Any Of These Cheap Things Could Make Your Home So Much Better

Easy ways to achieve a nicer, more efficient home.

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Amazon is a treasure trove for day-to-day essentials, international beauty products, and — as any thrifty interior designer will tell you — home upgrades that will massively improve the way your home looks and functions. Whether you’re working with a budget on your latest renovation or you simply can’t resist a great deal, the site is absolutely brimming with clever home products — many of which have been hailed as “life changing” — that would cost a pretty penny elsewhere.

From chic decorative accents that only look expensive to clever organizing products that will make day-to-day life seem a little less chaotic, any of these cheap things could make your home so much better.

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These Expensive-Looking Apothecary Jars With Infinite Uses Around The Home

With their mod square shape and minimalist gold lids, this pair of apothecary jars looks like something you’d get from an upscale boutique — definitely not off Amazon for about $15. The most stylish way to store odds and ends like cotton balls, paperclips, makeup sponges, or even salt and sugar, you’ll find infinite uses for them around your home. Go ahead and add a few to your cart.


This Space-Saving Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

This genius dish drying rack is designed to fit right over your sink, saving space on your counter while you’re prepping or cooking — and when you’re done, it rolls up tightly for easy storage. The whole thing is adjustable to fit over any-sized sink. You’ll be amazed by how much this $20 product changes your daily cooking and cleaning routines.


A Slim Wireless Charging Dock For Effortlessly Powering Up All Your Devices

Perfect for keeping on your nightstand, foyer table, or desk, this wireless charging station lets you charge up all of your devices in one fell swoop. The sleek design includes one station for your phone, one for a smart watch, and one for wireless headphones; and it folds up into one slim piece for easy storage when it’s not in use (though you’ll be using this a lot). Hard to believe this popular tech accessory only costs about $30.


A Set Of Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizers In A Rustic-Chic Wood Design

For just over $20, you’re getting so much extra storage and organizational space with this set of two wall-mounted jewelry organizers: Between the two, you’ll get two bars for hanging bracelets, necklaces, and hoop earrings, two bars for stud earrings, and two shelves to hold miscellaneous things like perfume bottles, small objects, or even a bud vase. The rustic-chic wood shelves look much more stylish than your run-of-the-mill hanging shelves, too.


This Essential Oil Diffuser With So Many Extra Functionalities

Ringing up at less than $35, this wildly versatile essential oil diffuser also works as an alarm clock and a Bluetooth-compatible speaker, while the color-changing light creates an added dimension of ambiance in your bedroom or living room. The wooden orb design looks pretty chic on display, too. For one product, this’ll change the feel and flow of your home in so many ways.


These Cult-Favorite Microfiber Sheets Set At An Unbeatable Price

There’s nothing quite like a fresh set of sheets to instantly make your bedroom look better, especially if you haven’t changed yours out in a few years. Though Amazon has countless sheets sets to choose from, this microfiber sheets set is a foolproof choice: It costs less than $30 for two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet, and it’s earned well over 60,000 five-star ratings and reviews from customers who rave about the softness and quality. Choose from 13 chic colors, like cream, taupe, and snow white.

  • Available colors: 13
  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That Makes It Easy To Access Your Most-Used Products

Equipped with several trays in varying sizes, this under-$20 makeup organizer rotates 360 degrees so you can easily access your most-used makeup and skin care products. Plus, the open design lets you see exactly what’s in your collection, so you may wind up with fewer unnecessary re-purchases than you would if your makeup was squirreled away in a drawer or cabinet. It looks pretty chic sitting on your vanity or bathroom counter, too.


A Pair Of Wall-Mounted Shower Caddies For Stylishly Storing Your Bath & Body Products

If you’re serious about your bath and body products (i.e., you can’t stop buying them), you’d do well to pick up this pair of shower caddies. They mount to the wall with extra-strong adhesive, and each shelf can hold up to 1.5 pounds of weight — plenty for your product collection — and the waterproof, rust-proof stainless steel construction will always look good. They even have four hooks for hanging loofahs and brushes. Plus, they just look chicer than your typical plastic shower caddies.

