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The Versatile Jewelry Brand That's Perfect For Gifting This Holiday Season

By Brynn Wallner

If you’re like us, you’re probably a little stressed about what to get your loved ones for the holidays. How do you find the perfect gift for the most extraordinary people in your life in the most extraordinary year? After much deliberation, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to tell someone you love them is with jewelry; and in 2020, that jewelry is made with quality lab-grown diamonds.

Before we dive into our favorite selections, you may be wondering: Why lab-grown diamonds? Well, they’re scientifically made so that beautiful, sparkling jewelry can be available at a fraction of the price of natural diamonds. They share the same chemical makeup as their natural sisters, and are optically identical. In other words? The choice is now yours to give friends jewelry that shines as bright as they do. We’ve curated an editor-approved selection of the best pieces from Lightbox Jewelry, the authority in lab-grown diamonds — necklaces, rings, and bracelets that are on-trend and lust-worthy to even the most discerning eye. By the way, if you’re browsing through this list and see something you personally love, you may as well treat yourself. 2020 is all about self-care, right?

A Princess-Cut Stone For The Princess In Your Life

This gorgeous one-carat stone is set in a 14k gold pendant, maximizing sparkle for your friend whose life sometimes feels like a fairy tale. Now hurry and get this necklace for them before the clock strikes midnight.

A Necklace For The Minimalist Maximist

For your BFF who likes to make a statement, but does so in an understated way. This half-carat stone is set in a pierced gold pendant. It’s simple, but just striking enough to make people do a double-take. It’s also perfect for layering.

A Cuff Bracelet For Cuffing Season

This solitaire cuff bracelet is what you get your partner when you’re just about ready to settle down. Of course, “settling down” took on new meaning this year, as many of us realized whose company we actually enjoyed for weeks on end. Maybe you just want to tell your roommate: “Look, winter’s here, and we’re going to be spending a lot of time together… and I’m thrilled about that!”

A Cure For The Quarantine Blues

A necklace for that friend who might need a little extra TLC after this stressful year. After all, what better way to chase away the blues than with a stunning blue necklace? The stone is set in a classic halo pendant available in a variety of carat sizes, meaning you can amp up the sparkle, if you please (hint: it never hurts to amp up the sparkle).

Mini Studs For The Mega Trendsetter

These earrings are fun and versatile, making them a go-to for layering. They’re a no-fail gift for the most stylish of your friends, even the ones who rock the most outrageous looks. Seriously, they go with everything. And they’re mini! We love mini.

A Pair Of Hoops For The Life Of The Party

Life of the party friend, meet the life of the party hoops. These earrings feature a classic solitaire round brilliant design, set in a solid gold hoop. Shine bright like a (lab-grown) diamond!

For Your Ice, Ice Baby

This icy goody is perfect for anyone looking to bling in the new year. It’s a halo earring (a jewelry essential) that comes in a variety of colors and carat sizes. 2021 is calling your name in these.

Studs For The Perennial Romantic

We have three words for you: pretty in pink. These one-carat stones, set in a classic solitaire setting, are tasty little treats for the ears. So sweet, so cute, so perfect for the friend in your life who always delights in those romantic details.