48 Genius Things On Amazon Every Woman Needs
A woman in a white shirt holding a dark-green purse found on Amazon

Sure, a quality umbrella, travel-sized steamer, or secure door locks might not be the type of exciting purchases that get your adrenaline pumping the way shopping for a new pair of shoes does. But these are the types of practical purchases that can have a significant impact on making your day-to-day life easier and more efficient. And of course, when it comes to buying these everyday necessities, there is no better place to look than the mecca of online shopping: Amazon.

Amazon is a treasure trove of genius products that are not only practical, but they often solve problems you didn't even know you had, too. From a discreet hair clip that doubles as screwdriver to fix your glasses on the go to a purse light that makes it easier to find those loose earrings floating around at the bottom of your bag, these brilliant items are bound to make your life a little easier.

And speaking of making your life easier: It probably goes without saying, but for Amazon Prime members, you can snag most of these items with free two-day shipping. So if you're ready to make a few practical upgrades to your day-to-day life, then keep clicking.


A Motion-Sensing Purse Light So You Can Find That Lost Tube Of Lipstick

Big purses and tote bags can quickly turn into a dark abyss of lost lipstick and house keys. Shine a little light on the situation with this handy purse light. Outfitted with a motion sensor, the light automatically turns on when your hand reaches into your purse, providing bright illumination. And after 15 seconds of inactivity, it automatically shuts off. The small light clips onto the inside of your bag, and because it's super lightweight, it won't add any unnecessary bulk to your purse.


A Wallet That Protects You From Would-Be Electronic Pickpockets

RFID stands for "radio frequency identification" and it's usually embedded in credit cards and identification cards. Unfortunately, would-be electronic thieves can use RFID "readers" to gain access to credit card and I.D. information —not ideal. You can keep that from happening with this RFID-blocking wallet that insulates your information from RFID readers, protecting you from electronic theft. The best part? You don't have to sacrifice style for security. Made from 100 percent leather, the wallet comes in colors like mint green, baby pink, and classic black.


An Emergency Alarm That Clips Onto Your Keychain

Sometimes, drawing attention to uncertain situations is the best way to deal with them. You can do just that with this personal alarm that hooks right onto your keychain. Just press the button and it'll emit a high-pitched 130 decibel alarm — about equivalent to the amount of noise a jackhammer makes. The alarm comes pre-loaded with batteries, but the makers recommend replacing them once a year. If you forget to replace them, the alarm has a built-in whistle you can use instead.


This Discreet Pouch For Safely Stashing Your Cash & Credit Cards

There's nothing more nerve-wracking than losing your wallet while traveling, but you can keep everything secure with this hidden travel pouch. With a snap-front closure, the pouch attaches to the center of your bra (or side strap), and is big enough to store cash and up to six credit cards. Made from a super soft, lingerie-like material, it's even machine-washable — perfect for when you're traveling to more humid environments.


An Infinity Scarf With A Hidden Pocket

This infinity pocket scarf is perfect for those days when you don't want to lug a purse around. The scarf is long enough to wrap around your neck twice and features a hidden zippered pocket where you can store cash, keys, credit cards, or your phone. Reviewers say the fabric is "sturdy and soft" and that the pouch is "a lot bigger than I expected" and "definitely well hidden". Choose from a variety of colors in solids, stripes, and plaids.


These "Knuckle Lights" For Late Night Or Early Morning Jogs

Slip on these knuckle lights when you're going for a jog at night or before the break of dawn. The lights fit comfortably in your grip and produce a flood beam that illuminates any dark sidewalk or trail. You can choose from high, low, and blinking settings, and since the non-slip straps are adjustable, they'll fit on hands of all sizes, too.


A Self-Defense Tool That Masquerades As An Artful Keychain

Many of us have been advised to walk with a key between our fingers at some point, but this self-defense keychain takes that advice to the next level. The keychain is larger than a key and ergonomically-designed so it fits comfortably in your hand — giving you greater control for more self-defense power. Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, the keychain comes in 16 colors and designs.