  • Available finishes: 4


These Reusable Dish Cloths That Work Even Better Than Paper Towels & Sponges

Awarding them over 35,000 five-star ratings, Amazon shoppers swear that these Swedish dish cloths are better than paper towels, sponges, and regular dish cloths for absorbing liquids and cleaning off surfaces. Plus, they’re reusable (just throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean them), so you’ll wind up saving a lot of money on repurchasing paper towels — not to mention product waste. This set of 10 dish cloths for less than $15 will last you ages.


A Versatile Serving Tray That Comes In The Chicest Colors & Finishes

Not only are these serving trays a polished way to store magazines, TV remotes, candles, coffee table books, and other odds and ends around the house, but the array of gorgeous colors and finishes on offer — from textured gray with gold hardware to jet black faux alligator and a sleek marble print — make them objets d’arts in and of themselves. Side handles and generous sizes make them just as functional as they are stylish. The best part? They all cost under $25.

  • Available colors: 20


A Pair Of Motion-Sensing Lights That Are “Ridiculously Easy To Install”

Earning a 4.4-star rating out of over 20,000 ratings to date, these motion-sensing lights are a fan favorite on Amazon. They’re a truly low-budget, high-impact way to make your daily routines so much easier, whether you install them under your kitchen cabinets, inside closets, along your stairs, or pretty much anywhere else around the house that could use some extra light. As one shopper shared, “Ridiculously easy to install (truly intuitive), the right brightness, easily recharged. I put both over my breakfast prep area in motion sensor mode. Makes dealing with coffee and toast in the morning actually possible and easy without having to turn on the overheads. Rarely have I liked a product so much.”


This Chic Throw Pillow Cover That Adds Some Texture To Your Space

Just like a set of sheets, swapping out your old throw pillow covers with some stylish new ones can work wonders to refresh your entire space — on the cheap. These pillow covers are rendered in a luxurious nubbly texture that feels so au courant, and it’ll work with any aesthetic, whether ultra modern or traditional. Rest assured that they may be inexpensive, but they “look so much more expensive than they are,” as one Amazon shopper shared.

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: 12 x 20, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24


The Matisse Print Seen In Every Influencer’s Home — For Just $10

Matisse’s figure paintings may be timeless, but as evidenced by every well-curated interior in your social feeds, they’re having a moment right now. The painter’s “Blue Nude II” prints are particularly ubiquitous among the stylish set — and you can grab your own unframed print, rendered in pastel sage green, on Amazon for about $10. For a bit more, you can also buy it framed in either black or pale wood, in a variety of sizes.

  • Available styles: 10


This Purse (Or Towel) Organizer That Hangs Over Your Closet Door

Corral your bag (or towel) collection into order with this purse organizer. It has six clear pockets so you can see exactly what’s inside, and since it hangs over the door, it won’t take up any of your precious closet space. It’s also a better way to take care of your purses than, say, dropping them right on the floor. One organizer won’t even set you back $15, or you can get two for a few bucks more.


A Cheap Drain Protector That’ll Prevent Annoying Clogs

This drain protector is a prime example of how a tiny, cheap product can seriously upgrade your home. The TubShroom slots right into your bath or shower drain and neatly collects all the hairs that’ll end up causing annoying (and potentially costly) clogs. It’s also easier to clean than your usual drain protector, since you can just remove it and wipe it off. This cheap-and-cheerful home product is a cult favorite on Amazon, having earned a 4.5-star rating out of over 115,000 ratings in total.


