5 Tips To Keep You Healthy This Holiday Season

A large variety of food on a decorated dining table during Holiday season

It’s that time of year again—holiday cheer fills the air, tasty treats seem to be at every turn, booze flows freely and before you know it, your jeans no longer fit. Allude the over indulgence and stay healthy during the most delicious (and difficult) season with our simple and practical tips. You’ll be able to indulge when necessary while still staying on the right track, we promise. Ahead, 5 tips for not completely losing yourself to the season.


Hunger is the fast track to overindulgence. Keep it at bay with a power-packed start to the day.


It's easy to get dehydrated from free-flowing booze and sodium-laden snacks. But did you know your body can incorrectly interpret that thirst as hunger? Drink a glass of water every hour.


Encourage outdoor group activities or help around the house to avoid a sedentary weekend, which only serves to sap energy levels. Try working out in the morning to set the tone for the day.


Whether this means incorporating a green juice into your day or keeping healthy snacks on hand, make conscious decisions ahead of time instead of poor choices later.


If you've waited all year for your mom's pecan pie, savor a piece. Everything in moderation.