32 Clever Home Products You'll Get Tons Of Compliments On

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by Julia O'Donnell
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Whether you’re hosting an elaborate dinner party or drinking wine on the couch with a friend, you probably want visitors to feel cared for and comfortable in your home — and maybe a little impressed. If you’re someone who hosts often, you're likely already equipped with all of the essentials. However, there are plenty of unique home products out there that you may not have heard of yet. Take these clever home products from Amazon, for example, which are guaranteed to garner tons of compliments from family members and friends.

Even if you’re not someone who often has guests over, you’ll still likely appreciate many of the products on this list. After all, each item was hand-selected for its ingenuity and usefulness, with many items providing practical solutions to problems you may not have realized you had. Plus, due to their practicality and uncanny ability to impress just about anyone, many of these products also make excellent gifts, especially for the type of person who’s difficult to shop for. And, conveniently, everything on the list is available on Amazon, with most items being eligible for free, two-day Prime shipping.

Intrigued? Keep reading to discover some of the most ingenious home products on Amazon right now — and prepare for lots of inquiries asking where you found them.


A Hassle-Free Way To Chop Onions (& Other Veggies) Without Tears Or Irritation

Reviewers can't seem to stop raving about this popular vegetable chopper; garnering more than 5,000 positive reviews, the device has an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars. Not only it does it take the hassle out of chopping or dicing fruits, vegetables, cheese, and more, but the built-in storage container contains excess vapors from chopped onions, which helps minimize tears and irritation. Featuring two stainless steel blade attachments in two different sizes, it's dishwasher safe, and comes with its own cleaning brush.


These Unique Scented Candles To Remind You Of Home

If you or a loved one is far away from home, these unique scented candles are a great way to fend off homesickness. Each candle is formulated with a unique scent inspired by one of the fifty states — think baked apple and maple for Vermont; bourbon, cedarwood, and vanilla for Kentucky — to give you a little whiff of home whenever you need it.


A Smartly Designed Tiered Rack For Serving Dips, Chips, & More

An excellent way to serve chips, dips, and other snacks, this serving bowl set not only looks great, but also saves space. The stylish design features a triple-tiered metal rack that holds three ceramic serving bowls: one large, one medium, and one small. When not in use, the rack can easily be broken down and laid flat, and the bowls stack together neatly. Plus, the bowls are freezer-, microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe, making for easy prep and painless cleanup.


This Clever Way To Keep Track Of Everyone's Drinks When You're Hosting

Sure, these Swarovski crystal charms look pretty, but they also serve a practical purpose. Designed to attach to a drinking glass using powerful magnets, the brightly colored charms ensure guests' drinks won't get mixed up when you're hosting a dinner or wine night. Plus, while most wine glass charms can only be used with stemware, the unique magnet design means these work with any type of glass.


This Ingenious Wall Outlet That Doubles As A Shelf For Whatever It Is You're Charging

Make the most of your wall outlets with this space-efficient surge protector — not only does does it turn a single outlet into six AC outlets and two USB ports, but it even has a nifty built-in shelf to hold your phone, tablet, or other devices as they're charging. "I got this because it looked cool, and I love gadgets that make my life easier. I had no idea that I actually NEEDED it!" one reviewer gushed.


The Top-Rated Sandwich Maker That Reviewers Say Is "Life-Changing"

The fanfare surrounding this popular breakfast sandwich maker is pretty impressive. The user-friendly device has more than 6,500 positive reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars. Reviewers rave about how it's easy to use and even easier to clean, and love how can be used for a whole range of different sandwiches. "This little thing is amazing," one person wrote. "Changed my life."


An Anti-Odor, Motion-Sensor Trash Can With More Than 8,000 Glowing Reviews

If you're the type of person who's constantly aware of all the bacteria that's often hiding on household surfaces, you'll love this no-touch trash can. The can's lid is equipped with a motion sensor, which causes it to automatically open when it senses your hand nearby. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the 13-gallon can looks modern and sleek, and even comes with a built-in carbon filter to absorb and neutralize odors.


A Stylish Wine Bottle Rack You'll Want To Display

Made up of stacks of terra cotta-colored waves, this chic wine bottle rack will add a modern touch to any space. The interlocking design is durable, easy to clean, and easy to assemble, and can hold up to 12 bottles of wine at once. "It looks better than the photos," one Amazon reviewer reported. "I have had multiple compliments on it!"


An Easy Way To Make Infused Water, Herbal Tea, & More

If you struggle to drink as much water as you'd like, this infuser pitcher is for you. The process of infusing your water with flavor is easy — simply fill the inner chamber with fruit, herbs, cucumbers, or whatever else you like, then fill the rest with water. Plus, since it's made of heat-safe borosilicate glass, the pitcher can also be used to make hot tea.


