The Best Bath Sheets For Post-Shower Luxury

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After stepping out of the shower, there’s nothing more comforting than wrapping up in a great big bath sheet. Generously sized, the best bath sheets are made from soft and absorbent fabrics, like cotton, microfiber, or bamboo, and since they’re available in different weights, you can get the perfect balance of plushness and drying power.

When it comes to the best luxury towels, material plays a leading role. Here's what to know:

  • Cotton: The most common fabric you'll come across, cotton is a tried-and-true classic that offers great softness and absorbency.
  • Turkish cotton: Turkish cotton features longer fibers that result in strong, smooth threads, and — like a fine wine — it ages well, becoming softer, fluffier, and more absorbent over time.
  • Pima cotton: Grown in the United States, pima cotton (trademarked as "Supima") is known for its extra-long staple fibers that deliver softness, strength, and color retention.
  • Bamboo: Not only does bamboo offer silky softness and great absorption, but it's also a sustainable and renewable resource, making it an earth-friendly choice. Bamboo does take a bit longer to dry, but blending it with materials like cotton can help enhance its breathability. Another plus? Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacterial growth, which will keep the towel smelling fresh.
  • Microfiber: Featuring an ultra-fine weave, microfiber is super absorbent and exceptionally quick-drying . It's better if you prefer to "pat dry" as opposed to "towel off," and while it's not particularly fluffy, it does pack down small, making it a good choice if portability is a priority for you.

As far as plushness goes, you'll want to check out the fabric weight, which is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and ranges from about 300 to 900. If you want a bath sheet that’s quick-drying but still soft, opt for a medium weight of 400 to 620, but you can work your way up from there if you want something thicker, plusher, and more absorbent.

To add a dose of luxury into your everyday life, read on for the best bath sheets on Amazon.


A Set Of Ribbed, Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets

Featuring an allover ribbed design, these 100% Turkish cotton bath sheets are stylish and soft. The long-staple Turkish cotton is highly absorbent and durable, and with a weight of 600 GSM, these bath sheets offer medium plushness and will dry faster than heavier options. Available in a set of three, they also boast the OEKO-TEX certification, so you can be sure they’re free from potentially harmful substances.

  • GSM: 620
  • Available colors: 7, including blue, white, and almond beige


A Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Blend That's Soft & Eco-Friendly

This bamboo-cotton bath sheet combines the silky softness and antimicrobial properties of bamboo with breathable, durable Turkish cotton. Even better, bamboo is a sustainable and renewable eco-crop, making this an environmentally friendly buy. The highly rated bath sheet has a medium weight of 600 GSM, so it's soft, absorbent, and quick-drying, and you can choose from several soothing shades. It's available as a single bath sheet, and Amazon reviewers describe it as "extremely absorbent', and also note that they're impressed with its odor-resistance.

  • GSM: 600
  • Available colors: 4, including blush, blue lagoon, and ocean mist


The Most Plush Cotton Bath Sheets

At 800 GSM, these are the best towels if you're looking for heavyweight plushness that'll make it feel like you're wrapping yourself up in a fluffy cloud after getting out of your bath. They're made from 100% combed cotton, which is softer and more durable than uncombed cotton, and the classic terry design means you can rely on this set for years. One thing to note: At such a high GSM, these towels will take longer to dry in between uses. This option is available in sets of two and four.

  • GSM: 800
  • Available colors: 4, including gray, navy, and violet


A Lightweight, Supima Cotton Bath Sheet That Feels Like Pure Luxury

If you want supreme softness and a lightweight feel, this Supima cotton bath sheet is one of the best luxury towels you can buy. It’s made from 100% extra-long-staple cotton that's grown in the United States, and it's exceptionally soft, strong, and absorbent. The bath sheet has been garment-washed for enhanced softness, and the waffle-knit weave enhances absorbency and increases breathability for a faster drying time. It comes in a set of one, and you can choose from five colors in neutral tones.

  • GSM: Not listed
  • Available colors: 5, including ochre, denim blue, and oatmeal


These Microfiber Bath Sheets That Are Super Absorbent

The most absorbent towels on this list, these microfiber bath sheets are non-bulky and quick-drying, so you can pack them in a suitcase or beach bag without taking up too much room or getting everything else wet. Also great for everyday use at home, the two oversized towels feature a low-pile side and high-pile side, so you can choose your preferred feel as you're wrapping yourself up. A couple things to keep in mind: This material is better for patting yourself dry, as opposed to toweling off, and you'll want to wash and dry these separately to keep lint at bay.

  • GSM: 350 - 400
  • Available colors: 5, including white, gray, and light green


A Set Of Organic Cotton Bath Sheets At A Great Price

The best towels if you prefer wrapping up in organic fabrics after your shower, these cotton bath sheets feel like a dream. They boast the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, which means they’ve met international processing standards for organic fibers, including being free of GMOs or pesticides in the growing process, while also meeting certain social responsibility requirements. What’s more, the two bath sheets are heavyweight contenders at a weight of 700 GSM, so they’re incredibly soft, plush, and absorbent. Choose from a range of pretty colors.

  • GSM: 700
  • Available colors: 10, including latte, blush, and spa blue


A Diamond-Weave Bath Sheet Made From Cotton & Microfiber

The unique Everplush bath sheet combines the quick-drying performance of microfiber with the softness and breathability of cotton. The outer loop is made from cotton, so the bath sheet feels plush against your skin, while the inner loop is made from absorbent, quick-drying microfiber. Plus, the diamond jacquard weave and chic color options make this a stylish choice as well. This option is available in sets of two and four.

  • GSM: Not listed
  • Available colors: 9, including navy blue, lavender, and spearmint


A Cotton, Waffle-Weave Bath Sheet That Dries Really Quickly

This lightweight, European-style cotton bath sheet features a waffle-weave design to wick away moisture and speed up drying time between showers. The super-absorbent bath sheet also promises to be lint-free, and it's OEKO-TEX certified to be free from harmful substances. Plus, the lighter weight means this bath sheet folds down small to fit in your linen closet. The single towel is available in five neutral shades that will complement any bathroom decor.

  • GSM: Not listed
  • Available colors: 5, including slate, cream, and pewter


A Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet With Luxe Striped Stitching

The striped-stitch details on this 100% Turkish cotton bath sheet create a high-end look that’s also irresistibly soft and absorbent. The heavyweight, 650 GSM bath sheet is plush and thick, and one Amazon reviewer described it as a "dream." The single towel is available in a range of bold colors like Malibu peach, turquoise, and bright yellow, as well as classic white.

  • GSM: 650
  • Available colors: 14, including peach, taupe, and brown


A Turkish Peshtemal Sheet That Comes In 29 Colors

This peshtemal-style Turkish bath sheet is extra thin and soft, making it the best towel if you want to feel like you're wrapping up in a throw blanket (albeit an absorbent one). The single towel features accents like traditional white stripes and a fringed trim, and since it takes up minimal space when rolled up, it's easy to store in the linen closet or take along to the gym or beach. It's OEKO-TEX certified to be free of any potentially harmful substances, and it'll just get softer with each wash. Even better, it comes in 29 color options, from neutrals to brights.

  • GSM: Not listed
  • Available colors: 29, including dusty rose, latté, and sea green