This Utilitarian-Chic Hair Clip That Doubles As A Multitool

This tactical hair clip does so much more than just pin your hair back. Made with high-strength stainless steel, it doubles as a multitool, functioning as a screwdriver, wrench, ruler, trolley coin, and serrated knife. Use it to open packages, pop bottle caps, make small measurements, or repair sunglasses on the go.


These Tiny But Powerful Pocket Flashlights

Reviewers say these tiny LED flashlights flashlights "provide a lot of light in a little package", and it's true — each flashlight is about half the size of an iPhone, but shines a beam of light that reaches up to 59 feet. They're perfect for storing in your car's glovebox or taking along on nighttime dog walks.


This Complete Car Kit With Over 100 Helpful Items

This complete car emergency kit tucks away in your back seat and makes it easy to carry around over 100 helpful items. It’s almost overflowing with helpful tools and things that you might need in the worst-case scenario. There are 42 tools for car emergencies and 62 first aid items. All of these helpful items are neatly stored in a simple gray carrying case.


A Book That Teaches You How To Spot — & Avoid — Dangerous Situations

We're often counseled not give in to fear, but the truth is — a healthy bit of fear is actually a good thing. In The Gift Of Fear, Oprah-approved author Gavin De Becker teaches you to discern the difference between warranted and unwarranted fears. De Becker gives advice on listening to your gut instincts and — more importantly — he arms you with information that will help you detect signals that may tip you off to potentially dangerous situations or individuals. Reviewers call it "an invaluable resource to women" and say that "this book should be required reading in every American high school".


This Pickpocket-Proof Backpack That Has A Hidden Zipper

With this anti-theft backpack, you won't have to worry about anyone reaching in to grab your laptop or other valuables when you're on crowded buses, trains, or streets. The fully hidden zipper to the main compartment is located on the side that rests against your back — instead of the outside — making it impossible for potential thieves to unzip. Inner pockets provide space for pens, water bottles, and smaller electronics, and a built-in USB cable lets you charge your devices on the fly.


A Remote-Controlled Alarm System With A Hassle-Free Setup

This remote alarm is the easiest way to protect your home without installing an expensive security system. The motion-sensing alarm attaches easily to doors and windows with adhesive and can be armed and disarmed from up to 49 feet away with the accompanying remote control (which, by the way, can be paired with up to 50 alarms). There's even a "panic" mode you can activate if you suspect an intruder, and it's super easy to set up.


An Extra Lock For Your Door That Withstands Even The Strongest Of Force

This door reinforcement lock turns your house into a regular Fort Knox. Acting as a supplementary locking device, it can withstand up to 800 pounds of force, making it impossible for the door to be opened from the outside, even if it's kicked. The lock can be installed on doors of any thickness and reviewers say it's "easy to install" and "offers a huge increase in security"


This Pen That Doubles As A Self-Defense Tool

This tactical pen will be a great addition to your self-defense arsenal. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the tool features a sharp point on one end that can be used to jab. Not in imminent danger? You can use the end with a ballpoint pen to jot down notes and sign receipts.


This Handy Little Device That Keeps Track Of Your Phone & Keys

The Tile is 100 percent one of the greatest inventions for the absent-minded among us. Attach the tile to your keys or other easily-lost items and use your phone to sound an alert so you can find them. Lost your phone? Press the button on the Tile to ring it — it even works if your phone is on silent. The Tile Pro also comes with a "Community Find" feature that allows other Tile users to locate your lost item anytime it goes beyond the 300-foot Bluetooth range.


A Tassel Keychain With A Hidden Charging Cable

Hidden among this Boho-chic keychain's leather tassels is a lightning cable that lets you charge and sync your devices on the go. The lightning cable keychain is compatible with all Apple devices and can be attached to your purse if you prefer to keep your keychain tassel-free. Choose from black, white, blue, or pink.


This Running Belt With Ample Space For Your Phone & Keys

Leaving personal items in the car while you go on a trail run is a gamble, which is why this running belt is such a lifesaver. With two pockets in front and two in back, the belt is double the width of other running belts, which means there's more space for storing your passport, keys, cash, and credit card. Made from high quality spandex, the belt offers a snug but comfortable fit and comes in a range of sizes and colors.


