31 Genius Things On Amazon That Instantly Make Everything Seem Nicer

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by Julia O'Donnell
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There are probably a few parts of your life that you don’t necessarily consider ideal, but have come to accept as unavoidable. Life is full of small inconveniences, and getting too hung up on minor issues is rarely worth it. Sometimes, though, a small tweak or a certain product can significantly improve your home, appearance, or everyday routine, all without costing much or requiring a ton of effort. Case in point: Amazon is practically teeming with genius things that instantly make everything seem nicer — and discovering them for yourself is as easy as reading through this list.

This editor-curated roundup features shortcuts to simplify, beautify, and generally improve practically every aspect of your daily routine, so no matter which areas of your life could use some TLC, prepare to be inspired by the products featured here. Every item is not only easy to use and relatively affordable, but they all can be purchased on Amazon, making it incredibly convenient to incorporate them into your life.

Curious? Just keep reading — once you’ve tried these for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to survive without them.


An Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier, & LED Nightlight In One

Equal parts functional and stylish, the faux marble finish gives this essential oil diffuser a cool, decorative look. The compact, user-friendly device doubles as cool mist humidifier that adds moisture into the air along with the fragrance of your favorite essential oils. It's made of durable, BPA-free hard plastic and features two mist settings, a built-in timer, and an LED-powered light with seven color options.


A Smart Light Bulb That Can Be Controlled Using Your Voice

Upgrade the lighting in your home with this Wi-Fi-powered smart lightbulb. Once connected to the internet using the Kasa app, or by syncing it up to a smart home device (like an Amazon Echo or Google Assistant), the bulb can be turned on and off remotely, whether that's from across the room, from work, or from halfway around the world. The bulb is an effective way to convince potential intruders you're home when you're actually not, and its warmth and color can also be adjusted, making it easy to set the right mood.


These Whimsical String Lights That Make Any Space Feel Magical

Reviewers can't get enough of these dainty string lights — of the 13,500 shoppers who left feedback after buying them, a full 80% gave them a perfect five-star review. An easy way to instantly add a touch of magic to practically any space, the 300 warm-toned LED bulbs are durable and waterproof, so you can use them both indoors and out. Plus, they have eight different light-up settings, including flashing and slow fade.


A Set Of Clear Containers With So Many Possible Uses

However you use these apothecary jars — on your vanity for makeup sponges and cotton swabs or in the kitchen to hold tea bags, sugar cubes, and spices — they'll make it easy to keep things organized and neat. And, because they're completely transparent, you'll be able to see how much you have left of what's inside. The set includes three jars of different sizes, each made of easy-to-clean hard plastic with a matching plastic lid.


A Gorgeous Silk Scarf That Can Be Worn So Many Different Ways

Sumptuously silky, this oversized satin scarf makes even the simplest of outfits feel effortlessly sophisticated. There are so many creative ways to wear it: tied around your neck, head, or bag, or artfully tied into a laid-back summer top. Measuring a generous 35 by 35 inches, it's available in a gorgeous array of unique, vibrant patterns.


A Luxurious Shower Head That Feels Like A Tropical Rainfall

Yes, this shower head looks modern and sophisticated, but that's far from the only reason to love it. The two-in-one design includes a generously sized shower head that's designed to feel like soothing tropical rain, plus a handheld face with seven different settings. Reviewers say it's remarkably quick and easy to install, and doesn't require any extra tools. "As a person who's always felt showering was a chore to get over with, this shower head has made showering something I look forward to everyday," one Amazon reviewer wrote.


These Gorgeous Cuff Earrings That Will Elevate Any Outfit

If you love sparkle, but not too much sparkle, these gorgeous huggie earrings offer a great middle ground. Named for the way they lightly hug your earlobe, the tiny hoops are encrusted in a dainty row of sparkling cubic zirconia, which reviewers swear are convincing enough to pass for genuine diamonds. They're plated in your choice of 14-karat rose, yellow, or white gold, and are also lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic.


A Slow-Burning Candle You'll Want To Buy In Every Scent

A great candle can instantly transform the ambience in your space, and according to reviewers, these candles create a luxurious mood at a budget-friendly price. Hand-poured in the USA, the slow-burning candles are made with paraben-free, eco-friendly soy wax. They're available in a range of gorgeous natural scents, including Espresso Bean, Lemon Biscotti, and the especially popular Pineapple Evergreen.


A Simple Sweater Comb That Safely Removes Pills & Fuzz From Fine Knits

Revive the plush feel of a pill-covered sweater or blanket with this popular sweater comb from NYC-based garment care brand The Laundress. It's an especially great option for fine knits like cashmere, wool, merino, and mohair — compared to an electric fabric shaver, the simple comb makes it much easier to avoid mistakes and accidental snags. "With this comb, you get to manage the level of 'tug' on the sweater, rather than being at the mercy of a battery-operated device," one reviewer noted. "Works like a charm."


