43 Genius Products On Amazon That Solve Your Beauty Dilemmas

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If you're lucky, it's rare that you run into an epic beauty dilemma on a daily basis. There are a select few whose lives are not marred by heat damage, an unintentionally shiny forehead, or smudged liner on a first date. But if you can't bumble through your day without smearing your lipstick or breaking a nail, you might find yourself constantly on the hunt for genius products that solve my beauty dilemmas. And luckily, Amazon is a one-stop-shop for these exact kinds of products.

The best part about shopping for beauty on Amazon is how many products pop up that you'd never have considered (or been able to find) before, but could never live without again. Whether it's Q-tips preloaded with makeup remover or a tooth whitening pen that removes coffee stains before your big morning meeting, many of these brilliant finds solve day-to-day problems that you didn't think had a solution. With these products in your bag, rushed mornings, hectic travel schedules, and last-minute plans are about to become so much less stressful.

So if you're in the market for a why-didn't-I-think-of-that beauty product, click on. Your next favorite genius beauty buy is waiting for you on Amazon.


These Luxe Oil-Blotting Pads That Keep You Totally Shine-Free

Shiny forehead, be gone! These Tatcha Aburatorigami blotting papers sop up oil from your face in a snap. They contain flecks of 23K gold, which helps soak up extra oil, and are made from all-natural abaca leaf, which won't dry you out the way other blotting papers might. Bonus: They don't screw with your makeup, so you can blot and go with no smudging or smearing.


An Eyeliner That Does A Cat-Eye For You

Think you can't pull off a cat-eye? The iMethod Beauty Winged Eyeliner Stamp will change that for you, thanks to its dual-sided pen that hides a perfect cat-eye stamp on one side. It comes with a left eye and a right eye, so you never have to worry about your flicks being uneven. And the liner itself it waterproof and smudge-proof, so you don't have to worry about an accidental smear.


These Q-Tips That Have Makeup Remover Already Pre-Loaded

Yes, you can have a precise makeup removing experience, thanks to Almay's Makeup Eraser Sticks. These cotton buds are pre-loaded with makeup remover. Just snap the top, let the bud saturate, and you'll be able to pull off precise touch-ups on the go.


A Manicure Set That You Can Take On The Go

Raise your hand if you've ever run around your office looking for a nail file. Never do that again with the Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit. It comes with a nail clipper, a file, a cuticle stick, and a tweezer, so you can fix you fudged-up manicure wherever. And since it has its own carrying case, you don't have to worry about losing the hardware in your purse.


This Magic Powder That Helps Unclog Your Pores

This powder mask from Mario Badescu acts like a vacuum for your pores. Twice a week, pop a damp cotton ball into the powder, then press it on the areas of your skin where you're congested. Calcium carbonate, kaolin clay, and zinc oxide work together to suck up excess oil and purify your pores.


A Teeth-Whitening Pen You Can Use Pretty Much Anywhere

Make your teeth whitening regimen a snap with the VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Pen. Its pen applicator makes it easy to apply — unlike those finicky strips — and its formula is safe for sensitive teeth. Plus, it has a natural minty flavor that leaves your mouth feeling refreshed post-application.


This Silk Pillowcase That Eliminates Frizz & Prevents Breakage

The easiest way to cut back on frizz, knots, and breakage is to invest in a silk pillow, like this one from ZimaSilk. It keeps your hair from getting matted and cuts down on static electricity. You'll notice the difference the first time you sleep on this pillow — and you may never go back to cotton.


This Powder That Sucks Up Excess Sebum In One Blot

Instead of just setting your makeup like a typical powder, Etude House's Zero Sebum Drying Powder actually works to help control excess oil production. The formula utilizes a sugar polymer to mattify greasy spots and a mineral powder that actually works to help clear your skin. That's like having your skin care cake and eating it, too.