A Smart Plug So You Can Turn Your Lights Off — Even When You're Away From Home

This smart plug is one of the best ways you can secure your house when you're out of town. Sync the plug to the Alexa app on your phone (no smart home hub necessary) and turn lights and appliances on and off at will, or set them on a timed schedule. The activity in your house will give the impression that someone is home, deterring potential intruders. And when you are home? You can use the voice control to turn lights on and off (which is pretty fun).


A Mirror Compact That Also Charges Your Phone

If space is at a premium in your purse, this two-in-one power bank and makeup mirror is a must. Use the micro-cable to connect your phone or tablet to the USB port for a quick charge, and when you're done charging? Flip open the compact to reveal a mirror encircled by 14 LED lights that'll give you enough brightness to apply your makeup flawlessly.


A Car Jump Starter With A Built-In Flashlight & Phone Charger

Sooner or later, your car's battery is going to get drained, but you can get it up and running again with this easy-to-use jump starter. It can jump start up to 20 times on a single charge and features reverse polarity protection, which makes it safe for even novices to use. A built-in flashlight and SOS emergency strobe add extra assurance, while a USB port allows you to charge your phone. Hot tip: input your car make and model on the purchase page to ensure you get the correct size.


A Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector That Works With Amazon Alexa

This Alexa-enabled carbon monoxide and smoke detector sounds an 85-decibel alarm and voice alert anytime it senses unsafe smoke or carbon monoxide levels. Hook it up to an app on your phone, and the alarm will notify you remotely of any problems when you're away from home. The alarm even doubles as a speaker so you can play music and answer phone calls. And since the detector replaces your existing alarm, there's no complicated rewiring necessary.


These Emergency Reflectors That Keep You Safe While You're Dealing With Car Trouble

Pulled over the the side of the road with car trouble? Set up this series of emergency reflectors — they'll alert other drivers to your presence so that they stay a safe distance away from you and your car. Each of the three reflectors features a weighted base, so they stand upright even in windy weather. And since they fold up flat, they take up next to no space in your trunk.


This Clever Hairbrush That Discreetly Stores Your Valuables

Stashing your cash under your mattress is too obvious a hiding place — so use this diversion safe instead. The "safe" looks just like a hairbrush (and, it is a hairbrush), but features a screw-off top and empty cylinder that's perfect for hiding cash, jewelry, and other small valuables. Keep it in your home bathroom, or take it with you on trips.


An All-Natural & Organic Hand Sanitizer

Stay healthy during cold and flu season with this organic hand sanitizer. The vegan formula is made without harsh chemicals, synthetics, or preservatives, while the addition of lavender soothes skin and gives off a delicate, floral scent. Last but not least — the packaging is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Keep one in your purse and one in your desk drawer.


These Shoe Grips That Keep You From Sliding Around On Slippery Floors

Shoes with slippery soles can have you sliding all over tile floors like an amateur figure skater. Walk sure-footed again with the help of these anti-slip shoe pads that adhere to the soles of your shoes, giving your feet a firm grip as you stride. Bonus: the pads also keep your shoes from getting scuffed up when walking on rough surfaces.


A Palm-Sized Travel Umbrella You Can Keep In Your Glovebox

The minute you decide you don't have space in your bag for an umbrella is the minute you can guarantee getting caught in a rainstorm later that day. Take along this travel umbrella that "easily fits in a purse or even a coat pocket". Given it's diminutive size, reviewers are "amazed" at "how large the coverage" is. It's super lightweight, but features sturdy fiberglass ribs that won't collapse in the wind.


These Foldable Ballet Flats For When You Just Can't Walk One More Step In Heels

A day of wearing heels can have you hobbling around by dinnertime, so take these foldable flats along to give your feet a midday (or end of the day) break. The ballet flats are super flexible, so they give your feet maximum stretch room after being confined in pointy pumps. They roll up small enough to fit in your desk, bag, or car glove compartment, and they weigh barely nothing.


A Tiny First Aid Kit That Covers All The Bases

This tiny first aid kit is the perfect size for taking with you on camping trips, road trips, or just for keeping in your car. Tucked away in the rip-stop nylon pouch is an array of 66 hospital-grade items, including a pair of scissors, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, a variety of small and large bandages, safety pins, non-woven tape, and a burn gel packet.


