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How To Level Up Every Look With This Unexpected Staple Accessory

By Kate Marin

Sunglasses, jewelry, hats, and hair clips — we all have a trusty go-to accessory that’s sure to add a little something extra to any look. And whether your style leans minimal and casual or loud and daring, there are a few accessory options that prove universal — socks being one of our year-round favorites.

Styled and modeled by the ultra-cool Bianca Valle, we’re showing off three different ways to make socks the centerpiece of your look (and the amazing Happy Socks styles you need to make each look yours). Paired with an easy pair of sneakers or dressed up with a blazer, Bianca Valle shows us that the key to playful dressing (and unexpected gifting) is all in a fun pair of socks.

“I think people overlook socks because they haven’t realized how great they are,” Valle says. She styled this look around Flower Power Happy Socks, adding a bit of playfulness with a high-contrast print.

“I danced around the cool colors of this pair and went for a really funky street style vibe,” Valle explains. “Biker shorts and a blazer is always a chic outfit and a great time to show off your socks.”

"When you wear Happy Socks with long pants and they peep out, their bright fun nature will put a smile on anyone’s face."

“My personal style is always changing, but dances around the same silhouettes that I love,” Valle says. “Statement tees, baggy straight-leg jeans, clean socks, and sneakers are my go-tos.” For this look, Valle embraced one of her favorite trends: neon. “Right now neon is big, and it looks great when paired with other bright colors,” she says. Inspired by her Tiger Dot Happy Socks, Valle completes the look with an oversized crewneck and statement necklaces.

For afternoons spent working at her art studio in Los Angeles, Valle keeps her look casual and comfortable with a baby blue monochrome set and Squiggly Happy Socks.

“Socks can really be a key element in an outfit,” Valle says. “My daily uniform is quite simple, but my socks always make it fun and interesting.”

Photos: Ariel Lofaro.