These Headbands That Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Mask

Mask while protecting your scalp with this Spa Facial Headband. Not only does it keep your hair looking gorgeous while you wash your face, it also protects your sensitive scalp from active ingredients that might be great for your face, but not the skin on your head. This version is machine-washable, too, so you can just toss it in the laundry and be on your way.


A Deeply Nourishing Lip Mask That Softens Your Pout Overnight

You can't talk lip masks without mentioning Laneige's cult-favorite Lip Sleeping Mask. The formula hydrates and tones your lips overnight without clogging the pores around your mouth. You'll wake up with instantly softer lips, and the formula smells (and dare we say, tastes) absolutely delicious.


This Spray That Protects Your Hair From Heat Damage

Whether you blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair, the hot tool you use is likely wreaking havoc on your strands. That's why you need the Chi Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. It protects your delicate hair from heat damage while also being lightweight, so it won't feel heavy or greasy. Use it every time you style with a hot tool for maximum results.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That Will Instantly Clean Up Your Bathroom Sink

Is your bathroom a mess? Then you need this makeup organizer from MOFIR. It contains shelves that hold all manner of beauty products, and it rotates, so you can get to your hard-to-reach bottles easily. It even has a compartment for your brushes, making this a true all-in-one organizer that your bathroom sorely needs.


This Facial Cleansing Brush That's Tiny Enough To Take On The Go

An on-the-go facial cleansing brush is a must-have for those who want a deep clean while traveling. Its sonic vibrations loosen gunk from your pores, and since it's made of silicone, which is antibacterial, it's a much more hygienic alternative to other cleansing brushes that use bristles. It's hypoallergenic, too, and a single charge is good for 200 uses.


A Cream That Helps Strengthen Your Nails

Brittle nails don't stand a chance against this strengthening cream from ONYX Professional. It uses vitamins and minerals to strengthen nails and provides the perfect environment for new, healthy growth. It also works on ridged nails and nails with calcium deposits.


This Biotin-Spiked Shampoo That Helps Grow Your Hair

Grow longer, stronger hair with this Biotin shampoo from Re:Line. Biotin is a building block for stronger hair, and this shampoo delivers it directly onto the scalp. That means it helps your hair instantly, but, thanks to a mix of ingredients like aloe and rosemary, invigorates your scalp to allow it to grow longer, stronger hair in the future.


A CC Cream That Protects & Perfects Your Skin

With this Supergoop! CC Screen SPF 50, you get three products in just one step. Supergoop's cream moisturizes, tints, and provides an SPF of 50. It's great for sensitive skin types, too, because instead of using chemical ingredients, this formula uses zinc oxide to protect your skin from harmful rays. It has buildable coverage and adds luminosity all the way.


These Razors That Make Eyebrow Grooming A Total Snap

These Schick Silk Touch-Ups are perfect for people who are wary of the redness and irritation that comes with tweezing and waxing. They're angled, which makes it easy to shape your brows, and they can also be used for dermaplaning, an exfoliating technique that removes facial fuzz and the outermost layer of dead skin cells so your skin is baby-soft, which ensures your makeup goes on smoother and looks more even.


A Cult-Favorite Drying Lotion That Banishes Blemishes Overnight

A drying lotion, like this one from Mario Badescu, is perfect for those evenings when you just can't wake up with a zit the next morning. This bi-phase formula utilizes sulfur, zinc oxide, and salicylic acid to buff away skin and deliver acne-fighting ingredients directly to the source of the breakout. Zits are visibly reduced by morning, making them easier to cover with makeup.


These Magnetic Lashes That Are Perfect For Falsie Newbies

You'll never use glue-on lashes again after picking up these magnetic eyeliner lashes. They adhere to your natural lashes using the enclosed magnetized eyeliner, meaning that they're less messy than glue and reusable. And they come with an easy-to-use applicator, so even the shakiest fingers can achieve luscious lashes.


This Cloth That Melts Makeup Away With Just Water

These magic makeup removing cloths from Classic.Simple.Good don't even need soap to seamlessly remove makeup. All you need is a little water, and a circular motion, and your makeup is melted away — even stubborn waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick. And since these wipes are machine-washable, you're cutting down on waste.