An All-In-One Multitool That Fits In Your Wallet

This Wallet Ninja is small and slim, but it performs an impressive 18 functions. Made from heat-treated steel, the Ninja works as a can opener, bottle opener, box opener, wrench, screwdriver, peeler, nail puller, and phone stand — you can even use it to repair a broken pair of sunglasses. And, since it's about the size of a credit card, you can keep it in your wallet to have on hand at all times.


This Phone Grip That Doubles As A Phone Stand

If you have butter fingers, you need a cell phone holder. This one adheres to the back of your phone and gives your hands a firm grip, reducing the risk of drops. When you're not using it, the ring collapses to lay flat against your phone. You can also use it as a phone stand for hands-free video-watching and FaceTiming.


A Pepper Spray Bracelet To Wear On Your Nightly Runs

This silicone bracelet looks like a fitness tracker, but it's actually a self-defense tool. It's filled with maximum strength pepper spray, so if you're someone who runs, works night shifts, or walks home from late classes alone — it's a must-have. It sprays as far as 3 feet away and, since it's so cleverly disguised, any would-be attackers will be thrown off guard.


This Slim Water Bottle That Fits Easily Into Your Purse

This flat water bottle is shaped like a flask, so it takes up a lot less space in your bag than most others would. Made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, the dishwasher-safe bottle holds up to 22 ounces and features a leakproof lid and carrying strap. The silicone cover gives you a tight grip and comes in colors like coral, mint, ocean, and cloud.


A Gemstone Keychain That Doubles As An Emergency Alarm

This metallic gemstone keychain is actually a personal alarm that you can activate anytime you feel in danger. Pressing the hot pink button on the back of the alarm will trigger the device to emit a 115-decibel siren — about as loud as a chainsaw — while a white button activates an LED safety light to draw visual attention. The battery-powered alarm uses a "tension button system" that helps prevent accidental activation, so you don't have to worry about setting it off unintentionally.


These Cuticle Trimmers That Are Salon-Quality

If you find your cuticles get raggedy between trips to the salon, invest in your own pair of at-home cuticle trimmers. This nail care tool is salon-quality, with a durable stainless steel construction and precise, sharp blades. Pair with you favorite cuticle oil and lotion for soft, beautiful hands with or without polish.


This Foldable Brush & Mirror That You Can Stow In Your Purse

Save space in your toiletry bag with this folding hair brush. Just press down on the bed of the brush to collapse the bristles, then swing the handle over to fold it up. There's even a built-in mirror on the handle so you can check your 'do on the go.


These Floss Picks For Easy, Mid-Day Teeth Cleanings

These floss picks are the best way to touch up your teeth after lunch. One end features a short band of mint-flavored "Super Tuffloss" — a specialized floss that's guaranteed not to stretch, shred, or break as it glides through your teeth to clear out plaque and debris. The other end features a toothpick that's long enough to reach all the way to your back teeth — but folds in for compact carrying.


A Magical "Pencil" That Stops The Bleeding From Razor Nicks & Paper Cuts

A styptic pencil is a pretty magical first aid tool to have around. When applied to small cuts or razor nicks, the pen works to contract skin tissue and constrict blood vessels. In other words — it helps stop the bleeding fast. Keep one in your bathroom for shaving and one at your desk for paper cuts.


An Immune System-Boosting Throat Spray That Also Soothes Swollen Glands

One reviewer says that when she used this throat spray, her "throat felt better the same day and was virtually perfect the next day", and another says, "I have people all around me who have been getting sick (colds/flu) and I'm riding high on my natural remedy". Made from an all-natural blend of Canadian bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water, the spray works to boost the immune system while soothing sore, irritated throats. The sugar-free, alcohol-free formula is free of common food allergens. Put this to work the minute you get a tickle in your throat.


These Flower-Derived Lozenges That Help Reduce Stress

It's not always possible to leave a stressful day at work for a midday massage or yoga session, which is why it's so great to have these stress-relief lozenges around. The 80-year old homeopathic remedy is made from a combination of five fruit and flower extracts: rock rose to promote courage and presence of mind; clematis to boost focus; impatiens to encourage patience; cherry plumb to balance the mind; and star of Bethlehem to soothe jangled nerves. Choose from flavors like blackcurrant, cranberry, and orange and elderflower.