This Outlet & Cord Concealer Kit That Makes Hard-To-Reach Outlets More Accessible

Clunky cords and cables create an eyesore around the home, making this outlet and cord concealer kit a must for a harmonious space. They’ll also help any plugged-in device lie flush to the wall, and make them easier to access. “No more struggling to get my arm or body behind or under my bed to reach an outlet that seems to move further away when I’m trying to plug a cord in to it!” one shopper raved. “This thing is perfect!” It’s another highly rated home product on Amazon, boasting a near-perfect 4.7-star rating.


A Set Of Beachy-Chic Coasters That’ll Keep Your Tables Clean Of Water Stains

You know your surfaces look better without water rings on them — just one way these coasters will improve your interiors — but the beachy-chic woven construction, handmade of cotton and linen, will also look so pretty sitting on your coffee or dining table. Cooler still, they’re dishwasher-safe, so no matter how much you use them they’ll always look brand new.

  • Available colors: 6


A Gorgeous Area Rug From A Classic Home Brand — For Less Than $30

You may not have known it, but you can snag some well-priced items from classic home brands right on Amazon. Case in point: This gorgeous, high-quality area rug from Safavieh, which rings up at under $30 in this small, 3-foot size. It’s available in 11 colorways and a few more sizes and shapes, all in this traditional medallion pattern that’s pre-distressed, so it’ll look like an expensive antique rug.

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: 39


A Wall-Mounted Key & Mail Shelf With A Handy Chalkboard For Writing Down Reminders

Hung in your foyer or right by your front door, this wall-mounted key and mail holder will seriously streamline your coming-and-going process — and ensure you’ll never lose your keys (or accidentally leave home without them) again. It has a slot for mail, a cubby and shelf for small items, and four hooks for your keys, hats, or even a dog leash, all rendered in an expensive-looking rustic wood finish. A chalkboard lets you write down reminders or to-do lists for yourself or those you live with.

  • Available colors: 2


This $10 Space-Saving Paper Towel Holder

Another best-seller on Amazon, this paper towel holder is designed to hang either underneath a cabinet or right to a wall, via an ultra-strong adhesive or screws, to save you much-needed counter space. The horizontal design also simply makes it easier to rip off a paper towel with a single hand — which may seem like a tiny bonus, but when it comes to streamlining your day-to-day routines, it’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Plus, reviewers love how sleek and “high-end” the stainless steel construction looks — even though it costs just about $10.


This Clever, Adjustable Pots & Pans Organizer

Pots and pans can be some of the most difficult, clunkiest kitchen items to store properly — a problem that this clever organizer solves for just about $25. It comprises one super-stable, durable rack and eight adjustable dividers (each of which can hold up to 20 pounds) that can be arranged in three ways to best suit your storage space. It’s a best-seller on Amazon, where one shopper raved, “This rack was just what I needed to be able to store all of my pots and pans in one cabinet without stacking one inside another and ruining the nonstick finish,” continuing to write that it’s easy to put together.


A Trio Of Handmade Woven Baskets With Truly Endless Uses

There’s no shortage of ways you can use these wicker storage baskets, available in a set of three in varying sizes; as just a few ideas, you can use them for extra TP rolls in the bathroom, magazines and remotes on your coffee table, or even for small toys in a kid’s room. Handcrafted of Vietnamese water hyacinths, these baskets are pretty enough to keep on display, which makes their under-$30 price tag all the more impressive. They’re the rare Amazon product to earn a basically perfect 4.9-star rating, too.


The Powerful Pet Hair Remover Every Dog Or Cat Owner Should Have

If you’re a pet owner with a dog or cat that sheds, the ChomChom roller is here to make all your upholstered furniture, bed, and even your clothes look so much better. It works so much better than your typical lint roller — or even vacuum — as over 100,000 shoppers who gave it a five-star rating or review can attest. “This thing is an unbelievable device. It does not look or feel like it should do what it does but I am still amazed every time I use it,” one reviewer raved, continuing, “This will take the hair off of anything clothes furniture bedspreads it feels like a superpower!!”


