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In The Market: 12 Editor-Approved Accessories That You *Need* In Your Holiday Rotation

By Kate Marin

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new designer handbag or clearing out a few under-loved pieces from your wardrobe, there’s no better time to enter the world of luxury resale than now. Not only is it a more environmentally conscious way to shop, but it’s also way smarter: With the help of a little market research, it’s clear as day what items maintain (or even increase) in value over time. So yes, you can think of your next big handbag purchase as an informed investment rather than a splurge.

Just in time for the holiday season, we partnered up with StockX — a live marketplace for authenticated designer goods — to pin down the most luxurious, on-trend accessories in the luxury resale market. From vintage Chanel to the latest Gucci waist-bag, three of our editors share the holy-grail handbags that will heighten your wardrobe now and last for years to come.