A Painless Hair Remover That Might Replace Your Razor

An all-around trimmer, like the Kojintora Painless Hair Remover, is perfect for painlessly and seamlessly removing hair from large areas of your body. It gently shaves hair close to the skin without the worry of razor burn. Sensitive skin types will love how quickly and effectively this waterproof shaver removes their hair without irritation.


This Gentle Dry Shampoo That's Great For Sensitive Scalps

There's a reason that this Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk is such a cult-favorite. It's a gentle formula that sops up oil and dirt on contact without weighing down your strands. The formula utilizes oat milk, which hydrates the scalp, delivering volume and texture without drying out your hair.


A Cult-Favorite Skin Solution That Cures & Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Tend Skin Solution uses a cocktail of ingredients to prevent and treat ingrown hairs and razor bumps. A mix of acids buffs away dead skin cells so that hairs can't get trapped, and allow already-trapped hair to be able to make its way out. Use it on your legs, underarms, and face after shaving, and you'll never suffer ingrown hairs again.


This Flexible Paddle Brush That Untangles All Types Of Hair

Regardless of what kind of hair you've got, or how tangled it is, KareCo's Tangle Buster Brush has it handled. The paddle is flexible and wide, so it glides through your hair with ease. The ionic bristles won't snag or break your hair, making it a comfortable brush for every hair type.


These Exfoliating Cloths That Buff Your Entire Body

With these Mayberry Health and Home Exfoliating Bath Cloth, you'll get super smooth skin without having to use an abrasive scrub. These exfoliating cloths can be used with your soap in place of a typical washcloth — they easily buff away dead skin cells without irritation, making them great for those with sensitive or reactive skin.


A Travel-Friendly Makeup Brush That Retracts Into Itself

Brushes are one of the biggest harborers of bacteria, but this Brush Master Retractable Powder Brush removes that threat. It retracts into itself, making it perfect for travel and carrying around in your purse. The synthetic bristles are super soft, making this a brush you'll want to use when you aren't traveling, too.


This Solid Brush Cleanser That Won't Make A Mess

Cleaning brushes can get messy, which is what makes Japonesque's Brush Cleanser Balm so genius. This handy compact holds a solid brush cleaner, which means you can swirl your brushes into it without the runoff getting all over the place. Bonus: It’s coconut-scented, so your brushes are delicately perfumed after cleansing.


These Genius Eye Gels That Totally Nix Puffiness

Using caffeine and collagen, these Patchology Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels expertly remove puffiness and fatigue from your under-eyes. Since they're gels, they cling to their serum much better than other patches. If you're feeling extra puffy, you can pop these babies in the fridge for a chilly sensation that feels super soothing on tired skin.


A Growth Serum For Your Brows & Lashes

If you're looking to bulk up your lashes and brows, then this serum from Airshine is a must-have. In six weeks, you can see an increase in your lash and brow density, as well as length, by up to 55 percent. The formula is non-irritating, making it safe for folks with sensitive eyes or those who use contacts.


This Genius Spatula So You Can Get Every Last Drop Of Product Out Of The Bottle

Never waste that last bit of product at the bottom of a tube or jar again with The Spatty Beauty Spatula. This itty bitty gadget gets into your product and scrapes out all of the extra products that might be hiding in the nooks and crannies of the bottle. The handle is super long, ensuring you're reaching just about everything you can.


A Multi-Use Balm That Heals Skin All Over Your Body

Whether your skin is perpetually dry or just going through a particularly desert-like stage, La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baume B5 is a must-have for your medicine cabinet. It can be used just about everywhere — from your elbows to your lips to your face — to fix dry skin, burns, and other minor irritations in a snap. It's rich in shea butter and glycerin, offering up major moisture without being sticky or oily.