A Pre-Potted Plant That's Super Easy To Care For

Proof you can order literally anything on Amazon, this real, live snake plant will arrive pre-planted and ready to go, complete with its own stylish planter. Snake plants are famously easy to care for; they require minimal water and thrive in low light, but can often do just fine near a sunny window, too. "Wow!!!!" one reviewer gushed. "I just received my snake plant and it is absolutely beautiful! I am so so pleased. Already looking for more plants to order through Costa Farms."


An Easy Way To Temporarily Adjust A Hemline Without Sewing

Save yourself a trip to the tailor's (and a potential wardrobe malfunction) with these user-friendly fashion tape strips. The 100 strips are made with a strong, double-sided adhesive, allowing you to temporarily adjust any hems on dresses, pants, or skirts, and easily keep your off-the-shoulder or deep-V tops in place.


A Clever Way To Make The Grout In Tiled Floors Look New Again

Over time, grout between ceramic tiles tends to get dirty and stained — which is where this ingenious grout pen comes in. The pen will not only make tough stains from mold, mildew, and dirt disappear, but its anti-bacterial formula helps prevent more mold from growing in the future. It's available in three colors — cream, white, and terra cotta — making it easy to match the grout in your home.


A Set Of Classic Leather Belts In Two Versatile Colors

A classic leather belt can effortlessly make any outfit feel 10 times more put together, which is what makes this affordable set of two such belts a smart addition to any wardrobe. Their smooth (vegan) leather look will never go out of style, and the two neutral colors will go with everything in your closet. Meanwhile, their '90s-inspired double-O hardware adds the perfect hint of glam, whether you're wearing one with jeans or a flowy maxi skirt.


A Gorgeous Bamboo Bathtub Caddy To Take At-Home Spa Nights To The Next Level

Elevate your self-care sessions with this gorgeous bath caddy. Made of naturally antibacterial, eco-friendly bamboo, the spacious tray has more than enough space for all your self-care essentials: candles, bath salts, a book ... you get the idea. Plus, because the width is adjustable, you won't need to worry about whether it'll fit your bathtub.


A Fuss-Free Way To Upgrade Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

When it comes to ways to significantly upgrade your space without a lot of effort (or money), it's hard to top these peel and stick tiles. Waterproof and mold-resistant, they look exactly like real ceramic tiles, but because they use adhesive backs to attach to your backsplash, you can easily remove them whenever you need to. Choose from seven stylish colors.


These Vintage-Inspired String Lights That Can Be Used Both Indoors & Out

Vintage-inspired, globe-like bulbs give these popular string lights a slightly rustic, antique look. With their warm glow and twinkling design, the lights will add a cozy touch to any indoor or outdoor space. Each 25-foot string is dotted with 25 bulbs, and because you can connect up to three strings together at once, the lights can create a total length of 75 feet.


A High-Quality Accent Rug At An Unbeatable Price

This stylish accent rug is almost shockingly affordable, but you'd never be able to guess that just by looking at it. It's available in a wide range of sizes and stylish designs, making it easy to find options that work for your space and complement your home's decor. Plus, the synthetic materials with which it's made were chosen because they're meant to resist stains, so the rug is durable enough to work in high-traffic areas like a living room or hallway.


A Portable Tin Of Mink Oil To Care For Leather Items

Mink oil is one of the oldest, most trusted ways to waterproof, preserve, and condition leather. This handy tin is particularly great because it's compact and portable enough to stash in your purse, making it easy to keep on hand for whenever you may need it. Mink oil is safe to use on leather boots, shoes, jackets, and more. That said, it can occasionally darken the color of some leather, so it's smart to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.


A Travel-Friendly Garment Steamer With Over 5,000 Five-Star Reviews

Only on Amazon would something as seemingly mundane as this garment steamer receive this much breathless fanfare: Garnering over 5,500 perfect five-star reviews, the device has maintained a near-perfect average rating of 4.5 stars. What's all the buzz about? One reviewer summed it up succinctly: "It heats up fast and is small enough to not take up too much space in my luggage," they wrote. "But most importantly, it does an awesome job at steaming my clothes!”


An Affordable & Effective Shoe Cleaning Kit

Once you've tried Jason Markk's shoe cleaning solution for yourself, you'll understand why it's such a best-seller. The gentle formula not only gets the job done effectively, but it's 100% biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals. And, because it's highly concentrated, a single bottle is enough to clean up to 100 pairs of shoes. Sold alongside a sturdy cleaning brush, dozens of fans swear by the two products to clean almost any type of shoes, including those made of leather, suede, canvas, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh, and more.


