How Style-Setter Jelena Cikoja Brings Paris Fashion To The Streets of New York

by Audrey Williams

With spring only just beginning to thaw winter’s icy chill, it’s no wonder we’re all dreaming of shedding our cold-weather layers. The desire to start anew and spread our proverbial wings is strong, whether it’s by experimenting with a new wardrobe or traveling to new (hopefully warmer) locales — or sometimes both. This is true for Jelena Cikoja, a creative director living in New York City. In partnership with chic, Parisian brand, Maje, she’s sharing how she plans to welcome spring with looks inspired by Paris fashion and her many travels.

A New Yorker by way of Europe, Cikoja says her style influences are as varied as the places she’s lived and traveled. Sometimes it’s simple and monochrome and sometimes bright and playful.

“Back home in Germany I loved dressing very minimalist and not too ‘loud,’ she says. “When I lived in South Africa I discovered my love for beachy, bohemian looks. When I moved to L.A., I fell in Love with hats and boots paired with shorts and dresses. It became part of my daily outfit.”

Even though she’s lived in her fair share of cities with harsh winters, she says this season in New York has been especially long and cold. She’s “been craving color and can’t wait for spring to bloom,” and is looking to floral prints to usher in those vibes. The Rosetina dress and Far West Suede Boots made her feel like she was ready to take a stroll through West Hollywood, while she says the Toula tee, Viflor Jacket, and high-waisted Pamier jeans brought her back to Berlin. “The head-to-toe all-white look is something that goes well with this laid-back city, from trains to cafes!”

As for her future travels, she’s getting ready to jet off to Tulum with her best girlfriends — and she says the silky Prestone jumpsuit is coming with her for beach strolls, dinners, and dancing.

“For me, traveling is one of the most amazing experiences. It widens your horizon, makes you appreciate different cultures and inspires you to try new food and new styles,” she says. “I’d recommend everyone travel as many places as they possibly can. I think it’s the one way to spend money that actually makes you richer.”

In partnership with Maje. Photos by Joseph Weir.