A Clever Rotating Tray With Adjustable Dividers

This rotating tray has so many potential uses, but it’s particularly great for storing (and serving) condiments, snacks, spices, and other small fridge or pantry items. Unlike other rotating trays, this one has two adjustable dividers, so you can keep the well open, or create two or four compartments for even more organizational benefits.


A Small-But-Mighty Waterproof Speaker For Your Shower

Take your showers to the next level with this waterproof speaker that can be totally submerged in (or exposed to) water for up to 30 minutes. You can either hang it up on a door handle or use the suction cup to stick it on your shower walls, and enjoy clear sound (or even take calls) while you wash. Also a must for beach trips and pool days, this small-but-mighty speaker boats over 18,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. Take your pick from six colors.

  • Available colors: 6


These String Lights That’ll Make Your Yard Look Like A Cozy Outdoor Café

Your outdoor space will look positively magical when you string up these gorgeous string lights, outfitted with globe-like light bulbs reminiscent of a cozy outdoor café. “I have fallen in love with these lights! They are the perfect size for my back porch,” wrote one of thousands of reviewers, continuing, “They were easy to hang as they have two hook possibilities. And another best thing? They give the warmest ‘comfy cozy’ glow!” For just about $12 for 25 feet of lights, this is the definition of a low-stakes, high-impact product.


This Cozy Fleece Throw That Looks & Feels Like Fur

Cozy up with this plush throw blanket that costs just $20 on Amazon — perfect for any and all seasons. It looks like a chic, faux-mink blanket, but it’s actually made of super-soft fleece. Sold in four sizes and 18 colors, it’s a fan favorite on Amazon with over 15,000 five-star ratings and glowing reviews.

  • Available colors: 18


This Plush Mattress Topper That’ll Make Your Bed 5 Times Comfier

If you’re looking to upgrade your bed without actually splurging on a new mattress, opt for this best-selling mattress topper instead. Sold in nine sizes and two thicknesses, it’s made of memory foam that molds to your body and is infused with a cooling gel to keep you comfortable in hot temps. This mattress topper is massively popular with Amazon shoppers, having been awarded over 75,000 five-star ratings thus far.


A Clever Way To Store Your Brooms, Mops, & Other Cleaning Tools

If you’re without an idea of how to neatly store your mops, brooms, and other cleaning accessories, you’re not alone. Luckily, this wall-mounted organizer offers the solution. Also ideal for gardening tools, it has five large slots for things like rakes and brooms, and six hooks for gloves, dustpans, brushes, and more. Whether you put it in a closet, basement, or garage, this organizer isn’t just a functional upgrade, but it’ll make your space more aesthetically pleasing, too.


This Set Of 3 Candle Holders In A Matte Black Finish

These matte black candle holders will add a chic touch to any space — and their versatile design means they’ll fit in with any style of decor, from modern to antique. Top them off with some ivory pillar candles to add instant ambience and warmth to any corner of your home. They also look amazing on a dining table as a centerpiece.


A Bamboo Stand To Hold Cookbooks, Your Tablet, & More

This may seem like a simple contraption, but once you own it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it — especially if you’re someone who cooks a lot. Ideal for holding cookbooks and tablets in the kitchen, you can also use this bamboo stand to watch videos and shows while you cook. One Amazon reviewer commented, “I love this cookbook stand. It is so minimal and beautiful. The little clips on the front are cute and function well. It is well made and folds flat for storage, though, I have yet to actually store it because it looks so pretty on the counter top with my favorite cookbook displayed on it. And it's only $10, a total steal!”


These Clear Stackable Trays For Your Drawers & Desk

The uses for these clear organizers are practically endless — though they’re ideal for organizing your drawers, they also stack on top of one another, so you can use them on your desk as seen in the picture above. You’ll get 10 organizers with this order, and the set boasts a rare, 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon.