These Best-Selling Polishing Cloths To Restore The Shine To Tarnished Metal Items

Stylishly packaged in a vintage-inspired tin, these pre-moistened polishing cloths are an easy and effective way to clean, polish, and protect any metal item. Use them to restore the shine to tarnished antiques, silverware, jewelry, watches and more. Amazon reviewers swear they're nothing short of magical — of the nearly 1,000 shoppers who rated or reviewed them, a full 85% left a perfect five-star rating.


A Set Of Remote-Controlled Lights You Can Install Anywhere

Install these LED-powered puck lights under your kitchen cabinets, on bookshelves, in your hallway, or around your vanity — once you start thinking of ways to use them, you'll never be able to stop. Sold in a pack of six, the battery-operated lights come with a handy remote control, which can dim their brightness, set them up on a timer, and turn them on and off from up to 15 feet away.


A Small & Compact Jewelry Cleaning Pen

Restore the original sparkle of diamonds and other fine jewelry with the best-selling Diamond Dazzle Stik. Compact and portable, the pen is filled with an impressively effective jewelry cleaning solution which it dispenses to a gentle brush tip, making it easy to clean your favorite pieces no matter where you are. "The brush tip is very helpful for getting under the stones and in the setting where gunk builds up," one reviewer noted approvingly.


A Polishing Kit That Makes It Easy To Revitalize Wood Furniture

Clean, restore, and protect wood furniture and other wooden items with this wood care polish and conditioner, which is made with beeswax, carnauba wax, orange oil, and more. The multi-purpose solution cleans, conditions, and shines wood, prevents wood finishes from deteriorating and drying out, and serves as a guardian against spills and stains.


This Best-Selling Fabric Shaver To Keep Your Sweaters Looking Like New

Breathe new life into pill-covered sweaters, blankets, and other knit items with this electric fabric shaver. Compact and user-friendly, the battery-operated device has three shave settings and two speeds, and comes with two replacement stainless steel blades. Amazon shoppers say it's “easy to use,” giving it more than 41,000 perfect five-star ratings thus far.


This Genius Product That Reviewers Swear Will Transform Your Hair In Just 8 Seconds

L’Oreal promises its Wonder Water needs only eight seconds to make your hair silky, shiny, and impossibly soft. And, according to its rapidly rising cult-following, it does exactly that. "I don't know what magic this is, but after only two uses, my hair has become so soft and shiny!" one reviewer reported. Plus, unlike rich hair masks, this weightless water won't leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy afterward.


An Ingenious Way To Elevate Practically Any Household Surface

Anything marble automatically seems expensive, which is exactly what makes this marble contact paper so ingenious. Made of durable, waterproof PVC with adhesive on one side, reviewers swear the faux marble surface actually looks convincing enough to pass for the real thing. Use it to cover just about any smooth surface — countertops, shelves, cabinets, doors — and don't worry, it's easy to remove too.


A Quick, Painless Alternative To Plucking, Waxing, Or Threading

An effective alternative to tweezing, waxing, or threading, this electric hair remover makes it easy to clean up your brows in mere seconds. This rechargeable device uses sharp, precise stainless steel blades to provide a clean, close trim with zero pain or hassle. And, you don’t just have to use it for your brows, it’s also suitable for your lip, chin, and nose.


This Top-Rated Cleaner For All Your Stainless Steel Fixtures & Appliances

If your kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel, this popular stainless steel cleaner and polish is absolutely essential. The top-rated product comes with a microfiber polishing cloth, which works together with the plant-based formula to effectively remove streaks, fingerprints, and dirt with minimal effort. "This stuff is absolute MAGIC," one reviewer wrote. "I didn't know it was possible to get this hyped up over a stainless steel cleaner."


An Ingenious Spray To Conceal Grown-Out Roots Between Salon Visits

Between trips to the salon, conceal your grown-out roots with this innovative touch-up spray. Available in eight common hair colors, the spray-on formula quickly and effectively covers your roots until your next shampoo, at which point the color will easily wash out. "Love this stuff!" one reviewer gushed. "Where has it been my whole life? I have been coloring my roots like a mad-woman, having no idea that this stuff existed."


The Steam Cleaner With So Many Practical Uses

Lightweight and easy to manage, the user-friendly device comes with seven different attachments to use on various materials and surfaces, all of which can effectively clean dirt, grime, grease, grout, and more. And, it doesn’t require chemicals to clean (only water), so you can feel good about using it all over your home.

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