An Ingenious Kitchen Hack That You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

A must for anyone who loves cooking, this nifty pan lid holder will minimize messes and save precious counter space. Designed to hold the lid of the pot or pan you're cooking with until you're ready to use it, it also has a built-in tray to set down your spatula or spoon. "Ahhh, the little things in life," wrote one reviewer. "This holder is the best thing ever!"


The Cutest Magnetic Key Holder That Won't Damage Your Walls

There’s a lot to love about this cloud-shaped key holder. It’s adorable, obviously, but it’s also a great way to ensure you’ll always know where to find your keys. Rather than using hooks, it uses powerful hidden magnets to hold up to four heavy sets of keys, creating a minimalist look that reviewers can’t get enough of. Plus, it adheres to the wall using a super-strong adhesive backing, meaning you won’t have to use any nails or screws that create holes in the wall.


A Space-Saving Toothpaste Dispenser With Tons Of Handy Features

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder really does it all: in addition to holding up to three toothbrushes, the top acts as a shelf to hold skin care products, and a small drawer provides even more extra storage space. Plus, it even has a built-in toothpaste dispenser and cup holder, and strong suction cups make it easy to install on your bathroom wall.


A Motion-Activated Soap Dispenser That's Actually Stylish

Germaphobes will love this automatic soap dispenser — not only will its modern design add a sleek, stylish element to your bathroom, but you'll never have to touch a bacteria-laden soap pump again (at least, not in your own home). The battery-operated dispenser can hold 10.25 ounces of any liquid soap, and dispenses 1 milliliter of soap each time its motion sensor is activated.


These Smudge-Resistant Markers To Label Wine Glasses & More

Another unique way to prevent guests' drinks from getting mixed up, these smudge-resistant wine glass markers will be a hit at your next party. The markers have other practical uses, too — use them to label jars and other glass containers, write a note on a bottle of wine you're giving as a gift, or even to create temporary messages on windows or ceramic tiles. "We leave them out and find that people like to draw and design all over their wine glass," shared one reviewer.


A Luxe Velvet Ottoman With A Hidden Storage Compartment

Featuring soft, sumptuous velvet upholstery and chic gold-tone legs, this ottoman will add a luxe look to just about any space. But that's not the only reason to love it — inside the cushion, there's a hidden storage compartment where you can hide things like books, candles, and games. Choose from four colors: black, blush, grey, or teal.


A Set Of Silicone Trays To Make Ice Cubes In Fun, Different Shapes (Like Diamonds & Stars)

A great way to make any beverage feel a little more special, these silicone ice trays make it easy to create ice cubes in the a variety of fun shapes: diamonds, hearts, stars, or flowers. Sold in an affordable pack of two eight-piece trays, they'll be a sure hit for parties, but are also fun for everyday. Plus, they can also be used to create a variety of other frozen treats, such as fruit popsicles, chocolates, or frozen wine pops.


A Heavy-Duty Cleaning Brush With A Built-In Soap Dispenser

Tackle baked-on food dishes and other tricky cleaning projects with this tough cleaning brush. The brush's ergonomic design makes it easy to apply a ton of pressure, while the sturdy nylon bristles effortlessly scrub away even the most stubborn of messes. Plus, you can fill the brush's inner compartment with soap, and it'll automatically dispense it with the push of a button.


This Clever Little Invention That Aerates Wine As It's Poured

For an effortless way to make any wine taste better, it doesn't get much better than these aerating spouts. After being attached to the mouth of any wine bottle, the leak-proof spout exposes the wine to the optimal amount of oxygen, a process otherwise known as aerating. Sold in an affordable pack of two, the spouts really do make wine taste better, according to more than 700 perfect five-star reviews.


An Adjustable Rack To Keep Your Bakeware & Cutting Boards Organized

Use this popular bakeware rack to store cookie trays, pie tins, cooling racks, and more — not only will it keep everything neat and organized, but it's also an efficient use of space, and makes it easy to view and access everything that it's holding. The innovative design includes a sturdy, slip-proof base equipped with seven coated steel dividers, which can be easily adjusted to fit bakeware of varying widths.


A Wireless Charging Station Made Of Sleek-Looking Bamboo

Replace your unsightly tangle of cords with this stylish wireless charger; made of smooth bamboo, it'll add a modern, minimalist element to any room, all while ensuring you'll never have to search the house for a perpetually-missing charger again. The charging station comes with an extra-long USB cord, making it easy to set up on any desk, nightstand, or shelf. Like all wireless chargers, it's not compatible with some older models of smart phones, so make sure your phone supports wireless charging before you order.