A Water Bottle With A Built-In Filtration Straw So You Can Drink Directly From A River

This water bottle with filter purifies water from lakes, rivers, and streams, so it's a must for outdoor adventurers and a necessary addition to any emergency preparedness kit. The 23-ounce bottle features a built-in filter with a two-stage filtration system: the first stage removes 99.99 percent of bacteria and protozoa from the water, and the second stage reduces pesticide presence while improving taste and smell. The BPA-free bottle holds up to 23 ounces and has a leakproof lid.


A Lightweight Microfiber Towel To Keep In Your Gym Bag

Lightweight, compact, antibacterial, soft, absorbent, and fast-drying: this microfiber towel has so many things going for it. Keep it in your gym bag to stay dry during workouts, your beach bag for seaside days, your backpack for camping, or stash it in the trunk of your car and have it on hand for last-minute picnics. Choose from six sizes and colors.


These Body Wipes For When You Can't Take A Shower

These deodorizing body wipes allow you to transition seamlessly from pilates to a dinner date without having to shower and redo your hair and makeup. Each extra-large bamboo wipe is soaked in aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, and green tea extract to refresh you body and neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Reviewers say one wipe is plenty to cover all the bases and will leave you "fresh enough to face whatever the rest of the day has to offer."


These See-Through Ponchos For Unexpected Rainstorms

Be sure to pack these emergency ponchos the next time you head out to an outdoor music festival. Suitable for all body shapes and sizes, the 100 percent waterproof ponchos are outfitted with a hood and elastic cuffs for extra coverage. The ponchos are see-through, which means that super cute outfit you planned won't go unseen, and they're extra thick so they won't cling awkwardly to your body the way flimsier ponchos do.


A Miniature Lint Roller That Loops Onto Your Keychain

It's always right before a big interview that you realize your black blazer is flecked with dog hair/cat/or rabbit hair. Luckily, this keychain lint roller is here to rescue you. The super-portable roller is small enough to fit in your pocket, and the sheets are sticky enough to remove any evidence of dog-cuddling in just a few swipes.


These Sturdier-Than-The-Rest Reusable Grocery Bags

These reusable grocery bags are made from ripstop polyester, which makes them super lightweight, but sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds of groceries — about three times the weight a conventional bag can hold. The handles strike that perfect balance of being short enough to hold by the hand, but long enough to sling over your shoulder. And if that carton of O.J. leaks in your bag? You can throw it in the washing machine.


A Purse Hanger To Prevent Your Bag From Getting Dirty

Keep your delicate suede and leather bags off the floor with this bag hanger. Available in a selection of polished and matte metallics, the hanger can withstand up to 33 pounds of weight and features a spring-lock closure that attaches securely to tables, shelves, restroom doors, and car headrests. When you're not using it, the hanger can be looped around your purse strap or worn as an understated bracelet.


This Pair Of Touchscreen Gloves So You Can Text & Keep Your Hands Warm At The Same Time

Thanks to these touchscreen gloves, you can keep your digits warm and cozy while you text in the (frigid) cold. The fuzzy gloves are made with heat-trapping silver nylon and have an extra-long fitted cuff to keep cold air out. And unlike other touchscreen gloves, these forego contrasting-fabric fingertips, giving them a more streamlined, seamless look. Reviewers say they're "the best texting gloves" they've ever tried, and since every part of the glove is touch-sensitive, "you don't have to turn your fingers in weird ways to use them".


A Whistle That Can Be Heard Up To Two Miles Away — & Even Underwater

This whistle is so powerful that it can be heard up to 2 miles away — eight times the sound range of a standard sports whistle. (Just be sure to insert the included safety earplugs in your ears to protect your hearing before you blow.) The weatherproof whistle can be used in all kinds of environments including — amazingly — underwater. (And it's buoyant, so it won't sink.) Hang the whistle around your neck with the clip-on lanyard the next time you go for a hike.

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