The Best-Selling Mini Waffle Maker That People Can’t Stop Raving About

Randomly enough, this mini waffle maker is one of the most popular cooking gadgets on Amazon (impressively, it’s achieved over 180,000 five-star ratings and over 20,000 five-star reviews to date). But perhaps it’s not so random after all — the clever little gadget costs just $13, makes breakfast super easy, and is also an excellent gift. From having guests over to cooking up weekend feasts for the whole family, it’ll make the experience so much better (and easier).

  • Available styles: 20


A Cheaper Alternative To A Certain Cult-Favorite Blanket

“I’ve always loved the BFD blankets look and feel but can’t justify spending $180 on a blanket. I’ve been looking for a good alternative for awhile and this one is IT! It’s so soft and feels like a hug. I love it so much I bought a second to keep at my boyfriends house,” wrote one Amazon reviewer, summing up the appeal of this super plush and cozy leopard print blanket. Sold in two sizes, it boasts a rare 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon and will literally make your home feel 10 times cozier.

  • Available colors: 4


This Chic Mini Trash Can For Your Desk

Small enough to perch on a desk or kitchen counter, this mini trash can is just as functional as it is cute. Not only does its compact size make it super convenient, but it’s motion activated, so you don’t even need to touch it to open it. You could, of course, leave this on the floor — it also makes a chic alternative to your standard bathroom garbage bin.


A More Economical & Eco-Friendly Alternative To Ziploc Bags

Stashers will make your home so much better in so many different ways. These reusable silicone bags can be used to store literally anything and everything, from leftovers and snacks to school supplies and charging cords. They’re also super handy for travel — not only are they great for bringing your liquids through TSA, but they can also be used to hold wet bikinis and or keep your phone protected when you’re at the beach.


A Pack Of 50 Velvet Hangers That Prevent Your Clothes From Slipping Off

If you don’t already own velvet hangers, consider this your reminder to get on that stat. Unlike wood and plastic hangers, the velvet material prevents your clothes from slipping off and winding up on the floor. These particular velvet hangers are best sellers on Amazon, with over 130,000 five-star ratings to date.

  • Available colors: 12


This Toilet Paper Holder That’s Actually Kind Of Chic

Who knew a toilet paper holder could be chic? That’s what makes this one from mDesign such a best-seller (over 10,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a perfect five-star rating). Large enough to store three rolls of TP (including jumbo-size rolls), it’s sold in seven colors and has raised feet to prevent your TP from touching the floor. Simple, practical, and a nice addition to any bathroom.

  • Available colors: 7


A More Stylish Way To Display Your Soaps & Lotions:

Don’t let mismatched bottles of hand and dish soap (or hand soap and lotion) mess with your kitchen or bathroom counter display. Instead, pick up these two amber dispenser bottles that you can pour your soaps and lotions into — it’s a small upgrade that will make a surprisingly big difference. They also come with stickers featuring two different fonts so you can label what’s inside.


2 Super-Soft Satin Pillowcases For Less Than $20

Satin pillowcases are a luxurious upgrade for any bedroom, and luckily, this set will only set you back $10 — so you can buy a pair for every room in your home. Not only do they look chic, but they’re also gentler on your skin and hair, so they offer beauty benefits, too.

  • Available colors: 32


A Set Of 6 Clear Bins To Organize Your Fridge Like A Pro

Give your fridge a Marie Kondo touch with these clear organizer bins that will keep everything neat and accessible. Sold in a set of six, it comes with one tray for canned drinks, two narrow trays (for things like condiments and juice packs), two wide trays (for everything else imaginable), and a container for eggs. Of course, these aren’t limited to being useful for your fridge — you can use them to organzie your closet or bathroom, too.


A Real, Live Snake Plant In The Planter Of Your Choice

Yes, you can order live plants from Amazon — and plants are one of the easiest, most fuss-free ways to improve the aesthetics (and feel) of your space. To order, simply take your pick between three snake plants, three sizes, and six styles of planters. And if you’re skeptical of ordering a plant from Amazon, don’t be: as one Amazon shopper wrote, “I am very happy with how it arrived - I will definitely order from here again - very happy! Also it was a gift and the new owner of it was amazed I ordered it off line and not from a nursery because of how great it looked.”


