This Chef-Approved Appetizer Is The Perfect Match For Your NYE Champagne

A flawless pairing.

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“Go with crunchy foods, like potato chips,” says chef Brian Jupiter of Frontier and Ina Mae Tavern in Chicago. “Salt is the perfect ingredient to counter-balance the acidity of Champagne.” Plus, he says, chips are easy to make: Thinly slice a few potatoes and fry them in vegetable oil until golden and crispy. Pat dry, and season as desired.Nanette J.Stevenson-ebbystouch.com/Moment/Getty Images
Chef Michael Fiorelli of Olivetta and Issima in LA recommends a caviar and burrata bruschetta, which complements Champagne’s crisp bubbles while cutting through the acid and sugar. To make it, top toasted baguette slices with burrata, sea salt, prosciutto, and a basil leaf. Drizzle with EVOO and distribute caviar over top.Eugene Mymrin/Moment Open/Getty Images
“If you happen to go full-on glam for NYE, consider serving sushi appetizers with Champagne,” Marisel Salazar, food writer, cook, and recipe developer, tells TZR, explaining that the two pair beautifully.golero/E+/Getty Images
“Fried chicken is hands down the absolute best (and easiest) food that is perfect to pair with Champagne,” says Annemarie Schumacher, founder of Make Every Day an Event. “The salt, fat, and crunch of the chicken is a perfect balance for the acidity of any sparkling wine. Bring on the chicken tenders this New Year’s Eve!”Carlo A/Moment/Getty Images
“Keep things easy for NYE party food and fancy-up store-bought snacks for apps you can nibble on all night,” says Paige Adams, recipe developer and blogger at Last Ingredient, who recommends these citrus-marinated olives. “Sparkling wines pair perfectly with salty and buttery foods because the acidity and bubbles balance everything out.”Enrique Díaz / 7cero/Moment/Getty Images
Alfredo Nogueira, Executive Chef of Cure in New Orleans, suggests his Cacio e Pepe Deviled Eggs. To make, hard boil a dozen eggs and separate yolks from whites, reserving both. Mix yolks, 1/2 cup of mayo, one teaspoon Dijon, and three cloves roasted garlic in a food processor. Fill egg whites with mixture, and top with pecorino and black pepper.Photo by Randy Schmidt
“Briny seafood like oysters or mussels go amazingly well with Champagne or sparkling wine,” says Katie M. Cheney, editor at Drinks Saloon. “One of my personal favorites is smoked oysters served on crackers or crostini. There are so many variations you can do from this basic recipe, so it can be easily adapted to complement any party theme.”The Picture Pantry/Alloy/Getty Images
“Another lighter idea for an appetizer is prosciutto-wrapped melon with fresh mint leaves,” continues Cheney. “The sweet, salty, and fresh flavors of this combination are to die for, especially when paired with the crisp bubbles of Champagne.”Cultura RF/BRETT STEVENS/Image Source/Getty Images
Kristen Wood, cookbook author and creator of MOONandspoonandyum.com, says this baked feta recipe is great for serving alongside Champagne. “The subtle tanginess of this creamy baked cheese complements the fruity notes of sparkling wines and Champagne beautifully.”MOONandspoonandyum.com
“Sparkling wine and Champagne alike make for epic pairings with raw fish, namely poke,” says Chefs Life founder Brian Malarkey. “Bubbles, on the drier side, will not overpower the delicate flavors of the fish.” His poke recipe includes cubed seafood, sriracha, Chefs Life Blending Oil, soy sauce, avocado, cilantro, mint, sesame seeds, and lime.Bernine/Moment/Getty Images

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