8 Ways To Stay Entertained During A Blizzard

by Stephanie Montes

There was once a time when you would kill for a snow day. Nowadays, being forced to stay inside can make you feel unproductive, right? Wrong. Just because it’s too cold to go outside doesn’t mean you have to waste your days lying on the couch. Here, 8 ways to stay entertained in your humble abode.


Bored? We got you.


Plan A Dream Vacation

Take this opportunity to research some of the best vacation spots near and far. Set a date and brainstorm some saving strategies. You'll be on a beach somewhere in no time.


Spread Your Social-Butterfly Wings

You can finally get around to filling out those thank-you cards, answering emails or calling friends you haven't talked to in a while.


Print All Those Pictures On Your Phone

You always say you're going to get around to it—here's your chance. Print your favorite photos and organize them in an album or create a fun wall hanging to display them.


Shop Your Closet

Surely you already have great pieces in your closet, but you might just be lacking some fresh styling inspiration. Create a Pinterest board of your favorite streetstyle shots and recreate them with your own clothes.


DIY Your Favorite Piece Of Furniture

Have you been lusting over a great piece of furniture you can't afford? Get creative and DIY your own version. Trust us, it will be a special edition to your home.


Learn How To Draw

With YouTube, Pinterest and Google at your fingertips, learning how to draw can be done in no time, and without having to leave your cozy couch.

Bake Something

Try an old, family recipe or find a new one online. You'll have something tasty to munch on and the house will feel so much warmer—win, win.


Organize That Junk Drawer

We all have one. The sooner you admit it, the sooner you can tackle it and move on. Throw away everything you don't need and invest in dividers, decorative bowls and trays to make sure everything has its own place.