4 Legitimate Reasons To Love Coffee

by Stephanie Montes

It’s no shock that caffeine is a huge part of our morning routine (more often than not, it also finds itself into our afternoon routine too

). But as it turns out, a cup of joe is more than just a cure for the AM blues. Here, 4 reasons to appreciate coffee a little bit more. So fill your favorite mug and read on.

Photographer: Andrew Stiles

Model: Amelia Thomas

Hair and Makeup: Alexis Swain

Styling: Rachel Zoe Studio

When Integrated Into Beauty Products, It Makes You Look Amazing

Caffeine has made its way into some of our key beauty products. We knew it was a morning miracle worker but we had no idea it could also help us look our best (and, naturally, more awake).

A Piece Of Furniture Was Made In Its Honor

Since we love a good coffee-table book stack almost as much as a fresh cappuccino, we rounded up out favorite must-own tomes to keep your home looking as classic as your closet.

You Can Make Things With It

We're always on the hunt for a great beauty DIY and our secret weapon is none other than ground coffee. Here, your beloved, everyday products get a new lease on life via these easy DIY skin and hair-care recipes.

It's A Social Media Superstar

Landslides of coffee selfies and still-life images of frothy caffeinated beverages replete with custom portrait designs constantly overflow our social feeds, but never more so than when Starbucks introduces a new fall flavor. Here's looking at you, Toasted Graham Latte.