with thrilling views, however, it also lets you create a custom route via Google Maps and view real street images as you ride — something not offered by Peloton. To make your ride feel even more realistic, this bike automatically adjusts the incline, decline, and resistance functions depending on the terrain of the scenic course you’re on, and if participating in a studio session, your iFIT trainer can adjust it for you.

The 22-inch rotating HD touchscreen allows you to view it from multiple angles, which is especially useful when joining one of the many non-cycling workouts in the iFIT app. As if this weren’t enough, the bike also comes with a free 30-day trial of the iFIT family membership, which gives you access to live and on-demand workouts and iFIT trainers for a personalized experience. If you choose not to continue the membership, you’ll still have access to a limited number of iFIT workouts — and you can always use your bike in manual mode without the membership.

One reviewer wrote: “This bike has exceeded expectations! I was trying to decide between a Peloton and the S22i. What set this machine apart for me was the ability to "mountain bike" and go on scenic rides as well as the automatic change of incline and resistance and presence of a fan.”

Screen size: 22 inches | Membership: $180/year after 30-day free-trial (Individual plan) | Dimensions: 60 x 22.01 x 62.99 inches

2. A Bike That Leans For An Amazing Core Workout


  • Leaning mode creates an ultra-realistic biking experience
  • Includes a one-year membership of the app
  • Dual-sided pedals
  • Includes two 3-pound dumbbells


  • No live classes
  • Most expensive option on the list

The Bowflex VeloCore bike is as close as you can get to the feel of a real bike without ever going outside. It features responsive leaning technology that shifts the bike side to side when going around turns for an amazingly realistic feel and an even better core workout. There is a 22-inch HD touchscreen (a 16-inch option is also available in the listing), and it comes with a one-year membership to their fitness app, JRNY, which includes a variety of cycling and non-cycling workouts in destinations around the world. (Without a membership, you can still use manual mode and access a few videos). The pedals are dual-sided with clips and toe cages to give you the option of wearing your favorite cycling or athletic shoes. Plus, the app lets you stream entertainment like Hulu and Netflix if you have those subscriptions, so you can catch up on your favorite shows while you break a sweat.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a perfect choice for those who love the concept of a connected bike but don’t love to pay $39/month. The JRNY app works great! It also includes multiple profiles in the same family and involves workouts that don’t include the bike. [...] the first year is free and then it’s half the cost of Peloton. No live classes but great instructors, the ability to stream Netflix, HBO max, Disney Plus etc. A no brainer.”

Screen size: 16 inches, 22 inches (featured above) | Membership: $149/year or $19.99/month after 1-year free trial | Dimensions: 60 x 48 x 53 inches

3. This Bike That Charges Your Devices While You Work Out


  • Features two power ports for charging
  • Dual-sided pedals for footwear versatility
  • 180-degree rotating touchscreen


  • Some reviewers note that the software needs some work

The Echelon series of bikes have a reputation for being extremely durable. The Echelon EX5-S comes with a 30-day trial of the Echelon Premium membership with access to live classes and thousands of on-demand workout sessions, including scenic rides through locations all around the world — think Rome, Hong Kong, and Thailand — though you’ll need to continue the membership if you want to keep participating in the classes. It has dual-sided pedals with clip-ins for cycling cleats on one side and a strap for regular shoes on the other, and it features two charging ports so you can power up your phone or tablet while you ride. What’s more, the 22-inch HD touchscreen rotates 180 degrees for off-bike workouts.

One reviewer wrote: “Very high quality bike...I can't imagine another spin bike (much less a connected one) at this price point delivering the same value. The Echelon United subscription is worth signing up for as well...I find the content and instructors to be more down-to-earth than Peloton and they're adding new classes and features very frequently, including off-bike workouts.”

Screen size: 22 inches | Membership: $34.99/month (Premium) or $11.99/month (Fitpass) after 30-day free trial | Dimensions: 52.36 x 21.25 x 56.29 inches

4. An Indoor Bike Under $1,000 By A Classic Brand


  • Features 100 micro-resistance levels so you can fine-tune the difficulty
  • Comes with a free one-year membership to JRNY


  • Doesn’t include a screen

Schwinn has been in the bike game for decades, but the brand’s IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike is anything but old school. This well-made bike has earned an overall 4.6-star rating from thousands of reviewers on Amazon and lets you use your own tablet or device to stream whichever workout app or video you choose. It comes with a one-year free trial of the optional JRNY fitness app, which provides a variety of workouts from destinations around the world and adjusts over time based on your fitness level. The bike lets you further customize your experience with 100 micro resistance levels so you can fine-tune the difficulty. Plus, the dual-sided pedals give you the flexibility to use cycling shoes or your favorite workout kicks — whichever you prefer.

One reviewer wrote: “Schwinn has been in the cycle game for more than 125 years, so they know how to make a solid, reliable, functional, and high-quality product. All you need is your own Android or Apple tablet and you can use this any way you see fit, including using the Peloton app [...] This bike is less expensive than Peloton but equal or better in quality.”

Screen size: n/a | Membership: $19.99/month after 1-year free trial | Dimensions: 48.7 x 21.2 x 51.8 inches

5. The Best Indoor Cycling Bike Under $400


  • Less than $400
  • Has a small assembled size that’s less than 3 ½ feet long


  • Doesn’t have a built-in screen

If you don’t need an attached screen on your indoor bike, you might enjoy this budget-friendly option. The Cyclace bike has a built-in tablet holder for use with your preferred fitness apps and streaming videos, and it provides time, speed, and distance stats on a battery-powered LCD monitor (AAA batteries are included). The seat is fully adjustable, letting you move it up, down, front, and back for a customized ride, and the dual-grip nonslip handlebars provide a comfortable hold. Plus, toe cage pedals on this bike allow you to ride wearing your favorite athletic shoes.

One reviewer wrote: “We wanted an affordable bike to ride with the peloton app. We successfully accomplished our goal. It holds a tablet or phone nicely. We bought the wahoo cadence sensor on amazon to track the cadence with the workouts. We wear our apple watches to track the heart rate and mirror our phone on the tv for an excellent workout!!! We highly recommend this bike for spinning enthusiasts or anyone wanting an affordable exercise bike.”

Screen size: n/a | Membership: n/a | Dimensions: 40.9 x 24.2 x 47.9 inches

Also Great: A Bike Mat To Protect Your Floors

This thick floor mat helps keep your bike in place while you’re working out, prevents damage to hardwood floors, and even acts as a barrier so your sweat never makes it to the carpet. The high-density PVC foam is both nonslip and waterproof, and it measures 79 inches long and 35.5 inches wide to accommodate most stationary bikes.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this to protect my floor from the spin bike--and it does that well. It is not overly thick [...] and it does not allow the bike to shift around while using.”