An Adjustable Rotating Organizer For All Your Cosmetics

There's lots to love about this top-rated cosmetics organizer. First of all, it's completely transparent and designed to rotate a full 360-degrees, making it easy to view and access all of your products. Plus, it's completely adjustable — the top shelf has removable dividers to create compartments, and the height of the middle shelves can be also be customized.


An Affordable Water Pump To Replace Disposable Water Bottles

This user-friendly water pump connects directly to a standard 5-gallon water jug, filling reusable bottles with fresh, filtered water with the push of a button. An eco-friendly way to avoid using disposable water bottles, the pump has earned the enthusiastic approval of hundreds of Amazon reviewers, who say it's easy to use, pumps quickly, and that the USB-powered battery lasts for weeks between charges.


These Energy-Efficient Smart Bulbs That Light Up In A Rainbow Of Colors

The right lighting can instantly transform a space, which is why these smart LED light bulbs are so essential. By using the companion app, you can set the bulbs to warm or cool light, or choose from a whole rainbow of fun color options. Plus, if you own a Google Assistant or Echo device, you can pair it with the bulbs to enable voice commands.


A Sturdy Storage Rack To Keep Your Pots & Pans Organized

Keep your pots and pans neat and accessible by storing them vertically in this space-saving cookware organizer. Made of sturdy stainless steel with a gleaming chrome finish, its five shelves are height adjustable, so you won't need to worry about your pots and pans fitting. Although you have the option of mounting it with screws, reviewers say it's more than sturdy enough to stand up on its own.


A Quick Way To Make Any Style Of Eggs With Barely Any Effort

Amazon reviewers can't stop raving about this egg cooker, giving it more than 3,000 perfect five-star reviews. The user-friendly device's dual-layer trays can seemingly do it all — steam, poach, boil, scramble, fry, and even make an omelet. Afterward, the cooker automatically shuts off, and reviewers say cleanup is surprisingly easy. "How did I get by without this?" asked one reviewer.


An Adjustable Organizer For Your Food Container Lids

If keeping your collection of food container lids under control feels like a constant battle, this lid organizer is the perfect solution. The design is simple, but effective — the sturdy plastic tray has five dividers, which can be adjusted to fit lids of various sizes (up to 9 inches wide). "I love, love, love this storage container," wrote one reviewer. "Sounds silly, but it changed my life. No longer do I have storage container jenga!"


A Lift-Top Coffee Table With Tons Of Room For Storage

Lift the tabletop on this sleek coffee table to reveal a hidden storage compartment under its surface, which is spacious enough to hold books, office supplies, and more. A must for anyone living in a small space, the lower part of the table doubles as a three-section shelf, and the tabletop can function as a desk or workspace when it's lifted.


A Motion-Activated Nighlight That You Can Stick Anywhere

Stick this LED-powered nightlight anywhere in your home — a hallway, a bathroom, a closet, under or next to your bed — and it will automatically turn on whenever its motion detector senses someone nearby. Unlike harsh blue light, the warm, soft light won't disrupt sleep or suppress your body's natural melatonin production, which means you won't be up for hours after a late-night bathroom break.


A Classic French Cooking Tool To Grate Fresh Garlic, Spices, & More

Finely grate garlic — plus ingredients like ginger, nutmeg, hard cheese, and more — with this French-style grater plate. The three-piece set includes a gorgeous ceramic dish with a built-in fine grater, a stiff kitchen brush to help extract your ingredients from the dish after they've been grated, and a handy silicone garlic peeler. "This is a lovely trio, and works even better than it looks," wrote one reviewer.


The Only Echo Smart Home Device With A Screen

A user-friendly smart home device that's perfect for beginners, Amazon's Echo Show 5 has an impressive range of features, despite its affordable price tag. On top of all of Alexa’s baseline features, the addition of a video-capable display screen means the Show can take photos and videos, stream movies and TV, make calls using video, and even monitor your baby’s room.


These Cute Little Taco Stands That Serve A Functional Purpose, Too

Amp up your taco Tuesday nights with this four-piece set of taco holder stands. They'll keep both hard and soft tacos upright, so you can serve them without all the fillings falling out. They also make a great gift for your friend or family member who can't get enough of Mexican food.


These Cool Backlight Strips For Your TV — & They Can Help With Eye Strain, Too

Use these LED strip lights to backlight your TV, which creates a contrasting effect that looks high-tech and cool. Reviewers love that the lights are designed with a strong adhesive backing, making them super easy to install, and several people even find that they help minimize eye strain and fatigue. The included remote control allows users to adjust the light's color, brightness, and more, or you can sync it up to simply turn on and off with your TV.

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