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Lauren Ash Is Unstoppable in Paving the Way for Black Womxn in the Wellness Space

By Rania Bolton

The changing seasons bring with them a sense of renewed energy, which seems especially invigorating during fall. It marks a time when we prioritize our wellbeing, and by doing so, look to unstoppable individuals to pave the way. What we put out into the world is oftentimes a direct reflection of what we pour into ourselves, and it’s never been more critical to invest in our own wellness for the months ahead.

Lauren Ash is someone whose daily work centers around creating spaces of empowerment, wellness, and tranquility for Black womxn. As the founder of Black Girl In Om, a community created for Black womxn to “breathe easy,” she has impacted the lives of many people who haven’t seen themselves represented in the wellness industry. “In 2014, I started Black Girl In Om because I needed a space that centered and affirmed my needs as a Black woman, where I could heal and connect about wellbeing with others just like me. I didn’t see it, so I created it,” says Ash. Because of her role in mental health advocacy, Ash practices resistance in the forms of meditation, journaling, breathwork, and more. The more time she invests in herself and this radical way of living, the better she’s able to transform the lives of her community members.

Though Ash’s work may not directly involve fashion, her sense of style — much like her recent exploration into watercolor painting — is one way in which she expresses herself. “My fall style reflects the changing weather and shifting natural landscape,” she says. “I actually seem to be in a mental space to hone my style each year during fall, which I think has something to do with being creatively inspired by nature.” For morning walks and park-bound meditation sessions, Ash prefers SOREL’s Lennox Lace Boot in white for its waterproof properties and chic modern finish. Empowering her to better connect with the Black Girl In Om community in Minnesota and beyond, Ash boldly incorporates the boot into her everyday style.

For A Solo Date Night On The Patio

‘Covered up’ has never looked so cool, and this look can take Ash from day to date night on the patio at her favorite sushi spot. The deep green funnel-neck sweater and cognac-colored leather pants welcome fall with open arms. The best part of the ensemble? The pop of white from her Lennox Lace Boot. The versatility of this outfit helps Ash conquer her typical day, from hosting online Black Girl In Om community events during the day, to solo dinner dates at night.

For Self-Portrait Capturing In The Sun

Taking glamorous selfies from the patio is Ash’s perfect excuse to take it up a notch from her everyday look. Surrounded by sunshine and creativity (taking selfies is an art), it’s a way she pours into herself to be a better and bolder leader. The dark charcoal draped blouse, which allows her accessories to do most of the talking, pairs well with a deep terracotta knit skirt.

For Cozying Up Comfortably

After her recent move back to her home state of Minnesota, for Ash, there’s no better feeling than cozying up with her mom in her new place over a nice dinner. Being at home while wearing her most comfortable outfit — a sweater dress that feels more like a warm hug — makes her feel at ease. “I gravitate towards pieces that make me feel more like me,” she says. Surrounding herself with family is another way she invests in herself and her mental wellbeing.

For this mental health advocate, community leader, and teacher, being an unstoppable individual is not only what Lauren Ash does but who she is. Her SOREL boots encourage her to hit the ground running and lead confidently, boldly, and with purpose. Taking time to do the things she loves like treating herself to a nice meal, being in front of the camera, and spending time with family, supports the alignment of her goals and overall wellness journey.