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How To Master The Art Of Self-Gifting This Holiday Season

By Isabella Biedenharn

This season, we're making the case for self-gifting — for not letting your own needs get lost in the festive shuffle, and for keeping self-care a priority during what’s arguably the least zen time of the year. Often it’s the smallest indulgences that are the most meaningful. Treat yourself to a luxurious hot shower or a rejuvenating solo lunch after a frenzied day of shopping, and you'll be amazed by how relaxed and recharged you’ll feel to meet the rest of the holiday season with joy. In partnership with Olay Body, read on for some of our favorite ways to self-gift this season.

No matter how packed your schedule gets, there’s always time to escape for a shower. Take advantage of those uninterrupted minutes by caring for yourself and your skin. Olay Body Wash contains nourishing shea butter and a unique moisture-lock technology that keeps skin soft and hydrated long after you've dried off, without any sticky, coated feel.

Whether you're a silk-and-lace kind of person or you prefer to wrap yourself in the coziest knit possible, no article of clothing is more suited for me time quite like a robe. Slip into your favorite style while wrapping gifts, so even a chore becomes a lovely moment of self-care.

Even the most enthusiastic gift buyer isn’t immune to the stress of long lines, checkout disputes, and the generally frenzied pace of holiday shopping season. Ease the tension in the middle of one of these days by taking yourself out to a relaxing solo lunch. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a beat and actually enjoy the bustling scene. New to dining alone? Bring a book to pore over or listen to your favorite podcast while you eat.

Forget summer blockbusters or art-house indies: This is peak season for feel-good rewatches, especially when you’re travelling. Set your work out of office, splurge on the comfiest noise-cancelling headphones you can find, and let yourself chill out to whatever heart-warming movies or TV shows will get you through your flight or train ride. (Driving? Try a guilty pleasure audiobook or playlist.)

Serene holiday travel starts with easy packing. Eliminate potential frustration (or unexpected checked bags) by using packing cubes. They keep everything safely and neatly tucked away in its place, so there’s no need for rifling, refolding, or worrying about your toiletry bag exploding all over your silk blouse.


This post is sponsored by Olay Body.