These Shadow Stencils That Keep Your Makeup From Flaking On Your Face

Never get your powder shadow all over the place again with these TaiLaiMei Professional Eyeshadow Shields. They stick directly under your eye to catch errant pigment before it settles onto your skin. They also can assist with eyelash tinting and perming, applying lipstick and creating a perfect cat eye.


A Tweezer Set That Ensures You'll Never Have An Errant Hair Again

A tweezer set, like this one from TECKMAN, can be used for more than just plucking errant hairs — although they're also great for that. The long, straight tweezers are great for plucking individual hairs precisely, while the wide, flat tweezers are great for plucking large areas of hair. But these can also be used for handy tasks around the house — like fixing jewelry or grabbing tiny objects in hard-to-reach places.


This Facial Roller That Decreases Puffiness Over Time

A facial roller, like this YouthLab Radiance Roller, is perfect for anyone who tends to wake up a little puffy. It has massage stones that roll along your face, helping with lymphatic drainage while also giving you a soothing massage. These rollers also help with product absorption, and some reviewers have claimed that their skin has tightened over time with regular use.


A Hair Straightening Brush That Cuts Down Styling Time In Half

If you're looking for a faster, easier way to straighten your hair, try this Revlon XL Hair Straightening Heated Styling Brush. It takes the effort out of straightening as you only have to use one hand — no more wrist pain. It has 10 heat settings, too, so you can customize your heat level according to your hair type.


This Lash Curler That Will Never Pinch Your Lids

This Japonesque eyelash curler will cure your fears of pinched lids forever. Since the curling cage is open, there's absolutely zero shot of your lids or lashes getting caught. It's also one of the most travel-friendly lash curlers on the market, since it collapses into itself to tuck easily into your makeup bag.


A Travel Compact That Mimics Natural Sunlight

Never complain about bad lighting again with this lighted travel makeup mirror. It has LED lights that mimic natural light when you open it, so you always know how you look IRL. It has both a regular mirror and a magnifying mirror, and its teeny enough to fit in your bag.


This Oil That Smooths Your Hair And Adds Serious Shine

A hair oil, like MIZANI’s 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil, has so many uses for your hair. You can apply it before you blow dry for shine and hydration, as a leave-in to cut down on frizz, or as a finishing step after styling. It contains olive, sunflower, and jojoba oil to strengthen, nourish, and add shine.


These Balms That Soothe And Heal Cracked Feet And Hands

Dry skin, cracked heels, and eczema don't stand a chance against these Miracle Hand Repair and Foot Repair Creams. This duo of repairing creams uses aloe vera to heal and repair dry, cracked, and flaking skin on your hands and feet. It softens as it heals, too, while also preventing against future cracks and dry skin.


A Mini Facial Steamer That Helps You Extract Blackheads At Home

Give yourself an at-home facial with the Pure Daily Care Nanosteamer. This unique hand-held steamer loosens up your pores, allowing for easy extraction. The kit also comes with five extraction tools, allowing you to get a professional-grade facial in the comfort of your own home.


This Cuticle Oil That Softens & Heals Your Hands

A cuticle oil, like this Bee Naturals Cuticle And Nail Oil, is the key to healthy and strong nails. It moisturizes the cuticles and skin around your nails using tea tree essential oil, which is rich in vitamin E. It even helps to heal the ridges in your nails, making this an all-around beneficial product for healthy hands.


This Brow Brush With A Tiny Tip That Fills In Sparse Areas

This L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer is a great option for those looking for a more natural look. Its teeny tiny applicator gets into the nooks and crannies of your brows, filling in gaps seamlessly. The spoolie brush not only helps you groom your brows easily, but it also helps to diffuse pigment if you went a little too heavy.


This Huge Toiletry Caddy With A Hook For Hanging

The Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag is a sturdy and reliable way to take your toiletries on the go. It's equipped with two side pockets, as well as a huge center pocket with a collapsable hook for hanging. It's double-stitched, so it will last for ages, and it's waterproof, so your products will stay safe even if you get caught in the rain.

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