How To Channel Gucci’s Maximalism In Your Own Wardrobe

If there’s one word you associate with Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, let it be extravagance.

The brand has gone through many aesthetic phases throughout its long history, but never has it seen such success as now — and that’s entirely due to its grandiose. Gucci’s popularity can be owed to Michele’s precise branding where bold colors, oversized retro accessories, remixed silhouettes, and logos take the forefront for an all-out, glamorously eclectic look that’s never been so distinct. Gucci’s Cruise 2019 is no exception, with daring patterns and peculiar accessories throughout.

But if you’re not a fashion expert, there’s no need to fret — treat Gucci’s runway like a masterclass in styling. Everyone can learn from the way patterns and textiles are so effortlessly paired, how accessories are used to complete a look, and the endless ways to layer from head to toe. Regardless of your style, there are plenty of statement pieces and trends from Gucci’s latest collection that can be incorporated into any wardrobe, minimal and extravagant alike. So if you’ve been curious about how to style florals or what to pair a Gucci monogram handbag with, look no further. Explore our favorite trends from Gucci’s Cruise 2019 collection and learn exactly how to style them ahead.

The metallic trend transcends all industries — we see it in everything from makeup to activewear, and now of course throughout Gucci’s Cruise collection. These high-shine details can easily be added throughout any look to add dimension and color. It’s as easy as throwing on Gucci’s new Marmont belt bag or swapping out your hoodie for an iridescent logo-printed jersey jacket.

If you’re overwhelmed by bright patterns and prints, New Noir is a legacy trend worth embracing because black will always be in style. Gucci loves a dark-priestess moment, and there are plenty of new goth-glam pieces to anoint any toned-down wardrobe. Add Gucci’s sport-inspired leather basketball bag to an all-black look for an edgy statement or channel the ‘50s with geometric retro sunglasses.

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t your grandma’s florals. Gucci’s new-age blossoms take on a fresh personality in the form of lace tights, neon-detailed cross-body bags, loafers, and branded crewnecks. Add dimension to your favorite dresses with Gucci’s flora-adorned stockings or create a stand-out look by mixing different botanical prints from head to toe.

No Cruise collection is complete without an ode to the warm weather and understated opulence of Los Angeles. For Gucci, this theme is manifested in the form of branded swimsuits, striped logo sweatbands, and Chateau Marmont handbags and t-shirts. This trend embodies the resort mindset so widely accepted in Los Angeles, so keeping things effortless and comfortable is key. The goal is to feel like you’re permanently poolside, because really, what’s more L.A. than a weekend spent relaxing at the Chateau Marmont?

Monograms haven’t been this popular since the ‘90s, and it’s fair to say Gucci is not behind in this trend. Although monograms are technically a pattern, they’re easy to pair with more traditional prints and patterns (or more monograms!) for a bold head-to-toe look. If you’re not fully on board the logomania train, fire up your daily look with a statement monogram handbag or a pair of super-sexy knee-high boots — these items are sure to add a little not-my-first-rodeo energy to even the most minimal of outfits.

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