This Best-Selling Shower Head That Amazon Reviewers Call “Life Changing”

You don’t even need any tools to install this shower head, but once you do, it’ll literally transform your in-shower experience — especially if you have a small shower head or weak water pressure. Made of a rust-proof material and sold in 20 colors, two shapes (round or square), and two sizes (6 or 8 inches), it emits a high-pressure rain fall water stream, is coated with easy-to-clean silicone nozzles, and rotates in any direction for a more pleasant showering experience.

  • Available colors: 20


A Streamlined (& Safe) Way To Store Your Knife Collection

Safely and neatly organize your collection of knives with this in-drawer knife block, which has space for 16 knives (and one knife sharpener). It’s capable of fitting knives of varying sizes and is slim enough to fit into most drawers while still leaving space for other utensils and cooking tools. “Very well made, sturdy and fits different styles of knives. Worth the money!” raved one of thousands of satisfied Amazon shoppers. Another wrote, “This is perfect. I don’t like clutter on my counters and this fits easily into a drawer and keeps my knives safe and organized.”


An Espresso Cup & Saucer Set That Comes With A Space-Saving Holder

A must for the modern day host or hostess, this espresso cup set is both handy and a surefire way to impress guests. Perfect for your coffee station but small enough to fit into a kitchen cabinet, it comes with a space-saving holder that allows you to store the cups and saucers vertically, taking up next to no space. Plus, it comes over 10 cute colors, like bright red and navy, and in neutrals like black and white, too.

  • Available colors: 14


These Bamboo Dividers That’ll Make Sense Of Your Drawers

Keep your drawers tidy and organized with these expandable bamboo dividers — handy for utensil drawers, clothing drawers, dishcloth drawers, and more. Sold in white, gray, or natural wood, they expand to fit most drawers and “sit really tight when placed in there,” reported one Amazon shopper. Thousands of others have awarded them a five-star rating or review.

  • Available colors: 3


These Cleverly Designed Closet Organizers That Allow For Easy Access

Any type of organizer is always going to make your home look and function better. But these closet organizers stand out from the rest thanks to their clever design — raised sides and a low, fold-down front — that allow for easy access without rummaging around. There’s also a slot in the front for a label so you can make clear what’s being held inside.


A Set Of Linen Blackout Curtains For Less Than $40

Linen curtains will make any room look lighter, airier, and generally prettier — but these aren’t just any old linen curtains: They’re linen blackout curtains, so they offer those added light-blocking benefits, too. One Amazon reviewer commented, “They provide 100% privacy and light blocking. They are medium weight but heavy enough to provide good insulation. They hang very uniformly and look very classic and beautiful yet not too formal. Exactly what I wanted.”

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: 14


An (Affordable) Air Fryer That’ll Revolutionize The Way You Cook

When it comes to improving your home — and the way you function in your home — air fryers will absolutely revolutionize the way you cook. Most air fryers don’t come cheap, but this one from Instant Pot is an amazing option for less than $50. Not only does it air fry (aka, a method of frying food that uses less fat), but it also roasts, broils, and reheats — basically, it’s like a countertop oven and fryer combined. Multiple Amazon reviewers have called it “life changing” and report that it “makes life so much easier.”

  • Available colors: 5


A Clever Magnet That Lets You Know Whether Your Dishes Are Dirty Or Clean

A simple way to make your kitchen function a little bit better, this $8 dishwasher magnet is a must for any home. It’s practically the definition of simple but genius: it displays whether the dishes inside are dirty or clean to avoid confusion with the rest of your household. Over 20,000 Amazon reviewers have given it a perfect five-star rating, and it boasts a 4.8-star rating overall.