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How Nicky Deam is Styling Our Fave Fall Shoes For Modern Women On The Go

by Elly Ayres

For style insiders around the world, fall means Fashion Month — and that ushers in a seemingly endless array of shows, events, and happenings from New York City to Milan. The busy season leaves hazy summer days in the dust, and on-the-go women turn to chic wardrobe essentials to get them from Point A to Point B in style.

The right shoes are key in these multitasking looks, which is why we’ve partnered with SOREL for styles that expertly toe the line between chic and comfortable. Turning to TZR Contributing Style Director Nicky Deam as our guide, we outfitted three women with powerful signature aesthetics in footwear aligned to their fall fashion needs.

“For women who wear multiple hats, having footwear that is super functional is a must,” says Deam. “Finding styles that are not only versatile but blend well with polished dressing is really important.”


Taber wears SOREL’s Cate Lace Bootie.

As a lifestyle content curator, Elena Taber finds herself shooting content almost daily (that is, when she’s not running from appointments in the city to spontaneous sidewalk greetings with subscribers). She calls on looks that easily flow from business meetings to video editing sessions, and ’70s-inspired looks are on heavy rotation.

“Living in New York City, I’m constantly inspired by what’s around me,” says Taber. The East Village resident says comfort comes first, especially because she’s commuting by foot 90 percent of the time — a walkable shoe is essential.

A light-colored boot shakes things up, says Deam, who points out that people often opt for darker hues. The boot complements the feminine look, harmoniously balancing the dress’s puff sleeve, floral print, and demure neckline. “The silhouette of the boot is not so precious,” Deam says, “so it’s a great juxtaposition of polish and everyday versatility.”

“They all play toward that very romantic vibe that’s happening for fall,” says Deam, while the boot’s anchoring touch lends a bit of edge.


Lee wears SOREL’s Kinetic Lace Sneaker.

The fun fruit-powered skin-care brand Glow Recipe is known for its multi-hued products, so it makes sense that co-founder Sarah Lee gravitates toward a saturated palette all her own. “When it comes to fashion, I love accents of color,” says Lee, “and I really look for feminine contemporary chic.”

Bright hues carry Lee through early morning meetings with editors to marketing brainstorms, filming skin-care tutorials, and more. On weekends, Lee might walk through Madison Square Park or head to Brooklyn for date night with her husband. The on-the-go routine requires looks that combine ease with elegance, which is why Deam pulled a functional-yet-playful sneaker and dress combo for the beauty leader.“

Sarah loves color,” says Deam, “so we really wanted to play with that. I think pairing a sneaker with a dress is a really functional everyday look, especially if you’re running around.” The bold red hue of the sneaker is unexpected and polished, “so while they’re incredibly functional, they’re also high fashion,” she says.

The theme of her signature style, says Lee, is versatility. “I’m ready to meet anybody in any professional or casual setting and still make a fashion statement while looking really comfortable and feeling chic,” she says.


Dueñas Jacobs wears SOREL’s Blake Lace Boot.

As head of fashion collaborations and special projects of a digital styling service, Maria Dueñas Jacobs is always moving, from appointments with designers to lunch meetings with collaborators to quarterly cross-country trips to San Francisco (where the company is headquartered).

Before launching into her day, Dueñas Jacobs wakes up her daughters (Luna, 6; Silvi, 3; and Isa, 3) and completes two school drop-offs — both on foot! — before heading into her office. This makes footwear choice an essential part of her fall-ready look.

“Shoe-wise in colder weather, I always like a shoe or a boot that is sturdy and I can walk in — walking is a huge part of my life.” (The former accessories editor confesses a 30-minute walk appeals more to her than a 2-minute car ride.)

“I like clothes that feel timeless but still a little bit on-trend,” says Dueñas Jacobs, describing her style uniform for days on the go. “I’m a big believer that you can help get your day started off on the right foot when you feel good about how you look and what you’re wearing, so I definitely make an effort to get dressed in a way where I feel put together,” she says. “But it’s always through the lens of ‘is this comfortable?’”

With this in mind, Deam paired a flowy, of-the-moment colorful printed skirt and oversized blazer with the bold red-heeled boot. “The boot is a big piece,” says Deam, “so balancing that with a more feminine pleated skirt that has a very eye-catching print is a nice juxtaposition.”

No matter what your fashion preference is for taking on the day, your fall style formula is completely up to you.

“Gone are the days when entrepreneurial women have to be wearing pumps and suits — they can really express their personal style,” says Deam. “So I think each of these women were able to tap into their individual style, while also feeling unrestricted and empowered.”

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Photography: Emma Craft; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Makeup: Brett Jackson; Art Direction: Diana Weisman/BDG; Branded Fashion Leads: Jenna Wexler and Elly Ayres/BDG; Production: Kat Fry/BDG